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Learning to Balance on a Strider PREbike

Learning to Balance on a Strider PREbike"Just wanted to send you this little video of my daughter who is not even 2 1/2.  She loves this strider bike and learned to ride it on the first day she tried it.  We originally bought it for my son when he was three and he only used it a month and learned how to ride a big boys bike.  Even though he learned how to ride a big boys bike he still continued to use the strider.  Now with my daughter using it, I am so excited that she feels like a big girl now!  Thanks for such a wonderful product and great learning tool!"

-Jody Froeschle

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A big thanks this month to Brad K. Evans and the staff of Kickstand Magazine for featuring the Strider PREBike in their kid's section.


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Strider PREbike Reviews - January 2010

Busy Mommy Media

"My 20 month old, who I had previously thought was too young to use the balance bike, fell in love with the bike at first sight. It looked just like a big boy bike and for a little boy who was desperate to be big like his brothers and wanted nothing to do with a tricycle, it was heaven. I was shocked that my 20 month old was able to begin using the bike immediately."


"While the first few times were a bit trying, I have to admit, there were no falls.  Just as the site says, once he felt uneasy, he planted his feet on the ground to avoid falling.  While it has been about a week, we are making slow and steady progress, and he is becoming less afraid and actually picking his feet up while the bike is in motion."

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Monday, 30 November 2009 21:01

Strider PREbike Reviews - November 2009

The Love of a Family Makes Life Beautiful

"Summer has been walking around the house with her Strider. I was so impressed that she figured it out so quickly and confidently."

My Wee View

"My daughter along with other toddlers will no longer have to go through the painful experience of “learning” how to ride a bike.  Much like talking, they will just learn on their own with the Strider Running Bike.  This Bike for toddlers, doesn’t have any peddles, is low to the ground and is made specifically for little ones to learn balance.  So before getting your kids a trike with 3 wheels, go straight for a two wheeler."

This Mama Rocks

"My niece is at the perfect age and she absolutely loved her bike when it arrived. We made sure to send it in her favorite color."

J. Leigh Designz

"There are many reviews out there about its use and abilities and I'll get there but I really wanted to talk about the quality of this bike. The quality is exceptional and I can tell that its going to last a longer then Gavin will use it. This means that not only will you get your value out of it from one child put it can be used by sibling later as well."

Mommy of 1 And Counting

"Avery loved it! We got it delivered to our door, She was eating breakfast when it came. So I was able to put it together before she even saw it. She IMMEDIATELY jumped on the bike and started to ride."

Oh My Baby

"If you haven't heard of this bike before I'm sure you'll want one by the end of this post. This has got to be one of my favorite things I've had the pleasure to review. Not only because it's such a great product but because J truly loves this bike."

Strider PREbike

The Mommy Files

"When he first started, he was literally running while sitting on the bike – hence the name Running Bike.  Now, he zooms around it likes it’s nothing!  I felt comfortable letting my 3 year old ride on the bike himself instead of jumping for him every time he wobbled back and forth!  This bike is definitely 'Approved by The Mommy-Files!'"

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Monday, 31 August 2009 20:45

Strider PREBike Reviews - August 2009

The Bragging Mommy

"as I stood it up, he grabbed the handle bars and threw his leg over and began walking with the bike. I had seriously under estimated him! We then took it outside and I watched as he had a blast with his new “Big boy bike”!"

Luvs and Life

"I gave him some basic instructions, like walk, then run, then lift your feet and ride. And in less than half a day this kid left behind his old training wheel bike and was a balance bike pro. All he wants to do is ride the thing."


Flying Giggles and Lollipops

"The confidence she built while on the Strider makes her want to keep riding it. I am not sure if she will give it up, even when she does get a "big girls" bike like her cousins. For all she is concerned, she is on a "big girls" bike now! And her tricycle? Collecting dust!"

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