2-in-1 Rocking Bike

0-2 years

2-in-1 Rocking Bikes

Babies learn to rock before starting to ride their first bike. Start young and practice balance with your little one to get them familiar with fun on two wheels! Strider 2-in-1 Rocking Bikes are the best way to begin teaching balance and reach developmental milestones.

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12" Bike

1-4 years

12 Balance Bikes

Balance bikes are setting toddlers up for immediate success by creating independence and giving them the confidence to try new things! These lightweight, all-terrain balance bikes will introduce your kiddo to the world of cycling and inspire a lifelong love of riding.

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14x Bike

3-6 Years

14x Classic Bike

This convertible Strider bike can be used in multiple ways – starting in balance mode and transitioning to their first pedal bike. Once your kiddo feels confident handling a bigger bike, their balance and coordination improve, too. Encourage your little rider to share your passion for riding bikes with the Strider 14x!

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Awesome Questions

  • No training wheels needed?

    Training wheels often result in a one step forward three steps back approach to learning. Without learning the essential skill of balance first, progressing past training wheels is a long hard road peppered with frustration. Skip the training wheels and stick to the fundamentals instead.
  • Why a balance bike?

    Balance bikes help kiddos master balance first, so they’re ready to take on everything from pedaling to dirt bikes and beyond! The Strider Bike design features a lower center of gravity to keep their striding form efficient, effortless, and fun.
  • How do I add pedals?

    Checkout these short videos to learn how to add pedals to a 14x or 20x.

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