Strider Sports Int'l, Inc. was highlighted during the Global Innovation Forum at Google's offices in Washington D.C.! 

"The Global Innovation Forum is a nonprofit effort to connect entrepreneur, small business, development, and university communities with policymakers and select corporations to explore the opportunities and challenges of engaging in the global marketplace. GIF serves as a hub for business, university and development communities around the world to communicate with officials and corporations, discover public and private resources to help them succeed, and improve the public policy landscape to enable global innovation. GIF is a project of the 501(c) (3) National Foreign Trade Council Foundation."


Read the full report HERE and scroll down for the Interview with Strider founder, Ryan McFarland.





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Friday, 20 April 2012 12:41

And Now...Some Cool Reviews!

We love hearing from all of our STRIDER family and with an ever increasing number of ways to do that (Facebook, Twitter, Strider Life, Our Website) we are receiving a lot of testimonials. The two I'm sharing today came through the administrative function on our website and were just too good not to share!

Stride On...keep those STRIDER success stories and photos coming in!


"We have a 19month old son. We first saw these bikes at my nephews BMX races in the Black Hills of South Dakota. My wife and I were floored when we watched 4 and 5 year olds fly around the BMX track. It was about a week ago that he started showing interest in wanting a bike so we went to Scheels (a local sports store) and purchased one for $90. That was on Sunday, today is Tuesday. He rode around Scheels and seemed to enjoy it. He went quite slow and wanted me behind was a different story. Tonight he was trying to run with it. Totally amazing! I can't wait for him to learn how to "glide". I am confident that by 2yo he will be well on his way! Awesome product. Also, my 6yo niece who has been on training wheels for two years spent a half hour on it playing and learning to balance... half hour later she was riding a bike without training wheels!"       ~Robert B.


"Wow! From the moment our son saw the YouTube videos to the moment he sat on his new Strider at Roscoe Village Bikes he was mesmerized. Not only did he get right on with a toss of the leg over the seat, but he just started walking along and trying to coast on the Strider as if both were intuitive. He was thrilled! Each time he tipped or had the bike fall, he was able to easily lift the bike, get himself back on, and keep going. We literally had to lock the bike up so he could go to bed. What an amazing bike! We are more than satisfied, impressed, and loyal to this great product. Our 2 year old is so happy!"          ~Erik M.


And finally a one word review from a new YouTube Video.

"WooHoo!"     ~williama3

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