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At Strider®, we love riding bikes, and we love inspiring kids to ride. Our mission is to build lightweight, efficient, all-terrain bikes that develop two-wheeled balance, coordination, and confidence in children.


Strider values a family-friendly workplace where the workdays fly by and the work itself feels like a grand adventure.
Strider values passionate people who believe their efforts will change the world for the better.


Special Needs Bike

Strider has always had a soft spot for helping kids (see Benevolence page).  For 2014, Strider has created the new Strider® Rider Fund to facilitate getting bikes to organizations that serve children. Our mission statement talks about why we exist, but the new Rider Fund shows how we “walk the talk.” Our Founder and CEO, Ryan McFarland, has committed one percent of Strider Sports’ gross revenue from all sales worldwide each month toward the Rider Fund. Plus, for every Strider bike registered at www.StriderBikes.com/Register, the company will commit another $1 to the Rider Fund.

To further the reach of this program, Strider will convert every $100 in the Rider Fund to $300 worth of Strider bikes and products! The bikes and products will be donated through a grant application process. Based on prior year’s sales data, Strider is expecting to donate well over a quarter million dollars worth of Strider bikes and products to charities this year alone!

Already have a Strider bike? Already have it registered? Want to give to the Rider Fund anyway? That’s awesome, and we appreciate your generosity.  While we can’t offer you a tax deduction at this time, know that you are paying it forward and helping us in our quest to create active, healthy, confident kids!



Strider is honored and excited to be participating with and supporting select Special Olympics State Games.  Check it out!  Plus, for 2015, Strider has committed 50% of the new Rider Fund to support local level Special Olympics chapters all across the United States.  Download:  Young Athletes Grant Form



If you want to get involved with Strider, and join us on our quest to help kids of all abilities all around the world to become Riders, we want to hear from you! Whether you would like to volunteer to help us staff an event in your area or use your social media and connectedness to tell the world how one little bike company is changing people’s lives – we need you. Contact Us today!