Tuesday, 20 August 2013 22:48

Mix it Up, Make it Fun!

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  Hey Moms and Dads! While summer is not officially over, it is for most of the school ages kids out there. If you're like many stay at home moms (or dads) with toddlers you have one or two older siblings heading off to school and lots of new quality time to spend with your Striding toddlers. Sometimes it's tough to make the same ol' bike ride new and fun. Here are some ideas that might help you jump start your riding routine if you have fallen off the biking wagon, or if you're stuck in a rut with a…
Friday, 05 April 2013 06:00

Are You Wasting Energy?

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Clipless or flat pedals? Clipless pedals are actually the opposite of what you would think. They are pedals that have cleats which are attached to your shoes and attach (clip) directly to the pedal. Some people think you have more control and actually become one with the bike. I agree that you become one with the bike, I mean, come on... you're attached to the bicycle. To unclip you have to turn your foot about 15 degrees and the cleats unclip from the pedal. The term "clipless pedal" actually originated from flat pedals that had a leather strap that fit…
Tuesday, 02 April 2013 20:48

The Natural Progression

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If you enjoy motorcycles as much as I do then you'll live for the idea of your son or daughter ripping at the track or down a wooded trail. Teaching your child the basic skills necessary to handle a motorcycle can be challenging and down-right frightening. It may take some time and patience, but using the correct tools and letting your child progrss at their speed will create memories that last forever. I like to call it "The Natural Progression." My son suffered as a child with a condition called SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder).  Getting him to put on a…
Friday, 29 March 2013 06:00

It's the Stuff We Carry

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  What do you currently use your bike for? Now think, what would you like to use it for? I ask this because it can raise some interesting options regarding the type of bike you’ll want. If you want to be a hardcore racer, then you can probably skip this post. However, if you want to ride your bike for daily use like riding to the store, commuting to work or even taking a stroll with your STRIDER rider you are the perfect candidate for a cargo bike. Cargo bikes are becoming more and more common here in the US.…
Friday, 22 March 2013 06:00

Material of Choice

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Bikes are made of many different materials such as bamboo, wood, carbon fiber, plastic and aluminum to name a few. The most popular is probably aluminum, carbon fiber, and of course steel because we know steel is real. You now know this because I just told you.   Most bikes you find in both big-box stores and your local bike shop will be made with steel or aluminum. You’ll probably find a few of the high-end bikes in carbon fiber or titanium. What you may not know are the pros and cons of the materials. Often times you’ll go in…
Friday, 15 March 2013 06:00

It's A Buggy

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There are many reasons why I ride a bicycle but the main one boils down to being active in the world we’re in. Technology has created a world of sitters, txtr’s, tweeters and gamers and TV watchers and to offset the amount of time we’re in-front of a screen I try to get outside. I happen to be one of those people. I’m a graphic designer with an iphone so you know I’m sitting or standing in front of some screen every day, all day. I went on my first “real” ride today in quite some time on a local…
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