Rapid City, SD aka STRIDERville is quickly becoming known for the amazing biking right in the city and all over the Black Hills. This fun video from the Black Hills, Badlands and Lakes Association features our very own Kent Jacobs and his daughter Alexa!

If you're ever in the area make sure to bring your bike along.

For now, get outside and enjoy your local trails with your STRIDER rider!


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Strider No-Pedal Balance Bikes Will Be All Over Town During The Biggest Motorcycle Week

Rapid City, SD (July 22, 2013) — Strider Sports International, the world’s premier manufacturer and marketer of children’s no-pedal balance bikes, will have their top-selling bikes at various locations during the 73rd Annual Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally August 1-11, 2013.

Come see why STRIDER® No-Pedal balance bikes are the fastest, safest, and easiest way to teach toddlers as young as 18 months to discover the world on two wheels.

Find STRIDER bikes at the following locations throughout the week:

- Black Hills Harley Davidson ®: August 3rd through 10th from 10am – 8pm daily

- CrossRoads at the Buffalo Chip: August 1st through 11th from 9am – 9pm daily

- Sturgis Motorcycle Museum: August 1st through 10th, 10am – 8pm daily

STRIDER bikes will also be donated for the benefit auctions following the Legends Ride on Monday, August 5, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Hall of Fame inductions held Wednesday, August 7, at 9:00am at The Lodge in Deadwood.

By using a STRIDER bike, young riders from 18 months to 5 years get to experience the fun and freedom of riding a bike without relying on restrictive training wheels or tricycles.

Sturgis, South Dakota is the center of the motorcycle universe for one week every summer and STRIDER will be right in the middle of the Main Street madness.
The Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally is the experience of a lifetime in a place where local people can still show you a thing or two about hospitality and visiting exhibitors can show you anything and everything needed for a true motorcycle lover.

“The 2013 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally literally hits close to home for us at Strider headquarters,” says Ryan McFarland, Founder of Strider. “Our main offices are located only a quick 25 mile ride down I-90 from Sturgis. We are well aware of the history behind the rally and are honored to be a part of the event this year. Our popular no-pedal bikes are the perfect way to keep the passion for riding alive for the next generation.”

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US Champ-2

What an awesome Saturday of STRIDER US Championship racing in Main Street Square! A huge thank you to all the STRIDER riders, their parents, and vendors. Below are the resullts from the A Main in each age category.

Some photos can be viewed below or go directly to our Flickr page. More photos will be added as we continue to compile images from various photographers. Share your photos and stories with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

2 and Under STRIDER
1. Parker Case
2. Stylz Grall
3. Liam Dixon
4. Talon Mason
5. Dax Crowley
6. Alexia Henderson
7. Mason Hagen
8. Wayne Sander

3 Year Old STRIDER
1. Breken Walker
2. Bryant Zimmerman
3. Caleb Studer
4. Lily Karn
5. Ava Doll
6. Talyn Shuffield
7. Hunter James Larson
8. Carson Gulk
9. Marleigh Kleinsasser
10. Dane Rumpf
11. Fritz Rangitsch

4 Year Old STRIDER
1. Rider Knight
2. Sophia Lewis
3. Ziah Torpey
4. Amelia Sander
5. Colter Johnson
6. Bridger Massa
7. Hamilton Pszanka
8. David Sheldon
9. Dylan Ulmer
10. David Lewis

5 Year Old STRIDER
1. Taylor Bertolotto
2. Jaxson Pszanka
3. Wyatt Brumbaugh
4. Kannon Falken
5. Ryland Sedevie
6. Reed Meyer
7. Stephan Kroeten
8. Ava Wendt
9. Lorelai Dubbelde

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Balance Bike Toddler Athletes Compete in Rapid City, SD

Family Fun Day Activities for All Bike Enthusiast Families

Rapid City, S. D.  June 17, 2013  ­ These days, even preschoolers can be national race champions. On Saturday July 13, Strider Sports Intl., Inc., is throwing down the gauntlet to all fun loving toddlers and their bike enthusiast families by hosting the first ever STRIDER U.S. Championship balance bike race!

This national event will see STRIDER’s famous no-pedal bike race course take over Rapid City’s Main Street Square as toddlers face off at the start line to show their skills on two wheels. The young athletes will get the chance to showcase their ability to balance, handle their STRIDER No- Pedal balance bikes, and compete like real cyclists on the custom designed racecourse.

The event also includes fun activities for the entire family with the racing action starting at 10:00am for two years and under. Three year olds compete at 11:00am, with four year olds at 1:00pm and five year olds closing down the racing at 2:00pm in the afternoon. The U.S. Championship is a qualifying event for the 3rd Annual STRIDER World Championshiptaking place in Sarasota, FL October 11-13, 2013.  

“There’s absolutely nothing more amazing than watching toddlers lined up on their STRIDER bikes like they’re in the Olympics racing for gold,” says Strider Founder and CEO, Ryan McFarland. “And the race course itself is going to be incredibly fun, combining all of the best parts of what we’ve learned from holding STRIDER races around the world. The U.S. Championship event is just one part of our global movement to bring early childhood riding skills to young children everywhere” , says McFarland.

The top 8 finishers will get trophies in a true podium ceremony, and all participants will receive a medal. Each registered STRIDER rider will also receive a Strider backpack and a Strider race jersey.   Online registration is open until Friday, July 9 at 12:00 p.m. (MST) and costs $15 per rider. Same day registration will begin at 9 am. Parents should register racers at least 30 minutes prior to race start time.

Located in the Black Hills of South Dakota and just 30 minutes from the Mt. Rushmore National Monument, the STRIDER US Championship also makes a great stop for any family on their summer vacation.

For more information about the U.S. Championship and STRIDER bikes, and to register a child for the event, visit the event website or go to www.StriderBikes.com .

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Tuesday, 30 April 2013 05:02

STRIDER Bikes Featured on Kelo Land News!


STRIDER recently had a really fun news story appear on KeloLand News statewide in South Dakota. We know that not every STRIDER rider lives in STRIDERville so we're sharing it with you here!

Watch the video below to hear about how we began and how we're growing. There is also some pretty good footage of Wyatt, Charlie's (Head STRIDER R&D) little scene stealer and super cute STRIDER spokes-person!


RAPID CITY, SD - at least one Rapid City warehouse, it's not all work and no play.

"I like coming here because I like to ride around here," five-year old Wyatt Brumbaugh said.

The building is the headquarters for the Strider Balance Bike, a pedal-less bike that's making it easier for children just learning the ropes. Forget pedals and training wheels. Balance is all any kid needs to hit the open road.

"I think Wyatt was probably 15-months, 16-months the first time he picked his feet up just a little bit.  I think Cole was probably a little bit older.  He didn't go until probably 18 months the first time he picked his feet up," Wyatt's dad and Strider employee Charlie Brumbaugh said.

Even though they haven't started school yet, both the Brumbaugh boys have already graduated to pedal bikes.

"I remember when we first started on a pedal bike, it was hard.  My brother started when he was just turning three," Wyatt said.

"You know, that's pretty early.  I didn't start riding a bicycle until I was probably six or seven," Charlie said.

It's all thanks to a little bit of Midwestern ingenuity.

"I've been a motorsports, motorcycle and mountain bike enthusiast pretty much my whole life and when I became a dad I really wanted to share that with my little boy," Strider's founder Ryan McFarland said.

But at just one-and-a-half-years-old, McFarland's son Bode was too small to get the hang of riding a traditional bike with training wheels.

"Some people may have just said wait a year or two, but I was just too impatient so I thought there's got to be a way where we can make this work right now," McFarland said.

So in true motorsports form, McFarland stripped the boys bike of everything it didn't need including the pedals and the concept for the Strider was born.

"I got it to a point where it was extremely light and small and it was just like magic. He was tearing around on it and exceeding even my expectations of what he was capable of," McFarland said.

Soon, people around the community started to take notice of the little boy on the pedalless bike and began asking where they could get one for their own kids.

"I pulled some friends together and we built some prototypes, developed it a little bit further and eight years later we're selling them all over the world," McFarland said.

Striders can be found at many different retailers including bike shops, motorcycle dealers and toy stores.  But McFarland says the biggest sales boom has come from the Internet.

"We're selling in about 36 countries right now. We've got about half a million kids that are on Strider bikes now, and if you figure that a lot of those bikes have also taught a younger sibling or neighbor kid we're pretty confident in saying that we've taught over a million little kids to ride bikes," McFarland said.

The little bikes have gotten so popular that they've even inspired their own nation-wide racing circuit; the Strider Cup.

"Even on our first round of bikes, we'd get kids together in the park and play.  Sooner or later someone's drawing a line in the dirt for a starting line and we're lining them up to have a race," McFarland said.

"One race we were in Florida, another race we were in Rapid City. A couple races we were in Rapid City," Wyatt said.

Thanks to a ski attachment for the bike, the competition doesn't end once the flakes start flying.

"We race up by Lead on Terry Peak in the winter, and I won first place this year," Wyatt said.

"It's been amazing to see the kids and the parent's enthusiasm for coming together at these events; getting a taste for that competition but very friendly competition at this age, for sure," McFarland said.

But win or lose, these kids are developing skills that will last a lifetime.

"With Striders, it's not just riding but just the whole experience of being outside with your family and with other kids, especially," Brumbaugh said.

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Thursday, 28 February 2013 12:46

2nd Annual STRIDER Snow Cup...March 24!


We're coming back to Terry Peak Ski Area March 24th for the 2nd annual STRIDER Snow Cup!


We're holding it a week earlier than last year in hopes of snow that is a little less slushy, although it was nice wearing shorts and getting a tan at last years event! Bring your STRIDER and ski attachments to practice and Snow STRIDER Adventure Zone fun from 1:00pm to 2pm Open riding until 2:30 And Racing will commence promptly at 2:30pm. Registration for the event is $10.00 and we'll be selling the Ski attachments for $17.00 (usually $29) at the event only. More info below.

STRIDE Slide On!

 00096-P Snow Ski Day Flyer

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Come down to Storybook Island in Rapid City for Once Upon A Festival this weekend!

StoryBookIslandCastleWhat? Strider Adventure Zone at Storybook Island's Once Upon A Festival

When? 10am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday (9/8-9/9)

Why? Bring your own STRIDER (can only be ridden in the Adventure Zone) or ride one of our demo bikes over obstacles and ramps!

Cost? Just $2.00/person for Once Upon A Festival which is a fundraiser for Storybook Island. The Strider Adventure Zone is FREE and there will be a bunch of other fun activities for the kids there as well...not to mention all of the fun interactive play areas you already love at Storybook Island.

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Terry Peak Ski Area (a mere hour away from Striderville) will be the staging grounds for the First Annual STRIDER Snow Cup! Combining everything you already love about STRIDER Cup Racing and Snowy Fun in the great outdoors, this is sure to be an amazing event for all involved.

Included in the $25 Registration is; 1. A set of the brand new STRIDER Ski Attachments (You'll be the 1st kid with a pair of these on your block)  2. Access to the STRIDER Snow Adventure Zone and STRIDER Snow Cup Registration  3. Ribbons for all  4. A Number plate for your STRIDER!

The Adventure Zone opens at 1pm with racing at 2pm! The course will be next to the Stewart Chair Lift #4 near the Stewart Lodge.  RSVP at StriderLife.com...See You At The Hill!

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This Sunday, Spearfish City Park will be the sight of two epic races!  The Dakota Five-O Race/Ride/Tour will take 700 riders over 50 miles of brutal Mountain Biking terrain.  The Strider World Cup Race will be the toddler version of that...only non-brutal...mostly just fun...Smiles will abound unlike in the Dakota Five-O.

If you are anywhere near Spearfish, SD or you want to take a last minute road trip it will be a great time!  Strider World Cup racing action, Live Music, Food and a lot of bike friendly people hanging out in a beautiful park will be just some of the highlights of the day.

STRIDER Racing showcases head-to-head STRIDER races between children ages 2 to 5. Toddlers take to the track at the Dakota Five-O on September 4th!

Registration limited to 120 STRIDER Riders so register quickly to ensure your child’s spot!

Registration closes 30 minutes prior to EACH age group’s RACE START.

Every registered STRIDER racer will receive $29 worth of goodies PLUS the race!

  • Race Entry!
  • Team STRIDER T-Shirt!
  • STRIDER Handlebar Bag/Number Plate!
  • Souvenir STRIDER Cowbell for Mom or Dad to ring during the race!
  • Medals for all Participants!
  • Trophies for Top 3 Finishers in each age group!

Pre-registration is encouraged.

  • Pre-Registered Race Entry Fee is $10.00 (Register early and save $5!)
  • Race Entry at the Dakota Five-O is $15

Location & Start Times:

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

Spearfish City Park, South Dakota

Age Group Race Start Times (Age group determined by YEAR BORN):

2:30 PM =            2 YO (Born 2009)

3:00 PM =            3 YO (Born 2008)

3:30 PM =            4 YO (Born 2007)

4:00 PM =            5 YO (Born 2006

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Monday, 15 August 2011 21:20

Strider Sports At Outdoor Retailer

Todd and I recently loaded up the Strider Van, threw on the bike rack and headed out of South Dakota, through the great state of Wyoming and over the border into Utah!  The Summer Outodoor Retailer Show was our destination.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Strider Van at Independence rock a.k.a. middle of nowhere Wyoming."]Independence from trikes and training wheels![/caption]

What a great combination; the outdoorsy crowd (20-40 year olds with kids) and Strider (helping 20-40 year olds get back out in the outdoors with a mobile toddler)! We had a lot of people stop by the booth to thank us, sharing stories about what Strider has meant to them and how it has helped their kids be more active. We also had many people stop to watch the videos we had playing who had never heard of such a thing..this just goes to show that we still have work to do.

The great thing about working at Strider is that we also have a ton of fun as shown in the picture below:

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="World Class climber and funny guy Timmy O'neill losing to sales-man extraordinaire Todd!"]timmyandtodd-400-x-600[/caption]

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