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Strider PREBike Reviews for October 2009

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Growing Baby Reviews

"Since we got the bike, we've had a number of friends over to visit, and their kids have all flocked to the bike.  And every one of them has happily gotten on it and walked around, usually with their moms holding onto the handlebars, since they're still young, but they all did a great job of balancing and had fun.  Several kids have just sat on the ground next to the bike and petted it.  All the parents are so intrigued by the idea when I explain it to them."

Toddler Mama

"I know that there are skeptics out there. My husband was one of them. When people see a bike with no pedals, a weird look comes across their face and oftentimes "Uh huh" comes out of their mouth. How can a bike with no pedals work for kids?"

"Well, let me tell you...after 15 minutes of watching Ethan on the Strider, my hubby is no longer a skeptic. The Strider really does work! After 15 minutes of using the bike in the grass, Ethan was going up the hill, turning around and coming back down and he was starting to take longer strides! He built up so much confidence on this bike in such a short amount of time that he was even picking his feet a few inches off the ground and letting the bike do the work. Ethan spent over an hour and a half on the bike his first time riding it and he had a blast! It was fun to watch him riding it, too. (And fun to watch hubby go from a skeptic to a full believer in the Strider!)"


Frugal Plus

"It took a little while for Thaddeus to get used to it, started off wobbly like we all do on a 2-wheeled bike and then he was off and didn’t want to stop! Below is a little video my husband put together of Thaddeus testing out his new bike and as you will see it took him a little bit to get going on it and by the end of the video he was gliding across the street and up into the neighbors driveway without any problem. The video was shot over a course of about one hour. You’ll also hear his own little review of the bike at the very end."

The Funky Monkey

"And whatta know, the Strider is lightweight. Great feature! My daughter can transport this with ease. No more complaining about her bike getting stuck anywhere."

1+1+1=1 Review

"Krash had a bit of trouble for the first day, as he realized he actually had to learn to balance. He enjoyed the challenge and was so proud of himself the first time he was able to glide with his feet up. It was giggles and smiles galore as he proudly displayed his new talent!"

Mommie's Angels

"When we received it it was so light I thought it was missing pieces lol. It was really simple to put together.We had it together in about 5 minutes. I like the hard tires which meant no flats awesome that definitely is a plus for me. Another plus was the weight being so light my kids could easily take it in and out of the deck with out help."

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