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Strider 12 Handlebars

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Strider 12 Handlebars

Strider 12 upgrade and replacement handlebars

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Strider 12 Sport Handlebar (Standard) - This bar is the same one that comes with our best-selling 12 Sport model. Use it as a replacement handlebar with mini grips for your 12 Sport or use it to upgrade a 12 Classic!

Strider 12 Sport Handlebar (Extra Large) - As your child grows, their needs change. The XL Handlebar extends the use of your child's bike by increasing the handlebar height, reach, and grip size.

Strider 12 Pro Handlebar (Extra Large) - Extend the life of your child's top-of-the-line Pro bike with this XL Handlebar sized for taller and older kids, ages 3+. Larger grips, increased handlebar height and width, and extra forward extension creates more room for ergonomic riding comfort.

Combine the XL Handlebar, XL Padded Seat, and Heavy-Duty Wheel Set to create the ultimate ride for your growing child!

XL Handlebars add 5 cm (2 in) Width, 7 cm (2 in) Height, 5 cm (2 in) Forward