• 5 Ways Strider Balance Bikes Help Toddlers Become Rock Stars
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    Riding a bike used to be a favorite activity for kids.  Today though, between smartphones and tablets, video games and the Internet, kids just don’t seem to be riding bikes as much as they used to.  However, the younger you introduce your child to riding, the more apt they’ll be…
  • Stocking Stuffer Ideas from Strider Bikes
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    Stocking Stuffer Ideas from Strider Bikes One of the best parts of owning a bike is making it unique to you.  The customization process is fun.  Putting our little creative spin on something we own helps us to express ourselves beyond the original design of the product.  One of the…
  • Save Christmas: Build Your Strider Bike Today
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    Save Christmas: Build Your Strider Bike Today      Is there a Strider Bike box anxiously waiting to be unwrapped in your house? Go ahead, unwrap it! It's ok, really, we want you to! The anticipation has been building up for weeks, it's finally time to unwrap the presents you've selected so carefully. Your child wakes up…
  • Last Chance to Order Your Strider Balance Bikes for a Holiday Delivery
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    There’s always one more person to shop for, one more must-have gift, one perfect present that will make your Holiday season memorable for years to come.  We want to make sure that everyone who asked for a Strider Balance Bike this year, gets theirs by the right day.  December 11th…
  • Visiting Strider Headquarters
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    Moving across the country is an adventure that not every kid wants to take on, but a tour of your favorite bike headquarters might make it worth it! We received an email from a family that was doing just that, moving from California to New York, driving the entire distance…
  • Strider Announces Revolutionary Strider 14x Sport Balance Bike
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      Rapid City, S.D. (Oct. 16, 2017) — Strider Sports Int’l., Inc., the world’s premier balance bike manufacturer is ecstatic about their newest product launch: the Strider 14x Sport Balance Bike. This is a game-changer when it comes to learning to ride. Once the child has mastered using the 14x…