Wednesday, May 6th- The City of Rapid City, hosted by the Parks and Recreation Department, Presented Strider’s own Marty Martinez for the Commuter of the Year Award. In honor of National Bike Month the city holds an annual Bike to School Competition. Despite the rainy conditions, 76 students participated in the event.

The Parks Department notified Kent Jacobs, Strider US Sales Manager in advance of his award, and they must know how we love a great surprise!

Marty said “I get this text from Ryan [Strider founder, chief enthusiast and CEO] saying he needs some help picking out a bike for Kristi [Ryan’s wife] at Black Hills Bikes.  He said it would give us a chance to “talk“so I was kinda sweating bullets you know?! Boss needs help picking out a bike and wants to “talk”.  So we get in the truck and head on down toward the bike shop, we get in the turn lane to go into Founder Park. Still no clue of about what’s to go down.  When we get out I notice the Strider van as we are walking I see Charlie [Strider QC] and start wondering what kind of event does he have planned? Then I see my Wife Julie with my youngest daughter, that’s when Ryan said that I had won the Commuter of the Year Award, I’m still not buying into it, but then more and more people start to show and well, the rest is in the books.”


Based upon his Strava statistics, he is averaging 65 miles per week and has logged nearly 1,000 miles since January 1.  He averages about 20 days of biking to work each month, “not counting the fun rides in the forest with friends.” Marty says he isn’t training for anything right now, (although he has been known to kick butt in a race or two) but has the Xterra Aspen Valley and Xterra Buffalo on his radar.

He said one main reason he started commuting is because he made a deal with his daughter that if she got a job he would let her buy his Subaru. Of course she took him up on his offer…

Since his award last week, we received an email from Ryan letting the Strider Headquarters Staff know that Marty will be moving away from Striderville at the end of this month.  Marty’s wife Julie had an amazing opportunity to take a new job in Boulder Colorado, and with their family’s love for the outdoors and skiing, Colorado seems like the perfect place for them.  Thankfully though, we are excited to say that Marty will continue to represent the Strider Brand as an account executive from his new home in the Rocky Mountains.

Best of luck, Marty, on your new adventures. Stride On!

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Sunday, 06 May 2012 12:19

May Is National Bike Month!

Keep the 30 Days of Biking from April rolling! The League of  American Bicyclists is once again commemorating  National Bike Month in May.

Get out and on your bicycles in May as often as you can. Talk to your friends and share ways to boost your days in the saddle! The League of American Bicyclists is suggesting 3 specific activities you could be a part of no matter what country you live in:

1. May 9th is Bike To School Day - May 9th. If you have a school age child ride with them to school, bring your STRIDER Rider along. The best part is you  get to ride back to pick them up!

2. Bike To Work Week - May 14th-18th. Commit to riding to work for one week. Chances are you'll find out it's easier than you think and you'll discover new things about your town or city as you roll through a little slower than usual. Have to drop the kids off at daycare? Park your car and ride to work from there or swap the driving duties for the week with a spouse or loved one.

3. Bike To Work Day - May 18th. This is the day to make sure you ride to work! Tell all your co-workers, hassle your boss to install a bike rack and make sure your bike is in tip-top shape.

If Being on a bicycle isn't a big part of your life already, hopefully this month can help to get you out there a little bit more. We hear so many stories about how STRIDER parents are inspired by their toddlers to get back on bikes after years of barely riding. It is a fun, easy way to interact with your STRIDER Riders and it has the added benefit of being pretty healthy to boot!

If you need more ideas head over to the League of American Bicyclists' website and find out more.

Stride On!

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Happy Striderday: WBR

We're taking a break from the "Extreme" Striderday Biking videos today to focus on another aspect of bikes that Strider staff is passionate about:

Founded by SRAM Corporation in 2005 and supported by leaders in the bicycle industry, World Bicycle Relief specializes in large-scale, comprehensive bicycle programs by providing supply chain management, technical knowledge and logistics expertise to poverty relief and disaster recovery initiatives.

Compared to walking, bicycles represent an enormous leap in productivity and access to healthcare, education and economic development opportunities.  The simple, sustainable nature of bicycles empowers individuals, their families and their communities.

Since 2005, World Bicycle Relief, has distributed over 75,000 bikes and trained over 700 field mechanics.  It has been a great National Bicycle Month in the US, in some parts of the world biking is the only form of transportation for essential services that we take for granted everyday.

Watch the video below.  If you have a couple spare dollars donate them here.


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May is National Bike Month!

What are you doing this month to increase your time on a bike?  Do you include Striders and bikes into your regular family fun time?  If you don't, or it seems like you don't do it enough then start to make riding a habit this month.  Being an example for your kids while they are young will instill bike values that will last their entire lives.  According to the People for Bikes campaign, teens that ride bikes are 48% less likely to be obese as adults.

Here are some ideas to get back in the saddle and have some family fun on two wheels!

1.  Ride with your child to school and then commute to your work

2.  Find a Bike festival in your area and attend with the family

3.  Ride your bikes to the library and check out some books about bicycles

4.  Find a beginners off road trail and take your Strider rider for an adventure!

5.  Visit the US Bicycling Hall of Fame in Davis, California

6.  Pack up a picnic and take a short ride to a local park on a weekend

7.  Buy a Strider with some other people for a family that can't afford one

8.  Put some playing cards in your spokes and remember your childhood!

9.  Have a Bicycle/Strider parade for all the kids in the neighborhood

Riding with Mom

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