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Happy Striderday: WBR

We're taking a break from the "Extreme" Striderday Biking videos today to focus on another aspect of bikes that Strider staff is passionate about:

Founded by SRAM Corporation in 2005 and supported by leaders in the bicycle industry, World Bicycle Relief specializes in large-scale, comprehensive bicycle programs by providing supply chain management, technical knowledge and logistics expertise to poverty relief and disaster recovery initiatives.

Compared to walking, bicycles represent an enormous leap in productivity and access to healthcare, education and economic development opportunities.  The simple, sustainable nature of bicycles empowers individuals, their families and their communities.

Since 2005, World Bicycle Relief, has distributed over 75,000 bikes and trained over 700 field mechanics.  It has been a great National Bicycle Month in the US, in some parts of the world biking is the only form of transportation for essential services that we take for granted everyday.

Watch the video below.  If you have a couple spare dollars donate them here.


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Thursday, 07 April 2011 16:04

Strider Locks In On the European Market!

The European Strider Team was in Cologne, Germany recently and put their own twist on a growing tradition – attaching a “Love Lock” to the Hohenzollern Bridge which crosses the Rhine near the Cologne Cathedral or Kölner Dom as it is known locally.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="432" caption="Has anyone seen my hands?"]3 JoJo on a Mission[/caption]

Even though it was a cold winter day in Germany, JoJo took the opportunity to go for a spin on the bridge and deliver the Strider Lock to the right location.  The lock was attached amongst thousands of others, and in cerimonous fashion, the Euro Strider Team threw the key into the Rhine as a symbol of Strider’s commitment to the toddlers of Europe.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="432" caption="Can you find Strider's lock?"]8 Can You Find the Strider Lock[/caption]

If you’re in Cologne and think of it, go for a walk on the Hohenzollen Bridge and look for the Strider Lock in the sea of Love Locks.  Maybe add a lock of your own, and make sure you bring your Strider – there are tons of great spots to ride around the city and along the Rhine.

11 The Bridge and Dom

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Tuesday, 22 March 2011 22:07

Photos From Georgia!

Update from the first of many "Strider World Cup" races!  Everybody had a great time...Awesome weather, Strider riders excited about being on their bikes, Amazing support from all the onlookers.  Couldn't ask for much else.  Check out the photos below and plan on attending a Strider Cup race this year!

"We had a wonderful weekend with the Strider racing being the highlight. The weather was so perfect. By Sunday we had the Strider racing organized, or I should say more organized. This is going to get big, I am telling you. Everyone is talking about it. Last night at our track that was the buzz."   ~ NBL (Erma)


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Wednesday, 02 March 2011 00:26

Strider Progression: Part 4

In this installment of Strider Progression we take  a look at JoJo as he cruises off road on Earth Day!

JoJo is feeling very comfortable at this stage in his Strider riding.  He is cruising on the rough trails and pulling up the front wheel over roots.  Another key to this step in Stridering progression is the ability of your little Strider Rider to look around more while riding.  JoJo is interacting with the Filmer and others around him all while cruising along.


The skate park is another great example of this step.  Longer coasting, going up and down ramps and interacting with their environs.

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Friday, 07 January 2011 17:35

Some Are Fast and Some Are Slow

Ran across this video today on Youtube and thought it was pretty cool!  This Dad is very enthusiastic and Joey (19 months) is very committed...especially for his first time on a Strider.  (You have to love their high five/fist bump combo too.)

It's important to remember that every child has varying levels of comfort on their Strider.  Some, like Joey, will feel comfortable with an incline and lifting their feet right away.  Most, like my daughter, will spend the first few months walking with their butt off the seat.

No matter what speed they take to the Strider make sure to keep it available and make it fun and low stress.  Before you know it they'll be out-Stridering everyone on the block!


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Tuesday, 28 December 2010 19:19

Violet on Christmas Day!

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing kids take their first steps on their new Strider!  We know that a lot of kids got a Strider for Christmas and we'd love to see and hear your stories.

Click through to our facebook page and share a photo or video on our wall...even if they've been riding for a while.  We also have a new review tab and we would love to hear from you on there as well.

Below is a great video we found of Violet (Almost 2)  on YouTube and her first attempts at what appears will be a very successful future of Strider Riding.


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Warning: Great review followed by a video with some nasty trike/training wheel crashes.

"We bought two Striders for our 2.5 year old twins who had been really struggling with trying to peddle a tricycle. Within a couple of days they were zipping down the slight incline on our gravel driveway, and really balancing with no adult training required.

We saw them crash many times trying to negotiate riding a tricycle, but they really learned to balance quite easily on the Strider bike. It is well and thoughtfully engineered, strong, but light in weight for small kids.
5 out of 5 stars!  Highly recommended!!!!" -- (Jay in Ohio)


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Wednesday, 15 December 2010 05:26

63 Degrees in Raleigh, North Carolina?!

That's what the graphic on this great video introducing Striders to North Carolinians says.  While 63 degrees sounds good (as we sit inside on another chilly night in South Dakota) the story sounds even better!  The only thing we can find to disagree with is the bike mechanic saying that Striders are "probably better than training wheels."  As most of you know already...Striders Rule, Training Wheels Drool!  (Click on the screen shot below to jump to news story)

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Thursday, 02 December 2010 20:17

Sell Strider PREbikes. Make Money. Have fun.

Are you looking for something extra to do on the side?  No Strider dealer in your area and you want to introduce your neighbors and friends to the fun their kids can have on a Strider?  Look into the Strider Home Based Dealer Program and you will be able to do both of these things and more.

Here is a short note and some photos from one of our newest home based dealers in Canada, eh!

"I am a new dealer in Vancouver, BC Canada and just wanted to email you and tell you how much we love the bike, firstly as parents and secondly as a small business (that rarely feels like work!) I just started two months ago and sold my 30th bike today! I wanted to pass on a little video if you have a chance to watch it of my 8 1/2 month old son trying out his future bike! He always has the biggest grin when he sees it or gets to 'ride' it!"    ~Lindsay M.

Oldest son James rode the entire 2.5 km loop!

Mason is being carried for this walk and James is still able to stop and check things out astride his Strider.

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Wednesday, 17 November 2010 18:19

Jesse in Nairobi LOVES his orange Strider!

When my friend first suggested a bike with no pedals, I thought it was the stupidest idea in the world. "What's the point?", I asked. But when my son got on this bike, it was love at first sight. Even though he walked with the bike for the first few weeks, he eventually learn to sit and kick, then stop with his feet and then coast with his feet high in the air. I plan to keep this bike until he's about 4 and then transition him to a bike with pedals. But now, he loves it so he get exercise every day. Now I can barely keep up with him at a brisk walking pace. I have to take my own bike or start jogging. I highly recommend!   ~Floresti (Nairobi, Kenya)


Keep it up Jesse...Maybe you'll be able to meet JoJo someday!

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