Strider Bikes and the Axel Project Ride Through Utah

with the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah Professional Cycling Race

Toddlers Learn To Love Cycling Alongside the Pros

at Each of The Race’s Finish Festivals August 3-9

Rapid City, SD (July 30, 2015) — Strider Sports International, the world’s premier manufacturer and marketer of children’s no-pedal balance bikes, in conjunction with the Axel Project, is bringing the Strider® Adventure Zone to each of the stage finish expo locations of the Tour of Utah professional cycling event taking place next week.

The Strider Adventure Zone activation taking place at each of the Expos gives toddlers one to five years old a chance to test ride a STRIDER Balance Bike, play with other kids, and develop balance and coordination in a fun ride and play area. This safe and friendly environment encourages kids to explore mobility on two wheels and experience the challenge and thrill of riding a STRIDER on unique terrain and obstacles.

People can find a free Adventure Zone complete with loaner bikes and helmets at each Tour of Utah Lifestyle Expo beginning Tuesday, August 4th, as well as during the Strider Championship Series Race taking place Saturday, August 8th in Pioneer Park, downtown Salt Lake City.  Dates and locations of the Lifestyle Expos include: Ogden, August 4; Bountiful, August 5; Heber Valley, August 6; Salt Lake City, August 7; and Park City, August 9th.


The Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah is one of only five UCI-sanctioned, multi-stage, North American pro cycling events in 2015. Showcasing some of the world’s most prestigious teams and cyclists for seven days in August, this event now attracts worldwide attention as the top international cycling event that follows the Tour de France. Nearly a decade since its opening circuit, the Tour of Utah, today, stands shoulder to shoulder with the most prestigious professional bicycle stage race events as our answer to the greatest cycling challenges the world has to offer.

Strider Sports International CEO Ryan McFarland says, “The Tour of Utah is a natural fit to help promote STRIDER Riding and the mission of the Axel Project. Showcasing STRIDER Bikes and the young toddler riders next to the fastest road cyclists in the world is truly an honor for us. We know the passion and determination on display from every pro rider in the race will rub off on our young racers, showing them how much you can do on two wheels!”

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With 62 entries from 16 countries we had a very tough time narrowing it down to the top 10 winners!

There were two categories, Strider Staff Pick and People's Choice, with 5 winners in each. With over $20,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs we had a tough time picking the top 5 for the Staff Picks from all of the amazing videos. The film makers did a great job getting the word out as well! There were over 48,000 views on YouTube in less than one week. The winners for the People's Choice were chosen based on the quality and quantity of comments on the videos uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Don't despair if you weren't selected as one of the top 10...we'll be getting you a $50 Strider product voucher by email (expect to see this by Aug 17th).

If your video is one of the videos below watch for an email explaining what we'll need from you in order to get you your prize money!

In the end the top 10 videos came from 6 different countries!

Drum roll, please...

Peoples Choice Header


1st Place - Vicente Exploring - Chile


2nd Place - Love At First Sight - Thailand



3rd Place - Ducati Jacob - USA


4th Place - Road Safety - Philippines



5th Place - Exploring Utah - USA



Strider Staff Picks Header



1st Place - Daydreaming In School - Italy



2nd Place - Riding Buddies at Highland Mountain Bike Park - USA



3rd Place - Ethan Danger - USA



4th Place - The Lone Strider - USA



5th Place - Anytime, Anwhere - South Korea


Thanks again to everyone for entering and sharing your creative videos with us!

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We had over 60 videos from 16 countries entered into the STRIDER Bikes Rule Video Contest!

STRIDER Bikes Rule


Voting has officially ended! Watch for the results to be posted on Thursday 7/30!


Head over to our YouTube channel and see all of the amazing videos sent in from parents all over the world!


There's is $20,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs! Make sure to find your favorite video and get the word out! Winners of both the "Staff Picks" and "People's Choice" will be announced on Thursday 7/30!


How Winners Will Be Chosen: There will be two categories with five winners in each.

  1. Staff Picks will be the top five videos as chosen by the staff of Strider Sports Int'l, Inc.
  2. People's Choice will be the top five videos based on a combination of the quantity and quality of the comments on their videos (excluding those who have already won "Staff Picks"). Individuals are encouraged to share their video entries through social media, e-mail, and word of mouth to get friends and family to comment on them. If the same user submits multiple comments on an individual video, only the first comment will be considered. Only comments on the video entries uploaded on the STRIDER Bike YouTube channel will count toward the awards.


Share your Strider success stories, photos, video and interact with other Strider enthusiasts by joining the Strider conversation on our Facebook wall! How about Instagram? Do you 

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The competition for the June Calendar Contest was heated! We had a lot of great photos entered, but alas we had to narrow it down to the top 3. Check out the winners below and make sure that you enter your best photos for July!

If your photo is one of the top 3 make sure to look for an email from us with instructions on spending your gift certificates.


1st Place - Balance On Abandoned Rail

1st Place June Web



2nd Place - Splashing In The Mountains

2nd Place June Web 



3rd Place - Keep That Bike Shiney

3rd Place June

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Do you have a bunch of great photos of your adorable (most of the time) STRIDER rider(s) on your hard drive? Would you like to see him/her on the 2016 STRIDER Rider Calendar? Each month the employees of Strider Sports International will pick their favorite photo from those sent in. That month's winning photo will:

  1. Be in the STRIDER calendar for 2016
  2. Be the banner photo for the next month of 2015 on the Strider Bike facebook page
  3. The top photo each month will receive a $200 product voucher for bikes, accessories, or parts from the Strider Sports webstore. The 2nd place photo each month will receive a $100 product voucher for the Strider Sports webstore and the 3rd place photo with the will receive a $50 product voucher!

Rules and Regulations:

The 2015 STRIDER Calendar can be purchased HERE!


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sk stiderWe had the pleasure of meeting Susie last year at the National Parks and Recreation Conference in North Carolina. She had expressed her interest in learning to ride a bike since she had never had the opportunity growing up. With an open mind and an unchecked item on her bucket list, she was eager to learn! Here is her story...

Growing up in a small town in India during the 1960’s, I didn’t have the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike.  Only boys were allowed to ride bikes back then.  I have always wanted to learn, but was afraid of falling. In late 2014, I came across Strider bikes at a National Park and Recreation Conference.  The concept of learning to balance first and then to pedal made sense to me and I decided to give it a try when the weather turned nice.  I bought a Strider bike in spring 2015 right before Easter and I was able to balance on it rather quickly. The bike is light weight and very manageable which made me feel comfortable on it. I was thrilled when I first balanced on the strider bike and I kept riding it for hours that day.  My children bought me a regular bike as a gift for Mother’s Day and I was able to learn pretty fast since I already learned to balance on the Strider bike.  I now can ride a bike! I would not have been able to do this without the Strider bike!  Thanks to Lori at Strider bike for all her help as I was trying to decide on a bike and also afterwards by checking on my progress.

Times have changed in India, even in the small town where I grew up. It is now a common sight to see girls and women on their bikes, scooters and mopeds.  I am glad that I had the opportunity to learn even though it is at age 54! And again, it wouldn’t have happened without the Strider bike!

I have decided to keep the Strider bike for its sentimental value.  All the children in my family will sure be using Strider bikes in the future to learn to ride a bike instead of training wheels.

-Susie  Kuruvilla, CPA, CPRP


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STRIDER Calendar Winners for May

And The Winners Are...

Thanks for another great month of STRIDER Calendar Contest entries! If your photo is one of the top 3 watch for an email next week with your gift certificate information. If you want to see how tough our voting is check out all of the May entries on our Flickr Page!

We've already got a bunch of great entries for June

Without further ado here are the winners for May:


1st Place - Stride Yourself To Sleep



2nd Place - Dreaming Of The Desert



3rd Place - Peace

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What a fun day of STRIDER Championship Series Racing at the Station Square on June 6th; new friends were made, challenges were overcome, and smiles were abundant!

A big shout out goes to all the folks who participated and helped out in the recent race in Pittsburgh, PA! What a great day! Fabulous weather, great venue and tons of enthusiasm from everybody involved.

All of the STRIDER HQ staff that went out to Pittsburgh were amazed at the response and the great vibes that we got from everybody that we met. What a cool city too, with beautiful bike paths, a great bike community, and a neat bike rental system.

Also a big thanks to the fine folks at the Wheel Mill Bike Park for letting us do packet pickup there! While Taylor Swift didn’t make it over to see us on Saturday we still
rocked Station Square! : )

Another big shout out to FedEx for sponsoring the race in Pittsburgh and the upcoming race in Salt Lake City! A special thanks to KIND Snacks and Honey Stinger for the goodies in the swag bags!

Check out the excellent photos from race day on our Flickr page HERE!

2 YEAR OLDS and under

  • 1#218 - Patrick "Paddy" Marsic - PA
  • 2#202 - Kabir Raphael - MD
  • 3

    #216 - Oakley "Oakdawg" Lindner - MD

  • 4

    #226 - Gavin McNulty - PA

  • 5

    #206 - Lily Opitz - PA

  • #221 - Brayden Cooney - PA6

    #224 - Hunter Clayton - NJ7

    #203 - Steven "Buddie" Heagerty - PA8



  • 1#302 - Isshi Komatsu - PA
  • 2#323 - Travis Clayton - NJ
  • 3#311 - Tristen Mieczkowski - PA
  • 4#324 - Jarrett Dearborn - WV
  • 5#317 - Jacob Shafer - PA
  • 6#304 - Connor Clemons - MD
  • 7#316 - Leopold Hossbach - PA
  • 8

    #325 - Finn Lithgow - PA 


Special Needs

  • 1#903 - Kolby Liston - PA
  • 2#902 - Nicholas "Nick" Monteparte - PA
  • 3#801 - Dante Hoffman - PA
  • 4#802 - Matthias "Matti" Shelton - PA
  • 5#805 - Nydia "Yaya" Deeter - PA
  • 6
  • #804 - Eric Jackson - PA



  • 1#419 - Eddy Hosack - PA
  • 2#403 - Christopher "Chris" Opitz - PA
  • #409 - Declan "Diamond Cutter" Sims - PA
  • 4#415 - Giovanni Riccelli - PA
  • 5#405 - Jackson Donahue - PA
  • 6#407 - Bradyn Stanley - PA
  • 7

    #404 - Evan Wood - PA

  • 8

    #422 - Ryan Craig - PA


5 Year Olds

  • 1#505 - Eito "EITO!" Tokunaga - IL
  • 2#502 - Leo Sicilia - PA
  • 3

    #504 - Max Klaich - PA

  • 4

    #512 - Coleman Hixenbaugh - PA

  • 5

    #503 - Jacob Andreyo - PA

  • #501 - Alaina Shea - PA6

    #508 - Raymond "Ray" Valentine Lanza - PA7

    #506 - Tommy "Tommy Gun" Guenther - PA8

  • Share your Strider success stories, photos, video and interact with other Strider enthusiasts by joining the Strider conversation on our Facebook wall! How about Instagram? Do you tweet? We Do!

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AblePlay Endorsement of Strider Camp Shows Benefits for Children of All Abilities

Rapid City, SD (May 26, 2015) –  Strider Sports International, Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of no-pedal balance bikes, is pleased to announce its Strider Camp, a five session Learn-to-Ride curriculum, has been highly rated by AblePlay as a “Great Find” that helps children with disabilities develop balance, coordination, and other valuable developmental skills. Recognized for their innovation, safety, and ease-of-use, STRIDER® Bikes join an elite list of products reviewed and rated by AblePlay.

“We evaluated the program under AblePlay “Great Finds,” as Strider Camp is not a toy, but a teaching tool to help kids learn to ride a bike inclusively and independently. Kids are having fun while working on their skills to ride a bike”, stated Ahren Hoffman, CTRS and Manager of Industry Relations & Partnerships for the National Lekotek Center. “Strider Camp received checkmarks in all five of the developmental categories—we were thrilled to award Strider Camp such high marks!” said Hoffman.

STRIDER Camp AblePlay Seal
AblePlay is an online resource at that provides comprehensive research, ratings, and reviews on toys and products that are a good fit for children of all abilities. By providing concise, insightful reviews, AblePlay helps parents choose from among the thousands of toys for children.

The Strider Camp evaluation was conducted by Lekotek Certified professionals who have degrees and experience in special education, child life, therapeutic recreation, or other therapy disciplines. The AblePlay seal represents the quantifiable rating by disability category. The ratings concluded the Strider Camp, along with the STRIDER Bikes,promoted key developmental processes, including “action concepts, core strengthening, stability, coordinated movement, gross motor skills, balance, and self-esteem.”

“Our main mission is to give kids of all abilities the chance to experience the joy of riding a bike,” stated Ryan McFarland, Founder and CEO of Strider Sports International, Inc. “We are honored to be recognized by AblePlay and excited about the opportunity this gives us to share the Strider story with a new world of moms, dads, and young families. This endorsement of Strider Camp shows our training methods and our bikes are perfect tools for building confidence and bringing the thrill of the riding experience to children of all abilities.”

To see the STRIDER Bikes in action with kids of all abilities,

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Closed-Toe KEEN Sandals Are Perfect for Summer Riding


Rapid City, SD (May 19, 2015) — Strider Sports Intl., Inc., the world’s premier manufacturer and marketer of children’s STRIDER® no-pedal balance bikes, is pleased to announce that KEEN -  the leading manufacturer of original hybrid footwear -  has teamed up with Strider Sports to produce a Special make-up Strider KEEN sandal. The all-new Strider KEEN Sandals for kids aged 2-5 are available for purchase on the E-commerce store and at Strider Championship Events. The sleek, black-and-yellow sandals come in sizes 8-13 for toddlers and retail for $55.


The new Special make-up Strider KEEN sandals are a sturdy and safe sandal option for active kids who like to ride all day. This low-profile “Seacamp” style KEEN sandal allows little feet increased flexibility and freedom while protecting piggies during quick stops. With a grippy rubber sole that won’t mark up the floor and KEEN's Secure Fit Lace Capture System, this shoe offers tough protection for indoor and outdoor riding adventures and Strider races. Parents will appreciate the rugged design of this closed-toe sandal that will surely save on multiple shoe purchases as young riders use their toes to brake, turn, and stop while riding their STRIDER Bike.


“The Strider KEEN sandals are the perfect shoes for active toddler riders,” said Ryan McFarland, CEO of Strider Sports International. “Parents have been asking us to offer closed toe sandals for a long time. Any parent who has a STRIDER Rider knows that KEEN’s are an essential piece of gear for little riders.”


The Strider KEEN sandals are available through the Strider website and onsite at national racing events, including the upcoming Strider Championship Races to be held in Pittsburgh June 6 and Salt Lake City August 8. MSRP $55. To learn more about the sandals and/or to purchase, visit

- end -

About Strider Sports International, Inc.

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Rapid City, SD, Strider Sports designs efficient, no-pedal balance bikes for all ages and abilities. Strider’s mission is to simplify a bike to its essence, so proper size, weight, and simplicity combine to eliminate any fear of riding and instill confidence in the rider. STRIDER No-Pedal Balance Bikes are industry-leading training bikes that help children as young as 18 months learn to ride effectively on two wheels. Strider also manufactures balance bikes for individuals with special needs and for seniors wanting to stay active later in life. The patented STRIDER Balance Bikes focus on the fundamentals of balancing, leaning, and steering without the distractions and complications of pedals or training wheels. STRIDER Bikes are now distributed in more than 75 countries worldwide. In 2015, Strider sold its one-millionth bike. To learn more and to find a retailer in your area, visit, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.


About KEEN

Inspired by a love of the outdoors, KEEN, Inc., manufacturer of hybrid outdoor and casual products, including footwear, clothing, and accessories, is dedicated to creating quality products that support the lifestyles and outdoor adventures of active people around the world. KEEN products can be found online and through more than 5,000 retail locations in more than 60 countries, as well as in KEEN Garage retail stores in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. The company’s operations and culture reflect a stand-out commitment to building a strong community and a healthier planet so that all can create, play, and care. Learn more at

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