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Strider Science: Strider Balance Bike Footrests

We wanted to touch on the controversy of whether having footrests on a balance bike are worth it. First off, if you know about the Strider Bike brand you are probably aware that we are pro-footrests and if not, you are now. So, while we have our reasons on why we think footrests are a MUST we also understand why there are questions regarding them in the first place.

The main purpose of a balance bike is to teach young children how to steer and balance on two wheels while building up enough skill and confidence for them to easily transition to a pedal bike or motorcycle. Children have a sense of security when they have easy access to placing their feet on the ground without anything getting in the way, which is why Striders footrests were built into the frame in a very thoughtful and performance-oriented way. To ensure no nasty ankle bruising, the footrests are smoothly intergraded into the rear wheel struts of the frame to ensure they won’t interfere with the ‘striding’ motion of their legs when propelling the bike. The footrests are also properly positioned below the rider’s hips offering the most natural body position while they are trying to glide. Once the little striders get a little more advanced the position of the footrests make it able for them to easily raise themselves off the seat to absorb bumps, jump, bunny-hop and trick ride. What toddler doesn’t want to do some extreme riding and cause you to have a heart attack?

Is there any loss if the balance bike does not have a footrest? After years of research, we believe that without footrests the riding and gliding comfort is reduced as the rider must then hold their feet in the air while trying to balance and steer all at once. Adding the footrests encourages the rider to create enough momentum to then place their feet on the footrests and glide with full balance as long as possible. So, “what’s the loss?” We can’t speak for every other bike company out there, but at Strider we want you and your child to get as much value out of your balance bike as possible and by adding the footrests it increases the comfort of learning how to ride making your child enjoy it longer. Strider Balance Bikes set the gold standard for footrests.

Strider also has a black, plastic, ergonomically-shaped footrest that comes installed on the Pro 12” frame, providing a slightly larger and raised textured surface for riders to place their feet and ensure a firm grip for advanced riding. This product is available exclusively on the Strider 12 Pro.

Riding on Strider Footrest

Riding on Strider Footrest

Strider Footrests

Strider Footrests

Strider Performance Footrest - Strider Pro

Strider Performance Footrest

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