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Strider 14x Sport Balance Bike
5 Ways It Makes Your Child Instantly Successful

Two children riding Strider Balance Bikes

Learning a new skill is a complex human process. We watch. We try to mimic. We watch some more. Maybe we’re successful, sometimes we’re not. We try again, more determined than before. Ultimately, learning a new skill is a combination of so many different factors that we at Strider Sports really had to take our time in pinpointing exactly how to approach the Strider 14x Sport. The answer for the 14x Sport lies in the progression of the rider. First and foremost, the 14x Sport is a balance bike. We know that a balance bike is the best way to teach a child how to learn the fundamentals of riding: balance and steering. We understand the progression that a young child goes through while learning the fundamentals of balance and, ultimately, riding.

While developing the Strider 14x Sport Balance Bike, we knew that above all else, the bike had to provide one thing for the rider and the parents: success. We know that Strider Balance Bikes are the best way to teach children how balance and steer but, ultimately, there’s that next step – pedaling. One of the most common questions we received from parents whose children had become proficient on a Strider Balance Bike was, “What first pedal bike do you recommend?” After years of trying to come up with a good answer to this question, we decided to forge our own path. We designed and built a good answer to this question.

It all started with the question,

"What first pedal bike do you recommend?"

The Strider 14x was designed from the ground up with one thing in mind: success for the rider. That’s why we meticulously developed every feature of the bike. From balance bike to the transition to pedal bike, each feature works together with the others to create a bike that provides this instant success.

The 5 Ways
Because success in riding equals confidence for life

1. Proper Fit Equals Successful Learning.

What was once a child’s favorite bike can become obsolete fast. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with the bike; the child is just too big for a comfortable ride. So, we tackled that issue with easily adjustable seat and handlebars. This bike will comfortably fit a rider from ages 3-7. The quick-release clamp makes adjusting the seat a breeze.

2. Narrow pedals help your child gain momentum by striding.

We developed the narrow, Easy Stride Pedals to make it easier for your child to stride. No banged shins. No clumsy or awkward movement. Just pure striding fun. Once the Easy Ride Pedal Kit is attached, your child won’t have any issue striding around the pedals to get their momentum going. Once they’re moving, the unique traction pattern on the pedals makes it easy for kids to keep their feet on the pedals and the riding fun going [until the street light comes on.]

3. The low center of gravity gives kids confidence.

Physics rocks! A low center of gravity keeps the bike stable and easy to ride. It’s science. Trust us. Seriously though, because the drivetrain is low to the ground, it provides a stable ride for your child. In addition to increased stability, the low drivetrain means your child can place his/her feet on the ground whenever the need arises. The combination of stability and the feeling of safety means your child will feel confident on the Strider 14x regardless of using it as a balance bike or a pedal bike.

4. Engineered for a child, the 14x was designed to be easy to ride.

A lot of “children’s” pedal bikes that are meant for kids simply aren’t designed correctly. Often, an adult bike is simply shrunk down to fit a child’s height. However, as children grow, their bodies don’t have the same proportions as adults. For instant riding success to translate to the 14x, we had to make sure that it was easy for the rider to pedal. By shortening the crank arms to accommodate children’s legs, we accomplished just that. Not only do the shorter crank arms make it easier to pedal, but they also allow us to have our lower bottom bracket.

5. It’s comfortable so children won’t want to get off it.

Nothing kills the riding mood quicker than being uncomfortable. When a rider feels comfortable, a rider feels confident. When a rider is confident, they’re successful. We didn’t just stop at making the seat and handlebar grips comfy. Nope. We went back to the drawing board and tweaked the entire frame. True story. The narrow form fits the rider better between the hips. This keeps striding around the pedals to gain momentum easy, and it also means that your child has a more efficient pedal stroke.

Spread the Word and Help Make Kids Awesome

While the 14x was designed to provide a child instant riding success and confidence, we also know that a parent’s confidence is just as important. Parents love the 14x because it’s easy to use and helps them become better teachers when it comes to riding.

4 Reasons Why Parents Love It

1. Easy Transition to Pedals (When They're Ready)

Turning your child’s balance bike to a pedal bike is easy with the 14x. Like, ridiculously easy. Once your child has mastered using the bike in balance bike mode and is ready to switch to pedaling, attaching the Easy Ride Pedal Kit can be done in less than five minutes.

2. Learn-to-Ride Guides Turn Parents Into Cycling Superheroes

The included Learn-to-Ride guides help parents turn their young children into Strider riders and pedaling pros in no time. These guides include proven activities and strategies that, when utilized, help parents become successful riding role models. The Learn-to-Ride guides can be downloaded from our website as well.

3. So Light It Can Be Easily Hauled ANYWHERE

The 14x was designed to be lightweight. This serves both parents and kids. Many other companies use cheaper materials, which means their “child bikes” weigh just as much, if not more, than the child. Even a bike that weighs two-thirds of a child’s weight can be difficult to use and maneuver, not to mention a beast to toss in the vehicle and lug to the park. The 14x weighs only 5.7 kg (12.5lbs) in balance bike mode and 6.9kg (15.5lbs) in pedal bike mode, keeping it light for the rider and light for travel.

4. Less Maintenance = More Quality Time

Part of the fun of riding is going wherever the adventure takes us. For children, sometimes that means going through dirt, mud, snow, and puddles as they explore the world around them. The included chain guard protects your child’s leg from any chain accidents that might occur. Not only that, but it keeps the chain and the gear clean from any mud or gunk that might find its way into your child’s next adventure.

It all started with the question, "What first pedal bike do you recommend?" When we first started thinking of the 14x, we knew we had the opportunity to create something incredibly special. We designed a bike from the ground up that included every single feature we saw missing from other "first" pedal bikes. After countless hours of planning, questioning, studying, designing, engineering, head-scratching, re-designing, testing, and more, we proudly recommend the Strider 14x Sport Balance Bike as THE first bike with pedals, confident in the success it will bring to children and parents.

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