Stand-over Height and Adjustability

Strider Science: Stand-over Height and Adjustability

The U.S. patented Strider frame design creates the ideal rider position for best bike handling. The Strider design strikes the perfect balance between wheelbase, stand-over height, center-of-gravity, footrest position, handlebar position, seat position, front-to-rear weight bias, and steering geometry. All components such as seats and grips are appropriately sized and shaped to fit young riders. The resulting bike is safe and easy to learn on, completely intuitive, and naturally comfortable to ride. It grows with the child and offers premium performance at every skill level. All of which lead to your child's increased confidence and ultimate success.

Riding a Strider Bike is such a natural and intuitive next step after learning to walk that it can happen at an extremely young age. With a recommended start age of just 18 months, it is imperative that the minimum stand-over height be aligned with the average inseam of a child this young. A tall stand-over height delays the start age and misses critical development years.

However, children grow rapidly during these early years so the adjustability is also important. A small adjustment range cuts short the product usage and reduces the products value. The unique shape of the genuine Strider Bike frame has earned a U.S. design patent. Not only does it allow for an early start age, but it is designed to be highly adjustable as the child grows.

Further, the bicycling/motorcycling/racing enthusiasts at Strider have built subtle performance capabilities into the design that let it not only be a safe starter bike, but also an amazing, high-performance, skill-building bike that provides up to 4 years of use.

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