Saturday, 23 November 2013 07:00

Happy STRIDERday: UK Super Enduro!

Check out this fun video from the Super Enduro in Liverpool, UK. An enduro course is a great example of what can be done on a STRIDER! Riding over/around tires, over 2x4's, and through soft dirt would be nearly impossible for a toddler on a heavy training wheeled bike or tricycle.

If you're in STRIDERville (aka Rapid City, SD) make sure to keep watching for info on STRIDER racing on January 4th at the Extreme Indoor Enduro!

Now get outside and have a great Saturday!

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This was broadcast on BBC Breakfast on 20th October 2012 with Mike Bushell, BBC Sports Correspondent talking about the Strider UK & World Cup events in Manchester, UK and the STRIDER World Championships Sarasota, Florida. It also includes an interview with the current UK champion, Ashton Heron (aged 3) and his father Adrian. It was great to meet Ashton and his parents in Florida! Best of luck defending your title.

There are still 2 more chances for the US Strider Riders to race at USA BMX National events this year. The Disney Cup Fall Nationals are taking place in Orlando the 26th-28th of October and the Grand Nationals are November 22-25th. The next UK World Cup event takes place on the BMX Track at the National Cycling Centre, Manchester, UK on Sunday 18th November 2012.


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