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2015 Riders for Striders!


Below is a guest blog entry from Tyler Klassen. He is a STRIDER dad, airline pilot, motorcycle rider, green egg bbq enthusiast, and all around cool guy. On May 16th he held the 2nd annual Riders for Striders charity motorcycle ride and purchased 41 STRIDER Bikes for kids at the Peyton Manning Children's Hospital....We've said it before and we'll say it again, STRIDER Parents are THE coolest!

Riders for Striders

More great images from the ride are below!

May 16, 2015 - Indianapolis, Indiana

The second annual Riders for Striders charity motorcycle ride took place on May 16th. The local Indianapolis 500 Qualification day was cancelled due to the rain, but Riders for Striders went on! A little rain wouldn't stop this tough group of charity riders! Registration opened at 9am and the rain showers had moved off, we had cloudy skies and temps in the lower 70s. Cycle Outfitters, our ride starting point host, set up a fantastic spread of free donuts and coffee. The threat of rain for the day didn't keep registered riders home. At the start of the ride we had 38 motorcycles.  34 Adventure Motorcyclists, and 4 Street Motorcyclists. I believe the forecast kept the street riders home, but everyone who was there had a great positive attitude and was ready to ride and raise some money to get the kids of Peyton Manning Children's Hospital some Strider Bikes!

We had two routes planned this year for the second annual ride, an Adventure Route (on road/off road) and a Street Route (pavement). We did our ride a little different than most charity rides. Instead of a parade or escorted ride, we had 10 ride leaders with the routes in their GPS. We paired up the riders into groups of 6-8 motorcycles.  This way we can have riders paired up with their experience level. This also allows each group to ride at their own pace, stop where they want, and improved the overall safety of the ride.  

We rode south out of Indianapolis, and headed towards Bloomington, Indiana. RevSport in Bloomington was our lunch stop destination. The ADV group had some creeks to cross, wonderful gravel roads through Yellowwood State Forest, and more gravel through the Lake Monroe area.  One benefit of the  less than ideal weather....the rain showers kept the gravel dust free! 

I was fortunate enough to have my Dad, who flew in from Tucson, AZ for the ride, and my 5 year old son join me in my Ural sidecar rig! Pretty cool to have three generations riding in one machine through the gravel and creeks!

The group met up at RevSport for a donation lunch. Moody's Butcher Shop in Center Grove, Indiana donated 40lbs of pork for the lunch! 

Just after lunch the rain started to pour!  All riders kept a positive attitude, zipped up their rain gear and headed back out for the north bound portion on the ride.  I was very impressed with all the riders maintaining a positive attitude and just carrying on with the ride like it wasn't raining! Good waterproof gear really helps too!

The adventure group hit a snag on the north bound route inside of the Hoosier Nation Forest. A tree had fallen across the road.  Now, most riders might let this obstacle ruin their ride, but not this ADV group! The ADV groups just worked together, and since they were riding off road bikes, went around the tree.  Some even said going around the tree made the ride even more fun!

The north bound portion of both routes ended at Taxman Brewing Company in Bargersville, Indiana. Taxman was a fantastic host! They opened up their upstairs area just for the riders.  It was nice to get out of the rain and everyone enjoyed chatting about the ride.  Our total ride distance was 155 miles round trip.  

We raised enough money to purchase 41 additional Striders for the kids of Peyton Manning Children's Hospital. Planning for next year's ride has already begun! We are hoping for better weather next year, but I was very impressed with this year's turn out!  

For more information, ride pictures and videos, or to donate visit www.ridersforstriders.org and www.facebook.com/ridersforstriders

Tyler Klassen

Organizer and Founder of Riders for Striders

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STRIDER Bikes In Hospitals


Day in and day out there are children in hospitals fighting to overcome serious illness and injury.   What a frightening time for the kids and the parents alike.  Many times these kids miss holidays at home, friends at school and family events. One of the most important things that can happen for them while they are in the hospital is to have time to still be kids!  Play is an important part of comforting, soothing and taking a child’s mind off of their battle even if for just a few moments. 

Tyler Klassen of Indianapolis saw a picture of a young girl (Presley - pictured above) who, while fighting cancer, spends time riding her STRIDER in the halls of a hospital, and knew right away that he wanted to make a difference!  Tyler said, “As a parent, the thought of having a child in the hospital for a long period of time is terrifying.  Seeing Striders inside of a children’s hospital really made me smile though.  I want the kids to just be kids.  I want them to buzz around the halls on bikes, let them have fun and maybe forget for a bit that they are in a hospital.” 

Tyler Klassen 2

An avid motorcycle rider, Tyler decided to take action and help more kids be able to stride their way through the hospital. The added benefit of STRIDER riding while in hospital is the physical therapy aspect.  Tyler is organizing a fundraising ride called “Riders for Striders” to get his fellow motorcycle enthusiasts together for a day dedicated to helping purchase STRIDERS for Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital! 

Every child deserves time to be a child!  Thank you for your efforts and compassion Tyler! 

For more information or ways to donate to Tyler’s ride or participate (if you're in the Indiapolis) check out their Facebook Page, Twitter account, or go directly to the donation page.

Share your Strider success stories, photos, video and interact with other Strider enthusiasts by joining the Strider conversation on our Facebook wall! How about Instagram? Do you tweet? We Do!



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STRIDER Rolls Into Dealer Expo 2013!

Industry-Leading Strider Balance Bikes Roll Into Dealer Expo 2013 
Scientifically Proven Strider No-Pedal Bikes Praised By Retailers and Parents
Rapid City, SD (January 30, 2013) — Strider Sports International, the world’s premier manufacturer and marketer of children’s no-pedal balance bikes for toddlers learning to ride, will be exhibiting at 2013 Dealernews International Powersports Dealer Expo. Strider will be set up at booth 2821 at the Indiana Convention Center, February 15-17, 2013. Stop by and see how toddlers around the world are quickly learning to ride on two wheels! Press samples and high res images are available upon request.
A Strider Adventure Zone — where young children from just 18 months up to 5 years old can test ride a demo STRIDER bike for free — will also be held next door to the Dealer Expo as part of the Progressive International Motorcycle Show. The two events partnered this year to create the largest ever motorcycle show in Indianapolis. Dealers who visit the Strider booth can also attend the IMS Show on Sunday and enjoy the Adventure Zone for FREE.
A recent study on balance bikes and toddlers conducted at the University of South Dakota indicated that the STRIDER No-Pedal Balance Bikes showed significant improvements in children’s Limit of Stability scores (the ability to balance and lean without falling).
Strider is all new for 2013! The STRIDER ST-4 features many new components to accommodate the needs of toddlers. The STRIDER ST-4 retains Strider’s unique, patented Launch Pad Footrest and performance geometry. From enhanced mechanical parts like sealed cartridge bearings to more comfortable handlebar grips and improved tire tread, the new STRIDER ST-4 addresses every aspect of a child’s riding experience. 
The maintenance-free EVA polymer tires help the bike weigh in at just 6.7 pounds, making it easy for toddlers to maneuver on whatever adventures their legs take them. The 2013 STRIDER ST-4 comes standard with Quick Clamps for the handlebar and seatpost. Parents everywhere smile when they see “NO TOOLS ARE NEEDED FOR ASSEMBLY OR ADJUSTMENT”.
To see the STRIDER Bikes in action, visit www.StriderBikes.com.
- end -
Note to Editors: Strider logos are available at www.StriderBikes.com/Media.
High-resolution images of children riding STRIDER No-Pedal Balance Bikes can be requested by emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
About Strider Sports International, Inc.
Strider Sports International, Inc. designs efficient, no-pedal balance bikes that encourage toddlers to ride, learn, and explore the world on two wheels. Founded by Ryan McFarland in January 2007, Strider Sports is a company full of passionate riders of dirt, mountain, street, and road bikes. The goal of Strider Sports is to simplify a bike to its essence, so that proper size, lightweight and simplicity combine to eliminate any fear of riding and instill confidence in young new riders. The patented STRIDER™ No-Pedal Bike is now distributed in over 35 countries. To learn more and to find a retailer in your area, visit http://www.StriderBikes.com.
About Strider™ No-Pedal Bikes
If your toddler can walk, your toddler can rider a STRIDER™. STRIDER No-Pedal Balance Bikes were developed specifically to help toddlers and young children learn balance and coordination BEFORE pedaling. The simple, no-pedal design allows toddlers to learn to ride on two wheels, avoiding tricycle tip-overs and training wheel wobbles, and instilling considerable confidence and stellar bike handling skills sure to last a lifetime. Strider No-Pedal Balance Bikes encourage the development of spatial awareness, balance, and basic motor skills so that all children can reach their maximum riding potential faster, better and safer. Available at http://www.StriderBikes.com.
About Dealer Expo 2013
Dealer Expo has become a staple of the powersports community for both dealers and manufacturers for over four decades. No other event captures the breadth and scope of powersports products, services, and education for dealers. This year marks NPA's 21st anniversary as an attendee, and our third year hosting the much anticipated NPA Annual Dealer Expo Auction. We look forward to seeing you there! http://www.dealernews.com/dealerexpo
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Mazda Raceway

In July and August Strider traveled to Laguna Seca and Indianapolis to show our bikes to the next generation of MotoGP racers!

The Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix and Red Bull Indianapolis GP are part of an internationally renowned MotoGP series where the best motorcycle riders from around the world compete for the MotoGP World Championship title. These daring riders provide heart-pumping action while attacking the course in close quarter and knee-dragging fashion. The sound, speed, cheers and action captivates fans young and old!

Thanks to all the STRIDER riders for coming out and to all their parents for bringing them.

We've got some great photos and video highlights from both events:

July 27-29: Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca: Flickr Slideshow

August 17-19: Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway: Flickr Slideshow

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