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10,000 Facebook Likes STRIDER Giveaway!

We said we were going to pick 2, but the response was so good we chose 4!

Strider Bikes Facebook 650

If you were a winner please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The Randomly Chosen Winners are:

1. Stepanie Medianero

2. Lisa Shaw

The Choose two extra winners just because are:

1. Melissa Abdouch - She offered to donate her STRIDER (if she won) to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Minnesota Chapter.

2. Korbin Rush - He is raising awareness of Failure to Thrive on Facebook and was by far the most enthusiastic encourager of new likes today!

His little brother will be rocking a brand new Red STRIDER!

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What a monumental occasion, the day your little ripper starts riding single track with you! For a lot of STRIDER parents this is one of the milestones that they are most excited about.

What two wheeled achievement are you most looking forward to or what was the milestone you've already passed that you'll always look back at fondly? Share your STRIDER Success story at Strider Life or share a photo with us on our Facebook page.

Have a great Saturday working towards your next monumental occasion!


Share your Strider success stories, photos, video and interact with other Strider enthusiasts at our newest centralized social media outlet! Join the Strider conversation on our Facebook wall!

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Friday, 20 April 2012 12:41

And Now...Some Cool Reviews!

We love hearing from all of our STRIDER family and with an ever increasing number of ways to do that (Facebook, Twitter, Strider Life, Our Website) we are receiving a lot of testimonials. The two I'm sharing today came through the administrative function on our website and were just too good not to share!

Stride On...keep those STRIDER success stories and photos coming in!


"We have a 19month old son. We first saw these bikes at my nephews BMX races in the Black Hills of South Dakota. My wife and I were floored when we watched 4 and 5 year olds fly around the BMX track. It was about a week ago that he started showing interest in wanting a bike so we went to Scheels (a local sports store) and purchased one for $90. That was on Sunday, today is Tuesday. He rode around Scheels and seemed to enjoy it. He went quite slow and wanted me behind was a different story. Tonight he was trying to run with it. Totally amazing! I can't wait for him to learn how to "glide". I am confident that by 2yo he will be well on his way! Awesome product. Also, my 6yo niece who has been on training wheels for two years spent a half hour on it playing and learning to balance... half hour later she was riding a bike without training wheels!"       ~Robert B.


"Wow! From the moment our son saw the YouTube videos to the moment he sat on his new Strider at Roscoe Village Bikes he was mesmerized. Not only did he get right on with a toss of the leg over the seat, but he just started walking along and trying to coast on the Strider as if both were intuitive. He was thrilled! Each time he tipped or had the bike fall, he was able to easily lift the bike, get himself back on, and keep going. We literally had to lock the bike up so he could go to bed. What an amazing bike! We are more than satisfied, impressed, and loyal to this great product. Our 2 year old is so happy!"          ~Erik M.


And finally a one word review from a new YouTube Video.

"WooHoo!"     ~williama3

Share your Strider success stories, photos, video and interact with other Strider enthusiasts at our newest centralized social media outlet! Join the Strider conversation on our Facebook wall!

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Friday, 06 January 2012 23:04

Ilan's Winning Run

Here is a creative video for Friday. If you can't find a competition near you or the racing season is over...make up your own!

The double butt lift, the shout out and the 360 bench bump are but a few of Ilan's signature moves.  It is always fun for us to watch a STRIDER Rider progress.  We'll check back in with Ilan next summer to see what cool new tricks he has mastered and check his current ranking in the Toddler Games!

Stride On Ilan!


Share your Strider success stories, photos, video and interact with other Strider enthusiasts at our newest centralized social media outlet! Join the Strider conversation on our Facebook wall!

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Saturday, 31 January 2009 15:44

Monthly Contest Rules and Regulations

Thanks For Entering The Strider Monthly Contest!  You'll receive an email shortly.
  1. No purchase necessary.
  2. One entry per person.
  3. This contest is open for all legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia ages 18 years or older at the time of entry, provided however, that this sweepstakes is not open to residents of any jurisdiction where this sweepstakes is prohibited or restricted by applicable law. By entering this sweepstakes, entrants agree to abide by these rules.
  4. Any individual who has performed services for Strider Sports International, Inc. (SSI) or its affiliates, directly or through an employer or other third party (for example, SSI employees, independent contractors and interns and SSI vendors and distributors and their employees and agents), and immediate family members or household members of such individuals are not eligible to enter this sweepstakes.
  5. One of following prizes (winner’s choice) will be awarded to 1 winner drawn monthly: (1) STRIDER™ No-Peddle Balance Bike OR $100.00 in STRIDER merchandise, parts or accessories from  Odds of winning dependant upon number of entries.
  6. The winners shall be announced at  If winner requests confidentiality, only a first name and state will be provided.
  7. Any and all taxes and tax reporting related to the prize are the responsibility of the winner.
  8. SSI reserves the right to cancel this sweepstakes at any time prior to awarding the prizes or to change the rules of the contest prior to the drawing of any particular winner. SSI also reserves the right to substitute prizes of equal or greater value.
  9. Please add to your emails allowed list.  The monthly winner has 30 days to respond by email or phone to the email notification they are sent.
  10. This sweepstakes is sponsored by Strider Sports International, Inc., 1820 Samco Road, Rapid City, SD, U.S.A.
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Friday, 15 July 2011 22:37

Parents Are Talking!

We announced about a month ago and have been having a great time with it ever since.  There is a lot of unique media being posted as well as interesting conversations between Strider parents from all over the world (Japan, UK, Canada, US)!

A lot of the forum threads have been sparking great conversations ranging from: tips/tricks on getting your child to ride, how old was your Strider rider when they got too fast for you to keep up,  and how do you stay cool on a hot summer day.

Have you registered yet? We'd love it if you would join the conversation!

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Wednesday, 06 July 2011 21:15

Growing Up.

My daughter (Talia) is two. She is a precocious little thing and is already very opinionated. I have to raise the seat on her Strider at least once a week.  Last night she realized that she could outStride her Mother and I while cruising on her Strider! Is any of this sounding familiar?

I'm up to no good!

A couple things occurred to me as we were chasing her down the sidewalk, my wife with the dog and me pushing the stroller with our son:  1. I hope anybody backing out sees her (or us) coming.  2. Wow...she is really moving! 3. We're going to have to start riding our bikes just to keep up.

Upon further reflection I am reminded of how important it is to begin teaching basic bicycle safety to children.  When they are old enough to ride on their own the lessons that were taught to them while riding their Striders will be invaluable.

With that in mind, here is a list of 5 important Strider safety habits that should be started now!

1. ALWAYS wear a properly fitted helmet.

2. Look in ALL directions before crossing a road. (Turn this into a fun rule making sure they look up and down before checking the street)

3. Be Seen.  Wear bright clothing, especially when riding earlier or later in the day when the light is not as good.

4. Listen to your Parents! (this might be the toughest one!)

5. Ride under CONTROL.  It's always fun to go fast, but when you aren't in control it is unsafe and usually scary for everyone involved.

Head over to Strider Life and add your voice to the Strider safety discussion.  What basic rules do you enforce?


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Tuesday, 05 July 2011 19:41

George: Week 5

Progress on a Strider is different with every individual; Some kids jump right on and never look back, Others are very slow at getting the feel for it, while others may get right on and take off only to leave it alone for what seems like forever.

We get countless emails, facebook updates, Tweets, phone calls and Strider Life threads regarding Strider successes.  This YouTube video is a great example of the middle ground between a beginning rider and a more experienced rider.

George Strides around an old mini-golf course, Striding though narrow gaps, up and down small curbs and does it all with an adorable Scottish accent.


Share your Strider success stories, photos, video and interact with other Strider enthusiasts at our newest centralized social media outlet! Join the Strider conversation on our Facebook wall!

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Tuesday, 28 June 2011 21:26

Strider Physics Department


If you understand that formula you can quit reading now...If you looked at that formula and scratched your head like we did then keep reading!

There is an old maxim in the biking world; "A pound off the wheels = 2 pounds off the frame". This is due in large part to the rotational weight of the tires and wheels and is especially important for the littlest riders. Weighing in at 1 lb 14.7 ounces for the pair, the Strider Ultralight wheels with durable EVA Poylmer tires on a Strider are the perfect combination of light weight, no hassle and long lasting.

When the EVA Polymer and plastic wheel is swapped out for metal rims and pneumatic tires the weight gain is almost double. This makes it harder to start and stop. The philosophy at Strider, since the beginning, has been to get the bike down to bare bones! Focus on balance and FUN! Older Strider riders will get used to the weight difference and will love having knobby tires, but for the littlest Strider rider EVA is the way to go!

[caption id="attachment_2024" align="aligncenter" width="540" caption="What Fog? We didn't even notice! Off-roading on EVA!"][/caption]

Head over to our new centralized Strider forum ( to find new ways to share your photos, videos and Strider success stories with Strider family from around the world! Join the Strider Conversation on our Facebook wall!

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Saturday, 25 June 2011 12:00

Happy Striderday From Poland!

Mamy nadzieję, masz wielki Striderday!

We hope that you are having a great Striderday.  Hopefully (depending on when you're reading this) you've already spent most of the day outside or you are getting all of your gear together to head outside for some fun!

We found this really fun "old school" video on YouTube that we thought would be a great way to start or end your day.  We're pretty sure that there was some digital manipulation to this, but we can't be %100 positive.


Join the Strider conversation on our Facebook wall! Head over to our new/centralized social media site ( and let us know your Strider success stories or upload videos, photos and more!

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