Website Changes and the Reintroduction of You might have noticed some changes going on throughout our website. Don't worry, we know what we're doing....sorta.  Our team of web developers and designers are hard at work optimizing redesigning the website to create an experience worthy of the epicness that is Strider.  As we continue to make our website an amazing user experience, keep an eye out for things to come.  If you read the title, we're also going to be bringing back Strider Life! You'll have to stay tuned to see what big changes we've got in store for the completely…
Friday, 02 March 2018 18:49

The Great Grandzoopula Run

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        While walking along, I came upon a peculiar sight. I saw my friend riding around, on a pedal-less bike.   How can I learn to ride on a bike? Do you think it’s something I’ll like?   Learn on a Strider, a bike without pedals! Learn on a Strider, and race for a medal!   There’s fun to be done When riding your bike. It’s much more fun than riding a trike.   Because a Strider Bike is the best way to learn striding, riding, and biking at every turn.   It’s easy, you’ll see! Take…
Friday, 12 January 2018 21:56

5 Ways Strider Bikes Develop Confident Kids

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Strider Bikes Develop Confident Kids There’s nothing more gratifying than watching our kids learn a new skill and begin the process of mastering it.  In fact, we often forget just how much confidence it takes to be a kid.  Think about it.  Kids are constantly meeting new people, whether at a new daycare or school.  They’re constantly going into uncharted territory and experiencing new things daily.  There’s a certain amount of bravery kids have in facing the unknown every day that adults tend to lose sight of as we grow older.  It’s that bravery, that confidence, that helps children grow…
Wednesday, 27 December 2017 20:56

5 ways to break in your new bike

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So, you bought your baby a sweet new Strider Bike for Christmas and they just want to ride! Hopefully you've already put their bike together, registered it on our website, and are ready to watch them stride down the street. While you can't wait to see your child take off down the sidewalk, going outside isn't an immediate option. If your weather outside is downright frightful here are 5 simple tricks to breaking in your child’s new Strider Balance Bike that don't require bundling up and putting on your snow boots:   1. Ride on a rocking base The Strider…
Tuesday, 12 December 2017 18:28

Save Christmas: Build Your Strider Bike Today

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Is there a Strider Bike box anxiously waiting to be unwrapped in your house? Go ahead, unwrap it! It's ok, really, we want you to!   The anticipation has been building up for weeks, it's finally time to unwrap the presents you've selected so carefully. Your child wakes up and runs downstairs, they tear the paper off at Mach-speed and you see their little face widen with the biggest grin they've had all year. They scream and jump and give you a bear-hug. They beg and plead for you to open the box so they can ride their brand new…
Thursday, 13 October 2016 14:43

Happy StriderDay: Danny Macaskill's Wee Day Out

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Danny MacAskill is at it again...Skip the Saturday morning cartoons and watch this great new edit from Scotland to inspire your little Strider rider! 
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