This is a special guest post by Greg Hill. Greg is a BMX Hall of Famer and STRIDER west coast representative!

Last Friday, Liz and I went to visit our friends at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles to donate some Strider bikes for the patients and staff. It was a great visit! We had fun walking the bikes through the hospital and seeing the reaction from random people, doctors, patients.

CHLADec2013 1

We made our way to the Children's Pediatric Rehabilitation center and met up with all the staff, and 2 1/2 year old Rosa. She rode her new STRIDER up and down the halls with the physical therapy staff and had a lot of fun. We took some photos and talked a bit before saying our goodbyes.


Before we left we met Dr Craig the Medical Director for the clinical pediatrics unit. He really liked the STRIDER concept and rode a flashy green STRIDER Super 16 up and down the halls of the hospital. It was really great to see that!

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Today's blog post is a highlight of Whittier Narrows BMX in El Monte, CA. Our very own Greg and Liz Hill recently helped build a STRIDER track there. Here's how you can do the same in their own words.

Liz and I approached Roland Leal of Whittier narrows BMX track with the idea of making a simple STRIDER track to attract the younger kids to his track. Most of them are already along for the ride to watch older brother or sister ride/race. Roland really liked the idea, and we've documented what can be made with a little effort and little money (we spent $200 on the bobcat) at your local track. You can create a STRIDER track that will give the younger siblings a chance to get hooked on BMX while the big guy's can do their thing on the big track. It's a very nice mix of both worlds watching both tracks being used at the same time. The younger generation will ultimately one day graduate to the big track. Putting smiles on kids at a young age and getting them hooked on 2 wheels sports is a great thing, for both the kids and parents..We hope you enjoy the pictures and if you by chance have any questions please feel from to contact Liz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Breaking ground, we had a bobcat for 3 hours to level the area out and make it ready for placing dirt for turns and obstacles.


 After we placed dirt for jumps and turns, we spent about 2 hours raking, packing and shaping. We had myself (Greg Hill) Jeremy Hill, Liz Hill, Mike Antis, Roland Leal  and a few others...



The start of lining the track with chalk, gotta make it look official!


Team Strider (Greg and Liz Hill): We placed banners and pennants to make it look official as you can see in the following pictures.It is very basic, but the kids absolutely love it!


The first round of Strider riders attack the track!


The STRIDER bikes get young kids out there and really connect with the parents in a very special way. Sometimes it's hard to know who enjoys it more the kids or the parents...


Rider and Mom hitting up practice, Mom is playing the roll of coach here.

8The kids really liked practicing, they would size up each other and then make laps racing one another.



We did 4 man moto's with the ol fashion voice/hand signal to start them off.


After giving all the kids the big high five, Greg gets ready to let em go!


Here we have the classic upgrade! Lil guy showed up on his heavy wood bike and rode off on a brand new Strider! =)


 This is what it's all about right here, making the kids smile and giving them that feeling of being on top of the world!

Stride On!

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Greg "the Machine" Hill has been racing BMX since the mid-70's, He wrote a book to teach his BMX skills, and was inducted into the BMX Hall of Fame in 1990!

For the second year in a row he will be putting on a STRIDER riding clinic on Day 1 of the STRIDER World Championships! From 2:00pm to 3:00pm on October 12th Greg will be sharing his wealth of knowledge with parents and STRIDER riders.

This is a great chance for parents to help their STRIDER riders understand some of the basic concepts of BMX racing and bike handling. The full schedule of events is up at Strider Life. Please note that parental involvement is important for this event and will be held at Sarasota BMX.

[caption id="attachment_4537" align="aligncenter" width="406" caption="1983 Greg Hill says, "See you on the 12th!!""][/caption]

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Strider World Cup Racers - Mar 26, 2012 -

Greg Hill, five-time BMX World Champion, has given his official endorsement for Strider Bikes, calling them “the most effective way for aspiring bike riders to develop basic riding skills”.

Greg Hill is an old-school professional bicycle motocross (BMX) racer whose prime competitive years were 1977 to 1989. He retired from the competitive top-level pro circuit after the 1998 season. Hill took his racing mentality to a number of business ventures, including motivational and how-to instructional books and videos. Additionally, he started a BMX bicycle company, Greg Hill Products (GHP), during the 1980s. The company is currently thriving as Greg teaches clinics around the world instructing children how to race.

The BMX legend continues about Strider No-Pedal PRE-Bikes, their ease of use, and impact on the sport of BMX Racing, "When it comes to products for developing basic bike riding skills, there is nothing quite like the Strider balance bike. These bikes are so light and easy for kids to ride — they’re just awesome! I witnessed the positive results firsthand when we picked up a few Striders for our grandkids. We put them together easily and let them hop on. At first they were just riding around our driveway, then the magic happened! I looked out the window at the miniature BMX track in my backyard the next morning and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The kids were actually making full laps on their Striders that they could not do on their other bikes.”

According to Greg, his grandchildren used to watch him ride and would simply push their bigger bikes around the track, as they were unable to ride the larger, heavier bikes on the challenging terrain.  With the Strider bikes, both kids were riding laps. “They were so happy! I knew these Strider balance bikes were good, but witnessing my own grandkids riding! That really was the best form of advertisement anyone could ever see."


Greg is currently travelling around the country to USA BMX National races to help with the Strider World Cup races being run on Saturday morning of each event. The young riders are thrilled to get to race on a portion of the same track where their heroes will race minutes later.

“This is one of the most exciting products to happen to BMX. It’s rejuvenating the sport and ensuring that the sport continues long into the future. I am just amazed at the world of opportunity for these Strider Bikes. If they can have this kind of an impact on BMX, imagine what it can do for youngsters all over the world!”


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Friday, 27 January 2012 21:13

1970's BMX Roots!

This weekend is the Sooner Nationals in Guthrie, Oklahoma! It is the second stop in the Strider World Cup racing season as we storm the newly formed USA BMX.  We are super excited about helping the next generation of BMX racers and bicycle enthusiasts to get on two wheels earler than ever before.

To get all you parents and kids stoked for the Strider World Cup here is a great video talking about Bicycle Motocross' roots.  Pretty neat to see how the sport has evolved since the 1970's. Enjoy this flashback to Soledad Sands and have a great weekend no matter what your plans are! Leave a note in the comments if you have any memories from this era or recognize anybody from the video.

BMX legend and STRIDER'S own Greg "the Machine" Hill was the 1979 Amateur Men's #1 Title.


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Thursday, 19 January 2012 06:23

The Silver Dollar National Results Are In!

Last weekend was the first National races for the newly formed USA BMX and Strider Cup was very pleased to be a part of it! There were 18 STRIDER racers from 2 to 5 years old rocking the main track in Reno, NV.

Check out the top racers in each age group then head over to to share your stories from race day!

2 Year Olds

[1] Jacob Krenek

[2] Izaak Fujon

[3] Braxton Rollins

3 Year Olds

1. Solonan Kaniauu

2. Avery Chavez

4/5 Year Olds

1. Landon Haffman

2. Aedan McKinnon

3. Ryder Gale

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