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Strider LifeYou might have noticed some changes going on throughout our website. Don't worry, we know what we're doing....sorta.  Our team of web developers and designers are hard at work optimizing redesigning the website to create an experience worthy of the epicness that is Strider.  As we continue to make our website an amazing user experience, keep an eye out for things to come.  If you read the title, we're also going to be bringing back Strider Life! You'll have to stay tuned to see what big changes we've got in store for the completely redesigned Strider Life, but rest assured, it'll be awesome.

The first step of our website redesign has been finished.  We've upgraded the footer of the website.  It's new, sleek, and very pretty to look at.  The next step will be the header.  You can expect to see a new header and navigation in the coming weeks.

After those are finished, we'll be hard at work redesigning our product pages and all of the other wonderful content pages on the website.  Don't worry though, you'll still be able to purchase all of your favorite Strider Bikes and accessories from our website. That won't change.  Updating the website has been a fun experience, and we can't wait to show you the final product!

Some of you may remember Strider Life from back in the day.  Once the design of our website is finished, we'll be updating and completely rehauling Strider Life into something totally spectacular.  While the original Strider Life was meant to be a forum where parents, grandparents, and families could all get together and share stories about their Strider riders, the new and improved Strider Life will take a completely different direction.

Do you have any feedback or suggestions for the new website? We'd love to hear from you!  Shoot us an email and tell us some of the things you'd like to see incorporated into the new design.  Thanks for reading and remember....STRIDE ON!

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Thursday, 04 April 2013 06:00

Feeling Fuzzy


One of my favorite things about working Strider is the certain random things that give me warm fuzzies every single day. You know, that happy feeling you get when something makes your heart melt or you have a sense of pride so sudden that your body literally feels like its warming up and your guts are all gushie inside. (In a good way of course.) Maybe I’m over sensitive, I have heard that once or twice, a happy crier. It’s so annoying and embarrassing but I can’t help it. I have to bring an entire box of Kleenex to weddings and baptisms to sop up what I like to call my emotional allergies.

Let me share with you some things that make me fuzzy, and make me cry, (occasionally) and it’s all because of the amazing place I work. I am so lucky. 

Wellspring 2012

We are still a very new company, relatively speaking, but rapidly growing and expanding our team. On every job description the very last sentence is this: “Beneficial qualifications: Commitment to an active lifestyle and exercise.” This probably doesn’t give everyone warm fuzzies. But it means the world to me. It doesn’t say ‘You must be able to run a mile in 10 minutes or be able to perform 5 perfect pushups before being considered for this position.’ It says a commitment to be active; and this is contagious! The support we give each other to be healthy is incredible. Walks, rides, simply caring about the well being of one another makes me fuzzy. And I like it.


Trophy over the head pictures. OH. MY. GOSH. I giggle and get a little teary eyed every single time I see one of these. These toddlers are so tiny! And they are active, and their parents are rad. They are well on their way to having an active lifestyle forever because it’s fun, and they are so proud, and they started early. Plus their little arms are so short still and they just barely reach to the tops of their little heads and it’s ADORABLE. That too.

Grandmas kid

Grandmas. I answer the phone here a lot and even when I am crazy busy and have 5 million things to do I will never rush a Grandma telling me about how awesome her grandchild is. Because I know she’s right, that kid is awesome, and I want to hear all about it.

I could make this list a mile long, but I won’t. I want to hear all about your Strider warm fuzzies. Leave a comment! I won’t be mad if you make me cry today. It’s just emotional allergies. 

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A: He heads to the Arizona desert to ride motorcycles!

We hope everyone had a great 2012...get out and ride to recharge for an even better 2013!


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Tuesday, 01 January 2013 05:19

Happy New Year From STRIDER!

It has been another Amazing year at Strider Sports International! The 2013 STRIDER ST-3 was full of cool new improvements on an already (in our opinion) cool little bike. The STRIDER calendar contest was a huge hit! Look for them on the walls of STRIDER dealers all over the country, you can also order one for yourself HERE. Another highlight was the 2012 STRIDER World Championships. With racers ranging from 18 months to 5 years old from as far away as Japan and Slovakia, the 2nd annual racing weekend at Sarasota BMX was a huge success!

With almost 100,000 new STRIDER riders in 2012, 2013 is already shaping up to be a great year!

Happy New Years!


What was your favorite STRIDER moment in 2012? Share a story, photo or video on our facebook wall or comment below.

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Friday, 28 December 2012 16:07

And Now...A Review

Every once in a while we have to toot our own horn...Today is one of those days. It's always nice to hear from parents who were reluctant to buy a STRIDER, because they often end up being the greatest proponents when they see how well they work. Were you a hesitant STRIDER buyer? 

Random Photo of a Happy STRIDER Rider

"Reluctantly Purchased this STRIDER for my two year old. Reluctance was due to the price. However, after a whole summer riding it, (and I mean , he rode it everywhere) we watched him learn to balance and lift his legs. After awhile he would just give a couple push offs and glide around. We raised the seat accordingly and he never missed a beat. Then we put him on a bike slightly larger with pedals (no training wheels) and he just took off. He's a middle child and his older sister is still using training wheels.
I was recommended this bike by a friend, and now I recommend it to everybody. My son could ride a pedal bike with without training wheels before his third birthday. It's also durable. My kids leave it outside and are rough on it, and it still looks new a year later."

~Ryan (A Formerly Reluctant STRIDER Parent)

Have a great weekend!

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Monday, 24 December 2012 15:30

Merry Christmas From STRIDER Sports!

Merry Christmas from Strider Sports International!  Hope you are all having a happy holiday with family and friends. Don’t eat too much and don't over drive the conditions!

Luckily, we've been able to get some stealth photos from the North pole of an elf enjoying the new STRIDER Ski Attachments. These are proving to be a popular accessory for Santa's helpers during the off season!

SeymourBCSnowSTRIDER elf

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Friday, 21 December 2012 02:49

First STRIDE Of Isaac!

Isaac had his first bike ride this week...on a SUPER STRIDER!

First Stride

“This is Isaac and his first day on the STRIDER. Isaac has low (muscle) tone issues and has not been able to manage riding toys yet, but he is excited about this one. Thank you for the opportunity! I look forward to his gaining strength and enjoying the ride!”  ~Isaac's Mom

This is a story that we hope to hear repeated over and over!

Stride On Isaac!

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Attention STRIDER fans, parents, grandparents, and computer savvy toddlers!


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We never give away your email to anyone, but we do share promotions, news from Strider Headquarters, and information about events in your area.

It's great to be a fan on facebook and follow us on Twitter. If you subscribe to our emails as well you're sure to get the best of all three!

Stride On!

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Monday, 10 December 2012 09:27

STRIDER Article In The Rapid City Journal!

Take a look at the inner workings of Strider in the local Striderville paper! Click on the image below to head over to the Rapid City Journal website to read the article and check out the photos.


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Saturday, 08 December 2012 05:19

STRIDER Snow Skis In Japan!

A brand new STRIDER snow ski video from Japan. The footage may be from last year, but it gets us excited for the eventual snowfall in Striderville! When the snow does start to fall there is no longer any reason to put your STRIDER away for the Winter! Strap on the ski attachments and slide and glide through your winter wonderland(or find the patch of snow that hasn't melted yet)!

With the huge popularity of STRIDER bikes in Japan you can be sure that this is the first of many cool Snow STRIDER videos we'll be seeing this season!


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