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May Strider Photo Contest Winners!

May was another month of amazing Strider Photo Contest entries! Below are the top 3 photos as voted on by the staff at Strider HQ from May. You can check All of the other entries on our Flickr Page.

If you were one of the top 3 selected you will receive an email with your gift certificate information by next week.

Make sure you're snapping photos and entering each month!

1st Place May 2018 web

1st Place - Striding With A Buddy - USA


2nd Place May 2018 web

2nd Place - Feet Up and Cruising - USA


3rd Place May web

3rd Place - Big Smiles - USA 

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Wednesday, 08 June 2016 03:45

May Strider Calendar Contest Winners!

As the photos for May came in by email we were reminded once again how awesome our Strider riders and their parents are! You can check out all the entries on our Flickr page.

If you were one of the top 3 selected for May you will receive an email with your gift certificate information. 

Don't forget to keep snapping and capturing the cute, intense, and fun moments for your June entries!

Without further ado...


1st Place - Downtime At the MX Track 




2nd Place - Stride On Cowgirl




3rd Place - Perfect Strider Form

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015 14:08

STRIDER Calendar Winners for May

And The Winners Are...

Thanks for another great month of STRIDER Calendar Contest entries! If your photo is one of the top 3 watch for an email next week with your gift certificate information. If you want to see how tough our voting is check out all of the May entries on our Flickr Page!

We've already got a bunch of great entries for June

Without further ado here are the winners for May:


1st Place - Stride Yourself To Sleep



2nd Place - Dreaming Of The Desert



3rd Place - Peace

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Sunday, 06 May 2012 12:19

May Is National Bike Month!

Keep the 30 Days of Biking from April rolling! The League of  American Bicyclists is once again commemorating  National Bike Month in May.

Get out and on your bicycles in May as often as you can. Talk to your friends and share ways to boost your days in the saddle! The League of American Bicyclists is suggesting 3 specific activities you could be a part of no matter what country you live in:

1. May 9th is Bike To School Day - May 9th. If you have a school age child ride with them to school, bring your STRIDER Rider along. The best part is you  get to ride back to pick them up!

2. Bike To Work Week - May 14th-18th. Commit to riding to work for one week. Chances are you'll find out it's easier than you think and you'll discover new things about your town or city as you roll through a little slower than usual. Have to drop the kids off at daycare? Park your car and ride to work from there or swap the driving duties for the week with a spouse or loved one.

3. Bike To Work Day - May 18th. This is the day to make sure you ride to work! Tell all your co-workers, hassle your boss to install a bike rack and make sure your bike is in tip-top shape.

If Being on a bicycle isn't a big part of your life already, hopefully this month can help to get you out there a little bit more. We hear so many stories about how STRIDER parents are inspired by their toddlers to get back on bikes after years of barely riding. It is a fun, easy way to interact with your STRIDER Riders and it has the added benefit of being pretty healthy to boot!

If you need more ideas head over to the League of American Bicyclists' website and find out more.

Stride On!

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Thursday, 05 May 2011 16:20

May is National Bike Month!

What are you doing this month to increase your time on a bike?  Do you include Striders and bikes into your regular family fun time?  If you don't, or it seems like you don't do it enough then start to make riding a habit this month.  Being an example for your kids while they are young will instill bike values that will last their entire lives.  According to the People for Bikes campaign, teens that ride bikes are 48% less likely to be obese as adults.

Here are some ideas to get back in the saddle and have some family fun on two wheels!

1.  Ride with your child to school and then commute to your work

2.  Find a Bike festival in your area and attend with the family

3.  Ride your bikes to the library and check out some books about bicycles

4.  Find a beginners off road trail and take your Strider rider for an adventure!

5.  Visit the US Bicycling Hall of Fame in Davis, California

6.  Pack up a picnic and take a short ride to a local park on a weekend

7.  Buy a Strider with some other people for a family that can't afford one

8.  Put some playing cards in your spokes and remember your childhood!

9.  Have a Bicycle/Strider parade for all the kids in the neighborhood

Riding with Mom

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