Tuesday, 31 December 2013 07:00

Snow STRIDER Photo Contest!

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  Ok you little snow STRIDER riders, we want to see your best STRIDER Ski photo. We are well aware that most of the country is frozen or under a blanket of snow so grab Mom and Dad’s iPhone or camera! Do they still make cameras? Start taking pictures (or have Mom or Dad take them for you) of you and your buddies slipping around your home town, parks, and playgrounds on your snow STRIDER (please don’t limit your photos to just these places we want creativity). What?! You don’t know what a Snow STRIDER is or where to get…
Monday, 09 December 2013 11:17

STRIDER Bikes In Hospitals

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  Day in and day out there are children in hospitals fighting to overcome serious illness and injury.   What a frightening time for the kids and the parents alike.  Many times these kids miss holidays at home, friends at school and family events. One of the most important things that can happen for them while they are in the hospital is to have time to still be kids!  Play is an important part of comforting, soothing and taking a child’s mind off of their battle even if for just a few moments.  Tyler Klassen of Indianapolis saw a picture of…
Thursday, 13 June 2013 21:06

Introducing The Axel Project

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A Non Profit Organization, In Memory Of Axel Charrette, Dedicated To Providing STRIDER Bikes To Children In Need Ridgway, Colorado (June 7th, 2013) - The Charrette family has announced the launch of the Axel Project. The Axel Project was created in honor of 2-year old, Axel Charrette, who was killed in Sayulita Mexico in February 2013. The organization’s mission is to introduce and nurture a lifelong passion for cycling to children and their families. Axel’s love for all things bikes, clearly instilled by his family’s passion for cycling, and his particular affinity for chasing his brother around on his Strider…
Wednesday, 27 February 2013 01:16

10,000 Facebook Likes STRIDER Giveaway!

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We said we were going to pick 2, but the response was so good we chose 4! If you were a winner please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  The Randomly Chosen Winners are: 1. Stepanie Medianero 2. Lisa Shaw The Choose two extra winners just because are: 1. Melissa Abdouch - She offered to donate her STRIDER (if she won) to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Minnesota Chapter. 2. Korbin Rush - He is raising awareness of Failure to Thrive on Facebook and was by far the most enthusiastic encourager of new likes today! His little brother will be rocking a brand new…
Tuesday, 20 September 2011 18:41

Strider Teams Up With Suncoast Charities!

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[caption id="attachment_2374" align="aligncenter" width="717" caption="From L to R: Anny Barker Schefler (Community Haven), Bonnie Jackson (Suncoast Charities), Lucy Nicandri (Suncoast Charities), Marla Doss (Community Haven), John Zolikoff (Strider), Jack Cox (Suncoast Charities), David Miller (Sarasota BMX), Erma Miller (Sarasota BMX) Children L to R: Keenan, Bella, Chance, Sierra, Nick"][/caption]   John Zolikoff recently paid a visit to Suncoast Charities for Children at Selby Preschool which is part of Community Haven for Adults & Children with Disabilities, Inc.   Community Haven is one of 5 local non-profit agencies Suncoast Charities for Children supports.  Selby Preschool specializes in its learning environment for the…
Saturday, 09 April 2011 14:39

Strider Raffle at the Dahl Mountain Culture Festival!

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The 7th annual Dahl Mountain Culture Festival kicked off last night in Rapid City, SD with the opening of the photo exhibition!  If you live in or near Striderville come check it out.  There will be events all week centered around "mountain culture" culminating on the 15th and 16th of April at the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour. [caption id="attachment_1485" align="aligncenter" width="619" caption="Imagine how good this guy would have been if he'd started a little younger on a Strider!"][/caption] Strider is the perfect fit for this crowd of outdoorsy folks...that's why we've donated 2 Striders to the Dahl Arts…
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