Intro: James Bond theme song

Location: The secret lair of BEBMX (Box Elder BMX)

Plot: BEBMX's ultimate victory in the Strider Adult Downhill Race and the top prize of $700 for the modified class!

Enter: Strider Espionage and Counter Intelligence Squad

At great personal peril an agent of the Strider Espionage and Counter Intelligence Squad was able to infiltrate into BEBMX's Lair and take some photos of their super secret Strider Adult Downhill Rig!

After snapping a few photos of the bike with our hidden (very discreet) bow-tie camera we high tailed it out of there and headed back to Strider HQ.  Will Box Elder BMX rule the day or will they rue the day?  Find out on Sunday, May 29th at the Black Hills Fat Tire Festival. Who will put together a contender to the mighty BEBMX Behemoth Blue Strider!

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