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Take the guess work out of determining what model STRIDER Bike is right for your child. Both the ST (STRIDER No-Pedal Balance Bike ST-1, 2, 3, & 4) and the SS (STRIDER Super 16 No-Pedal Balance Bikes) have very different features that are made specificaly for children in the age range suggested for those bikes. Please see the chart below to find the right bike for you.

ST vs SS Chart



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Wednesday, 12 June 2013 06:00

Why Biking Secretly Stinks


Let me tell you why biking secretly stinks...

I have an adorable fat cat, a house, a husband, two hilarious children, a cool job, a pretty white Diamondback 29er, and 60 minutes of free time in the middle of my day that I can use for whatever I want. (I have other stuff too, it's just not really worth mentioning right now.) Some people call those 60 minutes a lunch break. I call it ME time. And the rest of the 1380 minutes of my day I  spend doing my cool job, going home to my house,  kissing my smelly kids, (sometimes I literally can't even tell what color shirt they wore to camp that day they are so dirty. But I'm ok with it...) I pat my fat cat on her fluffy fat belly, feed my husband, (who is not fat, but eats wayyy more than my fat cat.) and live my life. 

Blog Picture

Last week I took one ME hour shopping at JC Penny and found 3 cute tops that were all on sale, one ME hour at the gym, sweating, and gasping, and regretting (ok maybe not TOTALLY regretting) every minute, one ME hour paying the Cable and Power bills and two separate ME hours on the Hill behind our office on a bike. People call it "M Hill" because it has a giant M on it. I'm not convinced that's the real name, but the experience is real. The dirt and rocks and plants and thrill on it are all very real.

I don't think about my email inbox when I'm on M Hill. I think about not riding off that cliff over there. I don't think about my grocery list. I think about not slamming into that tree that I'm approaching way too fast. I don't think about anything except what I am doing that very second. So there is this sound; this whistling, crunching, grinding, whipping sound that happens when I ride my bike. And I don't want it to stop. When that sound stops it is a direct result of one of the following 5 things:

1. I crash.
2. I chicken out. (see #1.)
3. I have to park it and breathe to prevent my lungs from combusting.
4. I need to stop for just a second to look at______________ (fill in the blank. A flower. The view. That thing I thought was a Mountain Lion, but is ALWAYS only a tan rock.)
5. Life.

That's it. That's why biking stinks. You can't make that feeling, and noise stay. It stops. It always does. When your 60 minutes are up you go right back to your inbox, and your grocery list and your utility bills and the noise you hear is life.

Now don't get me wrong. I like the sound of life! I love to hear the cow bells ring in the STRIDER sales room because someone set up a new dealer, or in the marketing room because we got a licence deal with Suzuki! I love to hear my kids tell me about the new game they learned at camp called Ga Ga or what sort of ridiculous foods my husband ate at the fire station.

Get on a bike. With a co-worker, or a friend, or your kid, or someone else's kid. (Kids are way better at riding bikes than grownups, so they can teach you if you don't know how...) But try really hard not to listen to the sounds it makes. Don't listen to the whipping, or the crunching, or your giggling child riding on two wheels. Because when that sound stops, it stinks. And you're just stuck with your wonderful, stressful, perfect, enriched, busy, blissful life, and that little tiny voice in the back of your head that is telling you to get back on your bike.


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Update: Since writing this blog post I have discovered that the official name of M Hill is actually Hanson-Larsen Memorial Park (AKA Greatest place on Earth.) 


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Thursday, 11 April 2013 06:00

How Do You Eat an Elephant?


How do you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time.

This is one of my favorite sayings and I found it to be my mantra yesterday morning as I was shoveling the four foot snow drifts off of what felt like the biggest driveway in the tri-state area.

Nothing in life comes easy. It takes persistence, patience, and hard work, I think as I am shoveling, one scoop at a time. Scrape, toss. Scrape, toss. Scrape, toss. I thought about Ryan, (Founder and Chief Enthusiast of Strider Sports International if you didn't already know this) and wondered how he managed to get this little idea, a light bike with no pedals, to make a revolutionary difference in so many lives, and eventually on the entire biking industry.

I know how. He did (is currently doing) it one bite at a time. And also with a little help.

I get to the end of my driveway and start rounding the corner to my neighbors sidewalk who is elderly I don't mind helping him, when suddenly another neighbor pops out with their winter gear on, starts shoveling their own walk and continues on to the next, and pretty soon, before we knew it, every neighbor was out with their shovel, helping each other and filling in the gaps of the houses of people who aren't able to do their own, until the street has one big long beautiful sidewalk on each side with walls of white and one happy mailman who is casually walking down the street, as opposed to miserably trekking through the snow-pocolypse.

My Little Helpers

*My little snow helpers pictured above Anna, and Adam.

A little help goes a long way. In trying to spread the STRIDER revolution to the world we are getting help from phenomenal organizations like USA BMX, devoted home based dealers, and people like you, who simply show the world a kid on a STRIDER and let the product speak for itself. If you imagine that child on a bike, being single bite of the elephant we can all get this done.

And even if the snow-eating-elephant-riding-a-bike analogy may seem a little strange; keep it mind next time you're faced with a task that may seem impossible. You never know how much you might accomplish with a lot of hard work and a little help.

bode strider

*Where it all started... Bode McFarland, then age 2, pictured above with the first STRIDER Prototype.

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Friday, 05 April 2013 06:00

Are You Wasting Energy?

clip or no

Clipless or flat pedals?

Clipless pedals are actually the opposite of what you would think. They are pedals that have cleats which are attached to your shoes and attach (clip) directly to the pedal. Some people think you have more control and actually become one with the bike. I agree that you become one with the bike, I mean, come on... you're attached to the bicycle. To unclip you have to turn your foot about 15 degrees and the cleats unclip from the pedal. The term "clipless pedal" actually originated from flat pedals that had a leather strap that fit over your toes. They called these straps, clips. Once the manufactures came up with pedals where your feet were not attached to the peddal with the straps, "clips", they called them "clipless". I hope this clarifies the term.

Flat pedals are a bit more simple and a lot less intimidating. Flats are exactly what they sound like... pedals that are flat. You don't need any special shoes, no special cleats and no intimidating tip-over fear.

Now, the question at hand, are you wasting energy?

The debate over clipless vs. flats yeilds an enromous amount of vaired responses. Everyone has their opinion on why one is better than the other and there is no way you'll be able to change their mind. People say clipless allow you to apply power to the pedal during the whole stroke (circle) where flats only allow you to apply power on the down-stroke. My opinion (which might upset some of you) is that you can't pedal in a circle. Really, try it and think about pulling up on the pedal at the same time you're thinking about pushing down. Now, if you're really thinking about this you're probably doing one more than the other resulting in less power overall and less concentration... so you just crashed.

I'm not saying clipless pedals are bad. I use them and have for over 10 years on multiple bikes. I've raced against people who were using flats and you know what? They passed me. Obviously, I was outraged because I was a racer. Look at me, I have clipless pedals. I'm supposed to be fast. Wrong!

salsaI've been considering going back to flat pedals. I get made fun of all the time when I do because it's not the "normal" thing to do on the trail. People don't consider you a cyclist without clipless pedals. My opinion is that you'll probably become a better rider using flat pedals because you'll have to become one with the bike, not just be attached to it. It's really hard going from clipless to flats on a trail because you feel the bike move around beneath you where your feet bounce around and things just don't seem stable. But, once you've been riding with flats a while, it's magnificent how much control you can have and how much confidence you can build. It starts with the small things so if you're new to riding or if you've been riding with clipless pedals, switch them out for a nice set of flats and see how much it changes your riding style. I won't guarantee anything except that you'll have fun. How can you not? You're riding your bike.

Confidence. Starting out with the basics. These words all sound familiar. They are the reason why STRIDER bikes work. Kids start with the basics, balance, coordination and confidence. Once kids learn those foundational functions you will be amazed at what they can do just like you will.

So, what do you think? Flats or clipless? Why? Post to the comments.

Tip #7
If you're new to riding flats on a mountain bike trail, it might be a good idea to wear long pants or get some shin gaurds. If your foot falls off the pedal and it hits you right in the shin... well, just remember to.

See Tip #6

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Friday, 29 March 2013 06:00

It's the Stuff We Carry


What do you currently use your bike for? Now think, what would you like to use it for? I ask this because it can raise some interesting options regarding the type of bike you’ll want. If you want to be a hardcore racer, then you can probably skip this post. However, if you want to ride your bike for daily use like riding to the store, commuting to work or even taking a stroll with your STRIDER rider you are the perfect candidate for a cargo bike.

Cargo bikes are becoming more and more common here in the US. They’ve been common in other areas of the world where there is a higher percentage of people using bikes for daily use but I do see the trend on the rise here.

The idea behind a cargo bike isn’t very complicated. You can load up your bike and haul stuff.


There are many types of cargo bikes on the market today and you could probably convert your existing bike to a heavy hauler with a few simple pieces. A simple way to convert your bike to haul stuff would be to add a rack and some panniers (bags that attach to the rack, think saddle bags on a motorcycle). Depending upon the size of panniers, you could haul quite a load. I have 2 panniers on a bike and I could easily haul enough stuff for a weeklong trip yet they work great for commuting to work too. I can fit an extra set of clothes, food, shoes, a laptop and the kitchen sink if need be.

Acme strider cargoIf you’re idea is more of a trip to the bulk shopping center then you might want to look for a more specific bike. An actual cargo bike will allow you to haul a lot of stuff. Back in the day, I had a Kona Ute that allowed me to haul a 50 pound bag of dog food, 4 gallons of milk and multiple sacks of groceries. The coolest part is that I could have packed on more. I’ve even seen full house moving parties using these cargo bikes so the capabilities are limitless.


Our local STRIDER dealer, Acme Bicycles, uses a Civia Halsted cargo bike to deliver fun (picture on the right).

It doesn’t matter the type or size of your bike, chances are you can add a few bits and pieces to make it more useful. Most trips are under 2 miles anyway and you might find it’s faster to go by bike.

Tip #6 - Get a bell for that bike. It’s good to let people know when you’re coming around a blind corner or coming up behind someone. Safety first.


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We know there are a lot of STRIDER Riders in the Sarasota, FL area!

This Saturday is the Grand Opening of the amazing new playground at Payne Park in Sarasota in conjunction with Sarasota Sports Festival! STRIDER has been asked to be a part of the festivities. Bring your STRIDER down or test ride one!

Join us at 9am for a STRIDER Bike parade and then continue the fun in the STRIDER Adventure Zone until 3pm! It should be a really great time with activities for the entire family. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey is sending down some  clowns too...what more could you want?

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Duke City BMX in Albuquerque witnessed 2 and 3 year old STRIDER madness last weekend at the Spring Nationals!

Share your photos and STRIDER success stories over at Strider Life! Make sure to watch for updates with additional photos and video as they roll in! See you in Memphis, at the Music City Nationals this weekend!

[caption id="attachment_3761" align="aligncenter" width="322" caption="Aidric with his 2nd place trophy!"][/caption]

3 Year Old STRIDER

1 Ashley Klein - Chandler, AZ

2 Matteo "THE OTB" Reyes-Ruiz - Albuquerque, NM

3 Ellery Hoffman - Los Ranchos, NM

4 Colby Piper - Grand Junction, CO

5 Jakob Krenek - Team MJT - Tucson, AZ

6 Dominic Baca - Albuquerque, NM


1 Hunter Goode - Rio Rancho, NM

2 Aidric Dominguez

3 Quinci Chambers

4 Cash Koback - Menifee, CA

5 Deegan Wright - Simi Valley, CA

6 Audrey Stelling - Tucson, AZ

7 Gavin Miles - Eckert, CO

8 Senna Altheide

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Wednesday, 23 May 2012 03:51

Results from the Dixieland Nationals!

Join us in Albuquerque the 25th of May for more STRIDER Racing action at the USA BMX Spring Nationals!


4 Year Old STRIDER

1 Aiden Gilbert - Atlanta, GA
2 Nathan Albrecht, Team Dirt Tykes - Concord, NC
3 Mollie Evans - Marietta, GA

3 Year Old STRIDER

1 Dylan Harnage - Valrico, FL
2 Rider Knight - Laurel, MS
3 Chance Walters - Marrietta, GA
4 Dylan "Pickle" Krentz, Team Dirt Tykes - Huntersville, NC
5 Collin Momper - Jonesboro, GA

2 Year Old STRIDER

1 Mikaela Gilbert - Atlanta, GA
2 Evan Snyder
3 Brandt Ammon - Union, KY
4 Jayce "BOO BEAR" Grieve, Team Deluxx Bikes -  Cabot, AR
5 Skylar Waters - Covington, GA


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Friday, 20 April 2012 12:41

And Now...Some Cool Reviews!

We love hearing from all of our STRIDER family and with an ever increasing number of ways to do that (Facebook, Twitter, Strider Life, Our Website) we are receiving a lot of testimonials. The two I'm sharing today came through the administrative function on our website and were just too good not to share!

Stride On...keep those STRIDER success stories and photos coming in!


"We have a 19month old son. We first saw these bikes at my nephews BMX races in the Black Hills of South Dakota. My wife and I were floored when we watched 4 and 5 year olds fly around the BMX track. It was about a week ago that he started showing interest in wanting a bike so we went to Scheels (a local sports store) and purchased one for $90. That was on Sunday, today is Tuesday. He rode around Scheels and seemed to enjoy it. He went quite slow and wanted me behind was a different story. Tonight he was trying to run with it. Totally amazing! I can't wait for him to learn how to "glide". I am confident that by 2yo he will be well on his way! Awesome product. Also, my 6yo niece who has been on training wheels for two years spent a half hour on it playing and learning to balance... half hour later she was riding a bike without training wheels!"       ~Robert B.


"Wow! From the moment our son saw the YouTube videos to the moment he sat on his new Strider at Roscoe Village Bikes he was mesmerized. Not only did he get right on with a toss of the leg over the seat, but he just started walking along and trying to coast on the Strider as if both were intuitive. He was thrilled! Each time he tipped or had the bike fall, he was able to easily lift the bike, get himself back on, and keep going. We literally had to lock the bike up so he could go to bed. What an amazing bike! We are more than satisfied, impressed, and loyal to this great product. Our 2 year old is so happy!"          ~Erik M.


And finally a one word review from a new YouTube Video.

"WooHoo!"     ~williama3

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What a great weekend of racing under the roof in Desoto, TX! Riders from Cowtown BMX were there again in force sweeping the 4 year old class...okay they were the only ones in the 4 year old class. Team Crusader Bikes showed up to place 2nd in the 3 year old class on the one of a kind Ti-STRIDER!

The STRIDER Riders that stuck around got to see some amazing BMX races as well. Most of the US Olympic hopefuls were taking the week off to prepare for next weeks race in Chula Vista, CA at the U.S. Olympic Center, but the international Olympic crowd was there in full force looking to pick up some much needed points and riding time.

See you at the SoCal Nationals next week in Cali!  Stride On

4 Year Old STRIDER
1  Jacob Prichard - Cowtown BMX - Fort Worth, TX
2  Peyton Prichard - Cowtown BMX - Benbrook, TX

3 Year Old STRIDER
1  Brendan Catching, , Manvel, TX
2  Gage Lane - Crusader Bikes - Houston, TX
3  Matthew McLeod - Cowtown BMX - Euless, TX
4  Zane Oliver - Universal City, TX
5  Cadrian Stewart - Broken Arrow, OK
6  Jakob Krenek - Tucson, AZ
7  Kinlee Snider - Burleson, TX

1  Carson Morgan
2  Goran Djurovic - Wichita, KS
3  Braydon Robert - Burleson, TX
4  Phenixx Jennison - Elkhorn, WI
5  Jayce Grieve - Cabot, AR

6 Haden Hatfield - Lakeway, Texas

[caption id="attachment_3416" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Photos courtesy of Jasen at MJT Designs! If interested in purchasing click on the logo to go to his site."][/caption]

[nggallery id=59]

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