Ashton was the 2012 UK STRIDER Champion and joined us for the STRIDER World Championship in Sarasota, FL. He even patented his now signature move, "The Fire Hydrant" (pictured below), during the STRIDER trick competition!


The video below is a great example of STRIDER progression and balance. Did I mention that the video is shot in Sherwood Forest? If you didn't think it could get any cooler than that, watch Ashton's balance skills. This is one of the main reasons that we tell parents to hold on to their STRIDER bikes even after their children have started pedalling.

He goes through the enitre rhythm section standing on the Launchpad footrests. He also is able to balance and keep going through some slow going on top of the tabletop jumps.

Have a great Saturday...Now get outside and enjoy the day!

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300 toddlers, aged just 18 months to 5 years-old, raced no-pedal balance bikes at the Strider UK World Cup this Sunday, in the biggest ever UK celebration of balance bike riding and racing at the National Cycling Centre, the home of British Cycling, in Manchester.

The event, which was the second biggest event globally, saw the British balance bike champion Ashton Heron (3 years) retain his title; and saw 2 year-old Jack Wall and 5 year-old Tosin Adegbehingbe take the honours in their respective age-group finals.

Adrian, Ashton’s dad, said: “It was an incredible day of racing in a stunning venue - all of the kids just loved it! There really is nothing else like this type of event around for toddlers and young children in the UK. It’s these type of events that will really leave a legacy to the Olympics this year.”

2012 saw the first ever organised series of toddler STRIDER balance bike events in the UK with thousands of children taking up the chance to ride and race at events across the country.

The event this Sunday, which is the last event of the 2012 season, saw some of the most exciting and closely fought Strider Cup racing of the year, Melanie Thomas, Organiser of the Strider UK World Cup event, summed up the day by saying: “It was a great day from start to finish with the final race of the day being decided by a matter of inches!

“Even though this is the first ever year that strider racing has been held in the UK, we have amassed a very loyal and rapidly growing following of riders and families who have loved the chance to race at events all over the country. Not only are we planning to continue the Strider Cup series in 2013 – but we’re hoping to make it bigger and better than ever giving access to children to ride and race at events all over the country – no matter what their ability!”

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With only 3 weeks to go until the 2012 STRIDER World Championship we're all getting excited to head down to Sarasota! We've tried to pack in the maximum allowable amount of fun into this year's event...if only the days were longer. The calendar is also available on Strider Life and you could add ideas on Dining or spare time activities there as well.


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Exciting News from across the pond! Way to go Strider UK...We'll see you in Sarasota for the Strider World Championships!

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Strider, the world leaders in balance bike technology, are excited to bring Strider balance bike coaching and racing to the Birmingham BMX Club in a move that will make the track at Perry Park a centre-of-excellence for Strider balance bike riding in the UK.

The partnership between Strider and the Birmingham BMX club will see weekly training sessions and races for children from 18 months to 5 years-old at the clubs track as well as the chance for children, supervised by their parents, to hire Strider balance bikes to use during open track sessions.

As part of the relationship, the Birmingham BMX Club is building a Mini Cycle Speedway for coaching junior riders and smaller scale races. Named the STRIDER™ Mini Speedway, the space will be an invaluable tool for novice riders with the option of adding ramps and obstacles that cover the entire width of the track for more experienced Strider riders. The Strider Mini Speedway is due to be completed in September.

Melanie Thomas, Director of Melrose Kids Ltd (the official UK distributor for Strider) said: “We are so excited about our new partnership with the Birmingham BMX Club to create our second Strider centre-of-excellence in the UK. The unprecedented success of the training sessions and racing at the National Cycling Centre has just shown the demand for activities aimed at toddlers and young children and we are proud to now be leading the way and partnering with the Birmingham BMX Club to coach our next generation of cyclists.”

Strider are also planning to host a major Strider World Cup racing event at the venue in 2013; however dates and details for this will be released closer to the time. Take a look at to see some of the action from other events in the 2012 series.

Mark Sleigh, Birmingham BMX Club Coach and Track Manager said: “We have already seen the power of balance bike riding to help teach children the skills and balance necessary for cycling and BMX riding and this new partnership with Strider means that we can cater for our youngest riders ever. You never know, we may just be teaching our next British or Olympic Champion!”

“As a Strider centre-of-excellence, we will be planning regular coaching sessions and open sessions as well as working with the team at Strider to host one of the biggest Strider balance bike races ever held in the UK. It’s all very exciting!”

Birmingham City Council whom invested heavily in the construction and set up of the International standard Birmingham BMX Track are delighted to hear news of the partnership and are looking forwards to toddlers learning how to ride Strider bikes as part of their promotion of healthy lifestyles in the City of Birmingham.

Garry Peal the Business Development Manager for Birmingham City Council’s international events team said: “To hear that The Birmingham BMX Club have created a partnership with Strider, to get children as young as 18 months using the Birmingham BMX Track, is amazing news. Now the facility Birmingham City Council have built as a legacy of the 2012 UCI World BMX Championships, can truly cater for all age groups! We shall work closely with the Birmingham BMX Club and Strider to promote this brilliant opportunity for the toddlers of Birmingham.”

For more information visit or email Mark Sleigh on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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