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Friendly Competition


As a mom, I worry. Okay, that’s obvious. I worry about my kids being accepted, capable, respectful, proud, and confident. When it comes to sports I feel like I need to choose wisely. Here is the deal, I am almost 6 feet tall and my husband is 6’2” so our kids are, well, giants. At 3 years old my son, Adam was the exact size of the average 6 year old. Now he’s 6 and I’m thinking about making him get a job he’s so big. I know everyone’s situation is different. You may have a child who is tiny, or overweight, or underweight, with special needs, or just completely uncoordinated… the only thing you need to worry about is to doing what’s best for your child.

I thought about having my son join football, but the problem was the sign-up sheets read “Don’t worry, we group the kids by size not age, so no one gets hurt” so he would be being tackled by 10 year olds. Not going to happen. I thought about wrestling which goes by weight, and he would be grappling with 10 year olds. Again, not going to happen. We tried soccer. He hated it. He is what you would call a “lover, not a fighter” so when someone wanted the ball, he would kick it to them… no matter what team they were on…

The one thing he really loves is riding his bike. It’s fun. He can go on long rides with Gramps to find Geocaches, he can go get dirty at the dirt jump part, or circle endlessly around the car in the driveway, doesn’t matter what, it’s always fun.

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I will be the first to admit that I am competitive, and secretly want my kids to have that fire inside them too. When you sign your kid up for a sport and they really aren’t into it, it isn’t fun for them, you, or the coach who is desperately trying to wrangle your inattentive “lover boy.”

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After I started working at STRIDER, I discovered USA BMX. Talk about an intimidating sport! Full face helmets, giant jumps, a loud gate that crashes down and sends your child down onto a dirt track that you are sure is going to scar them for life… It’s not like that. Turns out the 6 year old novice class doesn’t do a whole lot of “jumping” the full face helmets, while intimidating in appearance, are really just there to save you some money on dental bills should they get their teeth bumped on a friend or their bike (on a side note, maybe parents should think about putting those on kids at soccer practice! I’m kidding!… sort of.) They crash, a lot, but I haven’t seen a single kid out for the night because of a wreck. It teaches them humility, you crash, you dust yourself off, you get back up. It teaches them respect, if there is a “man down” in practice, you get off your bike and help them off the track so no one gets hurt.

My first moments of watching Adam at the track were painful, he walked up almost every hill, and half the time he didn’t have enough pushing momentum that he just feel right over even if he wasn’t on his bike. When the kids ride before the moto races begin, all of the ages and abilities ride together. The STRIDER Class is riding right alongside the adults. (Although many tracks have totally separate STRIDER Tracks and practice times. Most, if not all, do have a time frame that allows only STRIDER kids on the track, and the actual STRIDER motos start and finish lines are only a portion of the full track.) As I am watching my son go around the track, slow, and crashing more than riding, the gate dropped for the second practice heat and he is only about half way to the finish line. There are 10 and 12 year old boys going fast, they are jumping, they are good. Adam is in their way. He’s going to get run over. They are going to be so annoyed that he is in the middle of the track with his bike tipped over, again. My nerves were building up as they got closer and closer to him and that is when it happened… They stopped. They picked up his bike dusted him off told him keep trying and they finished. And so did he. I took a deep breath and I choked up a little bit thinking about how I really hope those boys’ parents were watching, because seeing that is better than seeing a first class race finish any day.

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We’re nearing the end of his first BMX Season. We know the lingo, and how it works (thanks to some awesome dads who were more than willing to answer all of my “so what happens if…” questions on the first night.) Adam still isn’t the most competitive dude. BMX has “moto” races which are usually two or three separate races that let you qualify for the “main” race at the end of the night, where only the top 4 riders of the first motos in each class are able to race. (That is the race where you can win the ribbons or trophies and get points.) The kids that don’t qualify for the main, get to participate in the “sportsman’s race” with other non-qualifying racers. All ages, even the STRIDERS.
Last week he didn’t qualify for the main, and the sportsman’s race consisted of: one 12 year old, two 8 year olds, Adam, who is 6, and one STRIDER rider. As you can probably imagine, they finished in that order as well. BUT… What Adam won in that sportsman's race was better and bigger than any trophy. At the end, he was approached by the 12 year old who gave him a great big high-five, and a piece of candy. And then Adam went to the STRIDER rider, gave him a big-high five, and reminded him that everyone in that race wins candy, so don’t forget to go get his piece too.

USA BMX has the slogan “Nobody sits in the bench in BMX!” I’m so proud to say that my son’s bike is his sport. And I am so excited about all the STRIDER kids that race with him. I know those kids will be the 12 year olds giving the high-fives someday.

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Even if you have decided as a parent that you would rather not participate in an organized sport, putting your child on his or her STRIDER bike, having them interact with friends and instilling confidence in them everyday means you don’t have to worry. You’re doing it right.

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USA BMX Olympic Day

Have you been wanting to try out STRIDER Racing, but didn't know where to start? The next couple weeks USA BMX tracks all over the country will be celebrating Olympic Day in commemoration of the June 23, 1894 convening of the first International Olympic Committee.

What else is cool about Olympic Day? FREE Racing! 

It's coming up quick though so go over to and find a track near you.

What do you need? 1. A STRIDER for your toddler

                                    2. A bike for yourself (Once you see others racing you'll want to get in on the action)

                                    3. Long pants, long sleeve shirt, closed toe shoes, and a helmet (adults require full face)

                                    4. A sense of Adventure!

If you're a local Rapid City (aka STRIDERville) resident make sure to check out Olympic Day at Rapid City BMX (6/26) and Box Elder BMX (6/29).

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STRIDER Track Highlight: Hesperia BMX



Hesperia BMX in California has the newest STRIDER specific course in the USA BMX world. If you're in the area and you haven't checked out the STRIDER action at Hesperia BMX go see waht it's all about! 

Their practice/race schedule can be found on our website and more information on their track is below. Stride On! 

1. Hesperia BMX is located at 17501 Live Oak Street, Hesperia, CA 52345 and the track phone number is (760) 678-5792

2. The track operator is Dan Dalton and the track website is

3. We decided to put in a STRIDER track to help build the sport of BMX by including family members of all ages. This gives them a safe track to ride without interfering with the full track operation.


4. The track is 175 ft. long with 6 obstacles (rollers and tables)in the first straight and 5 in the back straight (complete with it's own spectator tower.

5. Volunteers and track staff built the track in two days with the help of a Bobcat (daily rental)for the heavy lifting. A mixture of 50/50 dirt and clay was used to build the track, which is fenced in with snow fencing and STRIDER penants.

6. Hesperia BMX STRIDER Practice and Race times: Wednesdays Practice 5:30-7:00pm race to follow. Saturdays Practice 4:00-6:00pm race to follow.



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Friday, 20 April 2012 12:41

And Now...Some Cool Reviews!

We love hearing from all of our STRIDER family and with an ever increasing number of ways to do that (Facebook, Twitter, Strider Life, Our Website) we are receiving a lot of testimonials. The two I'm sharing today came through the administrative function on our website and were just too good not to share!

Stride On...keep those STRIDER success stories and photos coming in!


"We have a 19month old son. We first saw these bikes at my nephews BMX races in the Black Hills of South Dakota. My wife and I were floored when we watched 4 and 5 year olds fly around the BMX track. It was about a week ago that he started showing interest in wanting a bike so we went to Scheels (a local sports store) and purchased one for $90. That was on Sunday, today is Tuesday. He rode around Scheels and seemed to enjoy it. He went quite slow and wanted me behind was a different story. Tonight he was trying to run with it. Totally amazing! I can't wait for him to learn how to "glide". I am confident that by 2yo he will be well on his way! Awesome product. Also, my 6yo niece who has been on training wheels for two years spent a half hour on it playing and learning to balance... half hour later she was riding a bike without training wheels!"       ~Robert B.


"Wow! From the moment our son saw the YouTube videos to the moment he sat on his new Strider at Roscoe Village Bikes he was mesmerized. Not only did he get right on with a toss of the leg over the seat, but he just started walking along and trying to coast on the Strider as if both were intuitive. He was thrilled! Each time he tipped or had the bike fall, he was able to easily lift the bike, get himself back on, and keep going. We literally had to lock the bike up so he could go to bed. What an amazing bike! We are more than satisfied, impressed, and loyal to this great product. Our 2 year old is so happy!"          ~Erik M.


And finally a one word review from a new YouTube Video.

"WooHoo!"     ~williama3

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Monday, 13 February 2012 23:26

Every 3 Minutes

2011 was a big year for are a few highlights.

1. STRIDER Cup racing sailed across the Pacific (from Japan) and landed on American Soil! Two to five year olds from across the nation competed in varying venues from: BMX Tracks, USA Pro Cycling Challenge finish festival, Laguna Seca MotoGP, Gunnison River Festival, bike rodeos, moto-cross and cyclo-cross races not to mention countless sibling/neighborhood rivalries world-wide. The inaugural Strider Cup season culminated in October during a 3 day World Championship in Sarasota, FL!

2. kicked off as the central social experience for everything STRIDER related.  Whether you want tips on getting your kids to ride more or want to share photos, video or stories of their Stridering successes, this is the place to do it!

3. Licensed STRIDERS with Yamaha, Honda, Monster Jam and Nitro Circus instilling a love for two wheels at an even younger age in the power sports industry.

4. Sold 171,000 STRIDER Bikes...that's one every three minutes! We're looking forward to getting even more toddlers on two wheels this year. Here's to a great 2012 with the best fans, parents, grandparents, riders & people on the planet!

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Friday, 27 January 2012 21:13

1970's BMX Roots!

This weekend is the Sooner Nationals in Guthrie, Oklahoma! It is the second stop in the Strider World Cup racing season as we storm the newly formed USA BMX.  We are super excited about helping the next generation of BMX racers and bicycle enthusiasts to get on two wheels earler than ever before.

To get all you parents and kids stoked for the Strider World Cup here is a great video talking about Bicycle Motocross' roots.  Pretty neat to see how the sport has evolved since the 1970's. Enjoy this flashback to Soledad Sands and have a great weekend no matter what your plans are! Leave a note in the comments if you have any memories from this era or recognize anybody from the video.

BMX legend and STRIDER'S own Greg "the Machine" Hill was the 1979 Amateur Men's #1 Title.


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Calling all Strider riders! If you are in or near Fresno, California or Warsaw, Indiana make sure that you get out for some Strider Cup racing action this weekend (6/25 and 6/26)!

There have been hundreds of Strider riders participate in the Strider Cup this year. As the year progresses and the Strider Cup competition heats up we hope to see see that number double in the second half!

[caption id="attachment_1972" align="aligncenter" width="576" caption="Ready, Set, RACE!"][/caption]

Fresno, CA - The "All American Nationals" will be happening on the 25th and 26th (this weekend) of June in Fresno, California.  It will be the largest NBL National races in California this year and should be a great opportunity to hone their Strider racing skills as well as getting inspired by the older guys as they rip up the BMX track!

Warsaw, IN - The "Midwest Nationals" are coming to Warsaw...Indiana the 25th and 26th of June.  The BMX and Strider Cup racing action at Hire Park BMX should be epic if the highlights from last years nationals are any indication.

The weather report for both race cities is sunny and warm for the entire weekend!  Get your Strider riders pumped up and get them out for some BMX fun.

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International Shout Out

Strider is currently selling in 22 countries and we want to build a map with images of children from all over the world!  Do you live on the planet earth and have a child who loves riding their Strider?  Some countries we're sure to get a ton of photos from, some only one or two and some we still need to spread the Strider message to.

We have a lot of proud parents sharing on our Facebook wall, and we'd love to see who is out there watching and reading.  Go visit us and post a photo with a note about your Striderers home country!  If you want to be included in the map of images let us know and we'll keep adding as they come in!  If you're not on facebook, send us photos on twitter @striderprebike.  Not on Twitter or Facebook?  Send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  No internet?  How are you reading this?

[caption id="attachment_1751" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Today...22 Countries! Tomorrow...The world!"][/caption]

Tweet, Retweet, forward, Digg, Mixx, Like us and let all your friends know to add to the list and diversity!

Strider On!

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Strider Skills: the Bunny Hop

Hope all our Strider family had a great Easter.  We've had bunnies and Striders on our minds so we thought it would be a good time to introduce a more advanced Strider skill: the Bunny Hop!

[caption id="attachment_1612" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="This guy could bunny hop over a child on a Strider!"][/caption]

Bunny Hop -n: a jump executed by a person riding a bicycle Strider and standing up on the pedals launch pad footrests.

I had to altar the definition a bit to fit with Strider, but the concept is the same for a Strider as with a pedal-bike.  The lightness of a Strider along with the launch pads make it easy for toddlers to get off the ground with their bikes, whether they are adding a little extra hang time off of a ramp or bunny hopping on flat land.

[caption id="attachment_1611" align="aligncenter" width="614" caption="Hippity-Hoppity, Hippity-Hoppity, Look at Bode Hop!"][/caption]

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Sessions: Cade At The Dirt Track

Here is a great video for Monday!   Cade is ripping up his neighborhood dirt track with his dog, mountains in the background and last years plant life over his head.  (disclaimer: remember to always wear your helmet)

Dirt tracks like this are a great place to get your Strider rider onto some varied terrain.  They can be put in with little more than some spare dirt and elbow grease.  If you have an amazing Parks department like Striderville does they may just allow it to be built on city land as well!

Recently a group of Strider employees and their families went for an outing at our local dirt jump park.  The older kids had a great time trying some new tricks (some even catching air).  You could see the confidence level increase in the younger Striderers just from watching the older kids buzz by.


Have Fun, Ride Safe and join the Strider conversation on our Facebook wall!  Send Photos, Videos, Stories and other randomness to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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