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Calling All Colorado Strider Fans!

Strider World Cup Sprints into the USA Pro Cycling Challenge!

Toddlers take to the track at the USAPCC Finish Festival August 28th in Downtown Denver

Rapid City, SD (July 27, 2011) -- Strider Sports International, the world’s premier no-pedal balance bike manufacturer, is bringing their Strider World Cup™ to the final stage of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge on Sunday, August 28th in Denver, Colorado.

As part of the USAPCC Finish Line Festival the Strider World Cup event showcases head-to-head Strider races between children ages two to five. Every Strider racer will receive a Team Strider t-shirt, a Strider handlebar bag/number plate, and a souvenir Strider cowbell for Mom or Dad to ring during the race.  Every racer will also earn a medal for participation in the race and the top three finishers in each age group will be awarded trophies during a finish line podium ceremony.  If you’ve not seen a toddler trophy ceremony, you’re in for a treat!  Pre-registration is required.  Race entry fee is $25.  Limited to 200 racers.

The season-long Strider World Cup™ series gives toddlers the chance for friendly competition at events across the country. By participating at the USA Pro Cycling Challenge Strider Cup event, riders will be eligible for the Strider World Championship in Sarasota, Florida this October where they can compete with children from Japan and Europe.

The USA Pro Cycling Challenge is expected to be the largest spectator event in Colorado history and one of the largest sporting events to ever take place in the United States. For seven consecutive days, 128 of the world’s top athletes will race over 500 miles through the majestic Rockies -- reaching higher altitudes than they’ve ever had to endure -- more than two miles in elevation.

Strider Sports International CEO Ryan McFarland says, “The USA Pro Cycling Challenge is a natural fit to help promote Strider Cup Racing and the Strider Adventure Zone program as we believe it will further fuel that budding passion for riding on two wheels and inspire kids to get outside, get on a bike, and give it try.”

In addition to the Sunday finish line festival, Strider Adventure Zones (free demo ride and play areas) will be available to the public at the finish of each of the six stage races beginning Monday, August 22nd in Colorado Springs, Tuesday in Crested Butte, Wednesday in Aspen, Thursday in Vail, Friday in Steamboat Springs, Saturday in Breckenridge, and Sunday in Denver.


SUNDAY, AUGUST 28TH, Denver, Colorado

SE Corner of Bannock Street and West 14th Avenue


9AM Registration Opens. Riders Meetings 30 Minutes prior to Races for EACH Age group. 


10am - 2 Year Olds,    11am - 3 Year Olds,    Noon - 4 Year Olds,    1pm - 5 Year Olds

Age groups are determined by YEAR BORN:

Born 2009 (2 Year Old),   Born 2008 (3 Year Old),   Born 2007 (4 Year Old),   Born 2006 (5 Year Old)

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Saturday, 09 July 2011 12:50

StriderDay: US Moto GP!

If you haven't already heard we're adding a Strider Cup race at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca the 24th of July! Sundays at the Mazda Raceway are the most heavily attended race days. Last year over 60,000 people were there to cheer on their favorite Moto GP racers! This could be the chance of a lifetime for your little Strider rider!

With that in mind we've found a highlight from 2010 practice rides! Which reminds us...The Strider adventure zone will be set up at the Raceway on Friday and Saturday if your toddler wants to get in some practice laps!

Enjoy the video, then head over to register to get your Strider rider in on some of the racing action at Laguna Seca...maybe they'll be the next great Moto GP champion!


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We received a great testimonial this last week that we thought was worth sharing.  Striders were developed to teach balance to young kids to instill a lifelong love of everything two wheeled.  Some times Striders bring balance to life as well!  I'll let the testimonial do the talking...

"I am a nature loving, adventure seeking mom and my husband is… not so much, but he does have a thrill for adrenaline. I have pushed, pulled and tugged my husband in every direction and just before giving up, I begged “the cosmos” to send me some way for us to share an active and healthy lifestyle. About a month ago I had the fortunate encounter of meeting a serious Strider family at my son’s school. A couple of weeks later, our sons were riding Strider Bikes together.

My husband now takes our boys on walks around our neighborhood or to the parks (with me or without me)! I am thrilled, a step in the right direction! Not only have these incredible little bikes opened the door for off road adventure to my little boys, but they are the missing link between a grease monkey dad and a granola crunching mom! My kids love their Strider Bikes and ride every day. My husband is finally inspired enough that he now has his own mountain bike and we’ve made some really great friends in the process!

I am so grateful for our Strider encounter on so many different levels. This is not only a great toy/tool for our children, but an investment towards a healthier lifestyle for the whole family."    ~Jen

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Tuesday, 14 June 2011 22:18

Strider Cup: Crested Butte

"Everyone Was Super Stoked!"

This was the official word from the Ride The Rockies crew who hosted a Strider Cup event in Crested Butte, CO.  It gave the kids an opportunity to have some two wheeled fun of their own on registration day.  40 Strider riders from 2-5 years old showed up for the main event.  The weather was great, the street was blocked off and smiles were plentiful.

The course consisted of some tight turns and obstacles that no tricycle stood a chance of getting over!  Thanks to all who put this event together and for all the parents who brought out their Strider riders to have some racing fun!

If your child(ren) have caught the racing bug and you'll be around Gunnison, CO on June 25th there will be another Strider Cup race at the Gunnison River Festival starting at 11am (6/25).

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="571" caption="Ready...Set...Go!"]cbsc3[/caption]

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Stride On!

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Tuesday, 07 June 2011 22:44

A Couple Great Reviews

We just wanted to highlight a couple great reviews today that talk about their children's success with and the transition to a pedal bike.

"What a great concept. The thing works, is all I can say. We got a Strider prebike last year (when my son was just turning 3). We just got him a regular bike this year and he transitioned easily - I mean like in 10 minutes easily - to riding without training wheels. Our Strider seemed solidly constructed and was easy to put together. I would highly recommend this product!"  ~LittleImp

"I bought this for my 4 year old daughter. She was balancing and cruising on it in 2 days. The third day she tried a pedal bike and was good to go. No training wheels!!!! Now this bike is just waiting until my next daughter is ready to ride."  ~Corey

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Thursday, 02 June 2011 22:04

Inspiring Little Biker

This last weekend there were 3 Strider Cup races in the U.S.A.  We're working feverishly to get up photos, race results and interact with parents about their experiences.  If you have any photos, video or stories to share check us out on our Strider Facebook or StriderCup Facebook wall!  In the meantime here is an inspirational video from YouTube.  This little guy is going to make a great head coach some day!

If he would have learned on a Strider the cuteness factor of this speech would have been multiplicatively greater!


Go check out our Facebook wall and share some inspiration in the form of photos, video or Strider success stories from your Strider riders!

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Monday, 09 May 2011 21:26

Strider Cup Japan!

We don't have all the specifics yet, but the photos and video from Strider Cup Japan are just too good not to share right away.  The event was held in niigata and was a huge success!  The kids were all very excited to race and the huge crowd had a lot of fun cheering them on.

One interesting thing about the Japanese riders is the amount of customization they do to their Striders.  The video has some footage riding around town, practicing at a local dirt park and then goes into the big Strider Cup race!

Strider feels privileged to be a small reprieve from the hard times occurring in Japan recently.  It is nice to see kids being kids and their family and friends cheering them on.


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Tuesday, 26 April 2011 19:19

Strider Skills: the Bunny Hop

Hope all our Strider family had a great Easter.  We've had bunnies and Striders on our minds so we thought it would be a good time to introduce a more advanced Strider skill: the Bunny Hop!

[caption id="attachment_1612" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="This guy could bunny hop over a child on a Strider!"][/caption]

Bunny Hop -n: a jump executed by a person riding a bicycle Strider and standing up on the pedals launch pad footrests.

I had to altar the definition a bit to fit with Strider, but the concept is the same for a Strider as with a pedal-bike.  The lightness of a Strider along with the launch pads make it easy for toddlers to get off the ground with their bikes, whether they are adding a little extra hang time off of a ramp or bunny hopping on flat land.

[caption id="attachment_1611" align="aligncenter" width="614" caption="Hippity-Hoppity, Hippity-Hoppity, Look at Bode Hop!"][/caption]

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Thursday, 21 April 2011 21:06

Strider Storming Into Florida!

The next two weekends will see some heated Strider Cup action at two Florida NBL venues.

We're kicking off the action this weekend (4/23 & 4/24) in Sarasota at the Easter Classic in Sarasota!  With a newly designed track SarasotaBMX promises to put on some amazing racing action in what is predicted to be "one of the largest national races of the year."

[caption id="attachment_1596" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="The turn-out in Georgia was great...how many will be in Florida?"][/caption]

The next weekend (4/30 & 5/1) the Strider Cup rolls into West Palm Beach for the NBL Gator Nationals at Okeeheelee BMX.  There should be a fun mix of veterans and newcomers at both events.

[caption id="attachment_1597" align="aligncenter" width="422" caption="Okeeheelee is primed and ready for Strider action!"][/caption]

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Stride On.

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Monday, 18 April 2011 18:55

Sessions: Cade At The Dirt Track

Here is a great video for Monday!   Cade is ripping up his neighborhood dirt track with his dog, mountains in the background and last years plant life over his head.  (disclaimer: remember to always wear your helmet)

Dirt tracks like this are a great place to get your Strider rider onto some varied terrain.  They can be put in with little more than some spare dirt and elbow grease.  If you have an amazing Parks department like Striderville does they may just allow it to be built on city land as well!

Recently a group of Strider employees and their families went for an outing at our local dirt jump park.  The older kids had a great time trying some new tricks (some even catching air).  You could see the confidence level increase in the younger Striderers just from watching the older kids buzz by.


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