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I can already see her getting much more confident. We’re so grateful for the help you’ve provided. Seeing Hazel get out on her bike is the best feeling!


Awesome Questions

  • My child has an inseam length longer than 20 inches, will you still be able to adapt a bike for them?

    At this time, we only adapt Strider 12 Balance Bikes for liability and safety reasons. Our 12" bikes fit children with an inseam of 12-20 inches.

    If your child needs a larger bike, please feel free to let us know what you are looking for and our Fabrication Specialist can give helpful tips on how you can adapt the bike yourself!
  • Will you ship an adaptive bike outside of the United States?

    We only ship within the United States. However, if you have a family member or friend living in the U.S., we can always ship the bike to them, and then they can get the bike to you.
  • Are the adaptive pieces and modifications free?

    Yes! All adaptive parts and modification services are free! The only costs to you will be the purchase of a new Strider 12 Balance Bike plus shipping.

Getting Started

Please complete the form below to begin your child’s Adaptive Strider Bike build. Kindly wait to purchase a Strider Bike until our fabrication team has reviewed your submission.

Once your submission has been reviewed, we will contact you within approximately 4 business days for any further information needed and to complete the purchase of your Strider Bike. Your bike will ship with all modifications included. (Approximately 2-3 weeks after purchase.) At this time, we are only able to ship to addresses within the continental United States. For more information on shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and/or expedited shipping options, please call 605-342-0266.

Please Note

The Strider Adaptive Program is currently available with Strider 12″ models only. We review all form submissions and will contact you with any concerns about a 12″ bike’s fit to your child’s needs. We continue to explore options to expand the program to our larger bikes.

Parent/Guardian Contact Information

Media and Testimonial Consent

We want to help as many children as possible learn to ride a bike and would appreciate your help spreading the word. Do you give permission for Strider and Ram Mounts to share your child's story using photos and testimonials you provide? This would include usage in our own print, web, and social materials as well distribution to media outlets in conjunction with third-party coverage of the Adaptive Strider Program.

Tell Us About Your Child

Modification Needed


These measurements will help our fabrication team determine what parts and modifications are needed to adapt a bike to your child's needs.

Inseam (in inches)

Have your child stand up as straight as they're comfortably able to with their shoes on. Place a book between their legs and slide it up to meet the crotch seam of their pants. Measure the distance from the top of the book to the floor.


Shoulder Width (in inches)

Measure the widest point of your child's shoulders. (Measuring across their back from one shoulder seam to the other is easiest if their shirt fits snugly.)


Shoulder to Elbow

Limb Circumference

Leave blank if no modification is required for this limb.

Leave blank if no modification is required for this limb.

Is the end of a child's limb tender or sensitive?

Seated Photo(s)

Please provide us with a photograph or two of your child seated with their arms at rest on a table or highchair. This will help our fabrication team determine parts and modifications needed for the bike.
Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, heic, webp, Max. file size: 8 MB.

Grip Photo(s)

If your child is able to grip a household object (such as a marker or wooden spoon), please provide a photo or two. This will help our fabrication team determine the size and shape of any attachments needed for the handlebar.
Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, heic, webp, Max. file size: 8 MB.

Additional Information

Please provide us with any additional information about your child that you think would be helpful in modifying their Strider Bike.

At Strider, we love riding bikes, and we love inspiring kids to ride. We do not want physical limitations to prevent a child from experiencing this healthy and fun activity.

We are pleased to provide parents and legal guardians with adaptive modifications to their children's newly purchased Strider Bike at no additional charge to accommodate the physical needs of their children.

While Strider Sports Int’l Inc. (SSI) fully tests and certifies its children's bicycles for compliance with all applicable safety regulations, these adaptive modifications are one-of-a-kind and the result of individualized research, development, design, and manufacturing activities that are particular to each specific child and based on the parent or legal guardian’s input.

If you, as parent or legal guardian, would like to receive an adaptive modification to your Strider Bike for your child, you must submit full and complete information about your child in the form below. You must also confirm your understanding that this adaptive modification to your child’s Strider Bike is based on your input and developed specifically for only this child. You further acknowledge that the adaptive modification has not been separately tested and certified for compliance with consumer product safety regulations, and that there may be certain inherent risks and dangers, including injury or death, associated with the unique and bespoke adaptive modification made to the Strider Bike. It is your sole responsibility to determine whether to have your child use the adaptive modification with the Strider Bike. You agree to constantly supervise your child when using the bike, and you agree to not let other children use the bike with the adaptive modification.

By submitting this form and in accordance with these acknowledgements, you knowingly and voluntarily accept and assume full responsibility for any and all risks and dangers, including injury or death, that could arise out of, or occur during, your child’s use of the bike.

Thank you for getting started!

Thank you for contacting us about the Strider Adaptive Program. We will review the information and reach out soon with any questions about your adaptive bike needs. In the meantime, you can click here to learn more from our FAQs here.

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