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Pittsburgh Strider Balance Bike Racer Raring to Go

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Jackson B. from Pittsburgh is raring to go for his hometown Strider Cup Race in Pittsburgh on May 27.

Jackson’s mother, Donata, heard about Strider Balance Bikes from customers who came into the children's second-hand store where she works. She also asked other moms via social media for recommendations on which brand/style balance bike to buy for his 3rd birthday at the end of January. The Strider Bike was the top choice.Jackson B final.lower res

“We bought the Strider Bike because we wanted him to be able to participate in the race,” she added. “We also liked that the bike went up to age 5 so he can get years of use, not just few months.”

Riding his Strider Bike in the last month has helped the speedy Jackson learn to pace himself.

“Jackson is naturally athletic and coordinated, but often so fast that he gets ahead of himself,” said Donata. “It’s taught him to slow down and learn how to ride without getting impatient. Not having pedals is teaching him how to steer the bike easier.”

“Overall the bike is really teaching him balance and independence, as well as focus and not getting so hyper and frustrated with riding.”

Jackson likes to hop on his Strider Bike every day, whether it’s riding circles inside the house, at a nearby park or around the neighborhood. Donata said they will, “try out the local dirt bike park this spring, and are very excited to be participating in the race.”

A young lad with succinct words, Jackson simply says "I love my bike,” when talking about his Strider.

We’ve heard that before … have you? 

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