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Photos From the USA BMX Disney Cup Nationals

We love to see all the new and returning STRIDER riders at the USA BMX National events! The season is nearly wrapped up, but if you're in Tulsa the final weekend in November make sure to check out the Grands at the QuikTrip Center. You can also look for events in your area on the STRIDER Calendar or find a local STRIDER friendly riding area.


4 Year Old STRIDER
Logan Coakley - Kid Dynamite - St Petersburg, FL
Lilani Pringle - Profile/Crit Plate - Archer, FL
Rebecca Biberos - Loveland, CO
Reagan Rice - Plainfield, IN

3 Year Old STRIDER
Mark Beilfuss - Lutz, FL
Isaac Teran - Astoria, NY
Nixon Murr - Vert Clothing - New Smyrna Bch, FL
Ethan Rose - Winter Springs, FL
Andre Hernandez - Miami, FL
Isabella "Hellz Bellz" Pullen - Kingwood, TX

Addison "Addi Bo Baddi" Schleifer - Jacksonville, FL
Logan Rudy - Pasadena, MD
Jaystin Simmons - Alachua, FL
Elise Schleifer - Jacksonville, FL
Tanner Burden - Tampa, FL
Edwin Gonzalez
Laila Maszak - Lake Worth, FL
Cooper Loggins - Newnan, GA
Kalia "Rum Bum" Pringle - Profile Racing - Archer, FL

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Photos From The USA BMX Black Jack Nationals

Black Jack Nationals

4 Year Old STRIDER
      Alessandra Lupo - San Carlos, CA
      Braxton Rollins - Anderson, CA
      Cohen Kinne - Sparks, NV
      Cody Benthin - Redwood City, CA
      Max Loveless - Truckee, CA
      Matteo Deleon - S Lake Tahoe, CA
      Joseph Vandaam - Loyalton, CA
      Brady Spidahl - SPARKS, NV
      Ashton Hunt - Westminster, CA
3 Year Old STRIDER
      Diesyll Mastenbroek - Rio Linda, CA
      Darius "Little D" Chapman - Team Bighorn BMX - Sparks, NV
      Isabella "The Gremlin" Leija - Team Chico Corsa - Chico, CA
      Greyson Kane - S Lake Tahoe, CA
      Ellie Benthin - Redwood City, CA
      Ewan Burger 
      Cruz Padilla - Team Sprockets - Bella Vista, CA
      Adyson Abbott - Roseville, CA
      Vincent "The Rocket" Hajek - Team Israel - Los Angeles, CA
      Bradley Baldwin - Sparks, NV
      Gianna Yee - Team Impact - San Jose, CA
      Tyler Hunt
      Casey Kirkpatrick - Sparks, NV
      Arabella Delpeloso - Bertrand, NE
      Laila Gomez - Team Bighorn BMX - Sparks, NV
      Camdin Ford-Shell - Rio Linda, CA
2 & Under STRIDER
      Andrew Raskopf - MOB Moto BMX - San Jose, CA
      Dakota Cody
      Enzo Guinasso - SPARKS, NV
      Charlie Dibb - Mountain View, CA
       Ryder Heile - Park City, UT
      Axel Campbell - Henderson, NV
      Espn Schenenan - Team Kaos - Garderville, NV


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The STRIDER racing action was hot in downtown Denver (so were the soaring temperatures) at the final day of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. The location was fantastic, the STRIDER racers were excited, and the spectators were loud!

Thanks to everyone for coming out and making 2013 another successful and fun year. A HUGE thanks to the Axel Project for running the STRIDER Adventure Zone at all the finish festivals along the 2013 route. Special thanks to Spindaroos for giving the 1st place winners from each age division a very cool Race Leader Jersey!


2 Year Olds and Under
1st - #204 - Myles H
2nd - #205 - Bryce H
3rd - #203 - Josh M
4th - #206 - Finian H
5th - #212 - Marcus A
6th - #209 - Charlie B
7th - #211 - Macie R
      - #201 - Finn W
      - #202 - Aiden M
      - #207 - Julian M
      - #208 - Logan A
      - #210 - Finn D
3 Year Olds
1st  - #301 - Nicolas J
2nd - #307 - Josephine N
3rd - #310 - Tobin P
4th - #308 - Quincy S
5th - #303 - Brayden B
6th - #302 - Lucas M
7th - #305 - Parker L
8th - #311 - Marcus A
9th - #304 - Jack L
10th- #309 - Siri K
11th- #306 - Cooper G
4 Year Olds
1st - #401 - Talia H
2nd - #406 - Jesse J
3rd - #408 - Finley M
4th - #410 - Finn R
5th - #407 - Fiona M
      - #402 - Norah W
      - #403 - Maya M
      - #404 - Amos D
      - #405 - Marin A
      - #409 - Tyler C
      - #411 - Dawson M
5 Year Olds
1st - #503 - Lukas Miller
2nd - #501 - Sophia N
3rd - #511 - Talia H
4th - #502 - Liam R
5th - #507 - Connor J
      - #504 - Kai B
      - #505 - Kellen S
      - #506 - Piper R
      - #508 - Summer J
      - #509 - Cadel S
      - #510 - Lee R
      - #512 - Beck B
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Friendly Competition


As a mom, I worry. Okay, that’s obvious. I worry about my kids being accepted, capable, respectful, proud, and confident. When it comes to sports I feel like I need to choose wisely. Here is the deal, I am almost 6 feet tall and my husband is 6’2” so our kids are, well, giants. At 3 years old my son, Adam was the exact size of the average 6 year old. Now he’s 6 and I’m thinking about making him get a job he’s so big. I know everyone’s situation is different. You may have a child who is tiny, or overweight, or underweight, with special needs, or just completely uncoordinated… the only thing you need to worry about is to doing what’s best for your child.

I thought about having my son join football, but the problem was the sign-up sheets read “Don’t worry, we group the kids by size not age, so no one gets hurt” so he would be being tackled by 10 year olds. Not going to happen. I thought about wrestling which goes by weight, and he would be grappling with 10 year olds. Again, not going to happen. We tried soccer. He hated it. He is what you would call a “lover, not a fighter” so when someone wanted the ball, he would kick it to them… no matter what team they were on…

The one thing he really loves is riding his bike. It’s fun. He can go on long rides with Gramps to find Geocaches, he can go get dirty at the dirt jump part, or circle endlessly around the car in the driveway, doesn’t matter what, it’s always fun.

blog 4

I will be the first to admit that I am competitive, and secretly want my kids to have that fire inside them too. When you sign your kid up for a sport and they really aren’t into it, it isn’t fun for them, you, or the coach who is desperately trying to wrangle your inattentive “lover boy.”

bmx blog 2

After I started working at STRIDER, I discovered USA BMX. Talk about an intimidating sport! Full face helmets, giant jumps, a loud gate that crashes down and sends your child down onto a dirt track that you are sure is going to scar them for life… It’s not like that. Turns out the 6 year old novice class doesn’t do a whole lot of “jumping” the full face helmets, while intimidating in appearance, are really just there to save you some money on dental bills should they get their teeth bumped on a friend or their bike (on a side note, maybe parents should think about putting those on kids at soccer practice! I’m kidding!… sort of.) They crash, a lot, but I haven’t seen a single kid out for the night because of a wreck. It teaches them humility, you crash, you dust yourself off, you get back up. It teaches them respect, if there is a “man down” in practice, you get off your bike and help them off the track so no one gets hurt.

My first moments of watching Adam at the track were painful, he walked up almost every hill, and half the time he didn’t have enough pushing momentum that he just feel right over even if he wasn’t on his bike. When the kids ride before the moto races begin, all of the ages and abilities ride together. The STRIDER Class is riding right alongside the adults. (Although many tracks have totally separate STRIDER Tracks and practice times. Most, if not all, do have a time frame that allows only STRIDER kids on the track, and the actual STRIDER motos start and finish lines are only a portion of the full track.) As I am watching my son go around the track, slow, and crashing more than riding, the gate dropped for the second practice heat and he is only about half way to the finish line. There are 10 and 12 year old boys going fast, they are jumping, they are good. Adam is in their way. He’s going to get run over. They are going to be so annoyed that he is in the middle of the track with his bike tipped over, again. My nerves were building up as they got closer and closer to him and that is when it happened… They stopped. They picked up his bike dusted him off told him keep trying and they finished. And so did he. I took a deep breath and I choked up a little bit thinking about how I really hope those boys’ parents were watching, because seeing that is better than seeing a first class race finish any day.

bmx blog 1

We’re nearing the end of his first BMX Season. We know the lingo, and how it works (thanks to some awesome dads who were more than willing to answer all of my “so what happens if…” questions on the first night.) Adam still isn’t the most competitive dude. BMX has “moto” races which are usually two or three separate races that let you qualify for the “main” race at the end of the night, where only the top 4 riders of the first motos in each class are able to race. (That is the race where you can win the ribbons or trophies and get points.) The kids that don’t qualify for the main, get to participate in the “sportsman’s race” with other non-qualifying racers. All ages, even the STRIDERS.
Last week he didn’t qualify for the main, and the sportsman’s race consisted of: one 12 year old, two 8 year olds, Adam, who is 6, and one STRIDER rider. As you can probably imagine, they finished in that order as well. BUT… What Adam won in that sportsman's race was better and bigger than any trophy. At the end, he was approached by the 12 year old who gave him a great big high-five, and a piece of candy. And then Adam went to the STRIDER rider, gave him a big-high five, and reminded him that everyone in that race wins candy, so don’t forget to go get his piece too.

USA BMX has the slogan “Nobody sits in the bench in BMX!” I’m so proud to say that my son’s bike is his sport. And I am so excited about all the STRIDER kids that race with him. I know those kids will be the 12 year olds giving the high-fives someday.

bmx blog s

Even if you have decided as a parent that you would rather not participate in an organized sport, putting your child on his or her STRIDER bike, having them interact with friends and instilling confidence in them everyday means you don’t have to worry. You’re doing it right.

blog 3

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Not too far from Boise, you'll find the sports oriented town of Eagle, Idaho! Eagle Foothills BMX is located On the edge of town at the foot of the Sawtooth Mountains. If you're in the area and haven't checked it out with your STRIDER rider, you should...the track is always open! 

1. Eagle Foothills BMX: 11800 Horseshoe Bend Road, Eagle, Idaho  83616Track Operator: Ed Newgen, 208-901-5143 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Eagle Foothills BMX on Facebook

2. Race Day: Tuesday Sign-ups: 5:30pm-6:30pm Racing: ASAP   Practice Day: Whenever, the track is always open.

3. www.eaglefoothillsbmx.com

4. STRIDER race/practice fee? No fees for non-point races, $5 race fee for point races. Practice is free and always open!

5. Why did you build a STRIDER track? So the younger riders would have an activity at the races. The regular track is very long and developed so this gives the toddlers an alternative area to develop skills and not be in danger of not being seen by the older riders.

6. The track was completed in 2010 and took about a 1/2 day to build. Unsure what the costs were because it was built at the same time as the new main track.

7. Space and Materials? Plot Size: 40 x 150, Yards of dirt: 40

8. Track Layout? Total course length: 200 feet, Starting hill width: 10 ft (on the list to be widened), Straightaway width: 12 feet. The track consists of rollers, 3 jumps (3-4 ft high), and 1 berm at the turn around.

9. Special Features: It sits within the main track

10. Overall Experience: The STRIDER program seems to be growing more and more every year. We are developing new riders and the 5 novie class has been expanded as riders have moved up.

11. Special Events: Olympic Day, Race for Life, Redline Cup Qualifier, State Championship Qualifier 

Looking for additional ideas to build a STRIDER track at your course? Check out some other STRIDER specific tracks! If you want to highlight your local track shoot This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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STRIDER Track Highlight: Charlotte BMX

Charlotte BMX - STRIDER Track

Florida is one of the hot spots for BMX racing in the US and Charlotte BMX is definitely one of the more unique tracks. Their signature yellow announcers nest and bridge are mirrored in their amazing STRIDER specific track! 

We sent track operator, Amanda Carr (yes, THAT Amanda Carr), and asked her some questions about the construction of the track and the success of their STRIDER program.

1. Where are you located?:  Charlotte BMX is located in Punta Gorda, FL.  and online at www.CharlotteBMX.net and on FaceBook.

2. When are you open?:  STRIDER practice ($3) is Monday & Wednesday 6pm-8pm, Sunday 2pm-4:30pm with STRIDER races ($5) the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month at 3:45pm.

3. Why did you build a STRIDER track?:  Charlotte BMX understands the root of BMX Racing is with the youth. We recognize that STRIDER BIkes will help build rider retention and an overall enjoyable family experience at the BMX track!

4. Completion date, cost, and time spent?:  The track was completed on January 1st, 2013. It took about 6 months to completely build it, but racing/practice took place throughout the building process. Total cost was around $1,500.

5. Space and Materials:  Base is 8-10 loads of fill dirt with a surface top of 1-2 loads of 80/20 Red clay and Soil Tac. Track was built with volunteers, a small tractor, shovels, rakes and concrete mixer (for soil tac and slurry).

6. Track Layout:  Total course length is 127 ft. The track consists of Starting hill (7.5 ft wide), 3 turns, 9 rollers, and a 10 ft wooden bridge!

7. Overall Experience: STRIDERS are a great way to get little ones started with BMX racing. Families with multiple children, STRIDERS are a way for the younger siblings to get started and have fun at the track! Charlotte BMX races our STRIDERS at the beginning of our races (on the big track), the parents and riders enjoy watching the little ones stride! They add a new element to our facility.

If you are from the Punta Gorda area, or are ever in the area, make sure to stop by and say hello to Amanda and don't forget to bring your STRIDER riders!

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Your little STRIDER rider wants to ride + your local USA BMX track wants to grow their program = Win/Win!

Getting involved riding/racing BMX as a family is a great way to spend time together while honing your 2 wheeled skills. Luckily, there are tracks all over the country! You can start as early as the 2 and under STRIDER class and the  oldest current USA BMX member is in his 70's! 

STRIDERville is lucky to have two great bmx tracks: Box Elder BMX and Rapid City BMX

Here is a STRIDER video from Box Elder BMX. Go and look for your nearest track on the USA BMX website and go have some fun.

Have a great Saturday...now get out and ride!

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5 Year Old STRIDER
      Brody "Bad Boy" Murphy - Team Gold's Gym - Magnolia, TX
      Gage "12 Gage" Weidman - T & K Repair/AZBG - Phoenix, AZ
      Landden Richardson - Victorville, CA
      Colin Baldwin - Team Stylin - Randallstown, MD
4 Year Old STRIDER
      Peyton Keesee - Joshua, TX
      Jude Avellaneda - Henderson, NV
      Waylon Honnold - COSTA MESA, CA
      Levi Toia - Henderson, NV
      Makayla Allred - Oceanside, CA
      Brodie Chote - Bakersfield, CA
      Addison Kirkpatrick - Meairie, LA
      Joseph Vandaam - Loyalton, CA
      Joshua Carey - Henderson, NV
3 Year Old STRIDER
      Jeremiah Rodarte - Albuquerque, NM
      Aliyah Yungker - Team Empowered Clothing - Peoria, AZ
      Isabella "The Gremlin" Leija - Team Chico Corsa - Chico, CA
      Spencer Patterson - Bullhead City, AZ
      Jaxson Worth - Coalinga, CA
      Ella-Blu Rickards - Houston, TX
      Gavin "HOK" Yogues - "Team HOK9" Corona, CA
      Aspen Lavin - Las Vegas, NV
      Diesyll Mastenbroek - Rio Linda, CA
      Owen "Rocket" Garthe - Team X Factory - Phoenix, AZ
      Jax Phillips - Anaheim, CA
      Dylan "SHowtime" McAtee - Team Jalapeno Eexperience - Mesa, AZ
      Adyson Abbott - Track Rats BMX Club - Rosevile, CA
      Jude Phillips - Anaheim, CA
      Bradley Baldwin - Sparks, NV
      Quinci Chambers - Team ORP Racing - Surprise, AZ
      Darius "Little D" Chapman - Team Bighorn Reno NV - Sparks, NV
      Gavyn Degiacomo - Westminster, CA
      Viggo Leoncio - Bellflower, CA
      Kaden Cota - National City, CA
      Talon "FIshy" Gaona - Team Papa Kelly Auto Mexhanix - Desert Hot Springs, CA
      Brandon Smith - Imperial Beach, CA
      Tristan Kay - Las Vegas, NV
      Addie Redford - Riverbank, CA
      Carson Conway - Boulder City, NV
      "Spicy" Thai Martin - Long Beach, CA
      Arlo Sexton - Boise, ID
      Kayden Hemphill - Eliminator - Las Vegas, NV
      Gunner Clinedinst - Apple Valley, CA
      Jack Carrier - Las Vegas, NV

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US Champ-2

What an awesome Saturday of STRIDER US Championship racing in Main Street Square! A huge thank you to all the STRIDER riders, their parents, and vendors. Below are the resullts from the A Main in each age category.

Some photos can be viewed below or go directly to our Flickr page. More photos will be added as we continue to compile images from various photographers. Share your photos and stories with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

2 and Under STRIDER
1. Parker Case
2. Stylz Grall
3. Liam Dixon
4. Talon Mason
5. Dax Crowley
6. Alexia Henderson
7. Mason Hagen
8. Wayne Sander

3 Year Old STRIDER
1. Breken Walker
2. Bryant Zimmerman
3. Caleb Studer
4. Lily Karn
5. Ava Doll
6. Talyn Shuffield
7. Hunter James Larson
8. Carson Gulk
9. Marleigh Kleinsasser
10. Dane Rumpf
11. Fritz Rangitsch

4 Year Old STRIDER
1. Rider Knight
2. Sophia Lewis
3. Ziah Torpey
4. Amelia Sander
5. Colter Johnson
6. Bridger Massa
7. Hamilton Pszanka
8. David Sheldon
9. Dylan Ulmer
10. David Lewis

5 Year Old STRIDER
1. Taylor Bertolotto
2. Jaxson Pszanka
3. Wyatt Brumbaugh
4. Kannon Falken
5. Ryland Sedevie
6. Reed Meyer
7. Stephan Kroeten
8. Ava Wendt
9. Lorelai Dubbelde

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4 Year Old STRIDER
      Kayla Ward - Union, IL
      Nathan Russell
      Christopher Nielsen - Rockford, IL
      Madalena Mazzarese - Machesney Park, IL
      Matthew Jahnke - Team Answer-SSquared-TLD - North Prairie, WI
      Francesca Mazzarese - Machesney Park, IL
      Payton Robinson - Findlay, OH
      Nathan Nielsen - Rockford, IL
      Emma Lehnen - Springfield, IL
3 Year Old STRIDER
      Kaden Lundgren
      Deegan "Daggar" Ertman - Team Action Extreme - Sheboygan, WI
      Ryder Karr - Rockford, IL
      Alessandra Lupo - San Carlos, CA
      Andrew Nielsen - Rockford, IL
      Evan "The Destroyer" Okey - Answer/Rennen - Libertyville, IL
      Juan "Jelly Bean" Mandujano- Team K9 - Rockford, IL
      Noah "Non Stop" Schumacher - Fond Du Lac, WI
      Logan Ahonen - Winthrop Harbor, IL
      Isaiah Liermann - Sheboygan, WI
2 & Under STRIDER
      Ava Steinke 
      Gunnar Trimolt - Team ZMX Racing - Munster, IN
      Jackson Pochmara - Team Motor City BMX - Lake Orion, MI
      Gavin Strain - Indianapolis, IN
      Avery Speagle - Team Motor City BMX - Oxford, MI

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