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STRIDER Bikes Featured on Cycle News Website

We're pretty proud of working together to get these graphic wrap bikes out in time for Christmas. We've been pulling some late nights with all of the staff and even getting a hand from some high school family members looking to earn some extra cash for an upcoming missions trip. 

Now, the brand new custom STRIDER wraps have been highlighted on the Cycle News: Product Showcase! Contact your local Tucker Rocky dealer to snag one of these bad boys before they're all gone.


Give us a call 605-342-0266 if you're interested in exploring the custom wrap possibilities with your brand. Minimum orders of 30 bikes with quantity price breaks.

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Wednesday, 10 July 2013 09:13

June Calendar Contest Winners!

Better late than never...working around vacation schedules and a ton of events the STRIDER staff has voted on the top 3 photos for June. If you were one of the winners look for an email today with further instructions. If you didn't win make sure to keep snapping photos and entering them in the 2nd half of the year!

Send in your July entries NOW.


June 1st Place  |   Cruising Through The Berm



June 2nd Place    |    SuperWoman Picks A Flower



June 3rd Place    |    Afternoon Ride With Your Best Friend

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Thursday, 09 June 2011 22:12

Striding Around Tokyo

Strider Cup is the brain child of our Japanese distributors and Striders have really taken off in Japan as a result.  Every day we get videos and YouTube links sent with huge crowds of children riding their Striders.  When we stumbled on the YouTube video below we couldn't help but smile at the change of pace.

The two year old is taking a leisurely Stride through the city streets.  The music is infectious, He's got a great smile and after only two months on his green Strider he is getting more adventurous!


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Stride On!

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In just over two weeks the Strider Cup and Strider Adult Downhill will be rolling into Striderville (Rapid City, SD)!  We'll have a booth at the Black Hills Fat Tire Festival and it is guaranteed to be a great time for riders from 18 months to 99 years old.

If you already own a Strider for you little ones then come on down and ride with some other Strider riders (This is especially great if they are just learning).  If you don't have a Strider yet then come on down and try one out!  We'll have demo bikes to ride for free and also bikes for sale.

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Stride On!

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The 7th annual Dahl Mountain Culture Festival kicked off last night in Rapid City, SD with the opening of the photo exhibition!  If you live in or near Striderville come check it out.  There will be events all week centered around "mountain culture" culminating on the 15th and 16th of April at the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour.

[caption id="attachment_1485" align="aligncenter" width="619" caption="Imagine how good this guy would have been if he'd started a little younger on a Strider!"][/caption]

Strider is the perfect fit for this crowd of outdoorsy folks...that's why we've donated 2 Striders to the Dahl Arts Center to raffle off during the film festival.  Make sure that you stop down at the Dahl next week to pick up some tickets for your chance to win a Strider for a child, grandchild, niece or nephew.  The added bonus (if you win or don't win) is that you help support arts education and exhibitions throughout the year!

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Thursday, 31 March 2011 17:57

Double Trouble Test Ride!

You've seen the Double Trouble in previous Strider blog entries, now see it in action!  Wyatt and Cole, sons of Strider R&D man Charlie, test ride their Dad's creation to see if they can cooperate long enough to make it work.

Cole's legs are a little shorter than Wyatt's, but this is definitely the best test ride to date!


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Friday, 04 March 2011 00:08

Strider Progression: Part 5

After mastering such skills as balance, ramps and offroad riding (among other things) it's not time to hang up the Strider just yet.  Upgrading to the extra long seat post  will make it useful until they are 5!

This is a great way for them to continue working on their balance skill without being hindered by pedals.  It also gives them an opportunity to be a little more daring.  Whether they start getting some air off of curbs and ramps or they get more comfortable "shredding the gnar" (We're not quite sure what that means, but probably not this) at their local skate park.

A lot of Strider riders will continue to go back to their pedal-less friends even after starting to ride a pedal bike.  Remember it's all about fun and honing their craft!

Here's a great video showing a lot of the skills that your rider will continue to develop.


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Wednesday, 26 January 2011 21:58

Run Over My Foot

Here is an excellent follow up to the yesterday's blog entry.  We love hearing stories like this...Keep posting!

"I was researching a bike to buy for my 3-year old girl for Christmas. She had her heart set on a pink Disney Princesses bike. What I read about the quality of that bike turned me off as I could see her breaking down and crying when it fell apart in a matter of days. I was looking around for an alternative and saw that the Strider bike was a big seller and decided to look further. I became convinced that the bike would be sturdier and that the innovative concept was worth a shot - we could always buy the Disney bike as a back up.

Christmas day arrived and she opened up the box and was all excited to see her new, pink bike. However, I explained to her that her bike was different in that it didn't have pedals nor training wheels (where we live, no one has these bikes yet). She was a real trooper about it. She let me put on her helmet and she did her best to walk around with the bike, explaining to onlookers that it had no pedals.

A few days of this and I started to worry that she would give up. So I invented a little game - run over daddy's foot. I would walk in front of her and she would have to move quickly enough to run over my foot with the front tire. This helped a little. So then I turned to YouTube and showed her videos of other kids riding the bike.

A few days later, a bunch of kids in our apartment complex were playing, many of them with bikes with training wheels. My little girl participated a litte more, walking around with her bike. Suddenly, she said: "look, dad!", took a few steps and then lifted both feet off the ground and coasted. I was in shock! She repeated this about a dozen times but then got tired of it. So, I was happy with the progress but still unsure if this would work out.

The next day, we went to our parking lot and she simply took off. She did not stop running and coasting for a whole hour. The only time she took a rest was to stop and spontaneously shout that she loves her bike! Since then, she rides the thing almost every day and totally loves it.

Believe in this bike, it's awesome!"      ~Mark B.

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Friday, 07 January 2011 17:35

Some Are Fast and Some Are Slow

Ran across this video today on Youtube and thought it was pretty cool!  This Dad is very enthusiastic and Joey (19 months) is very committed...especially for his first time on a Strider.  (You have to love their high five/fist bump combo too.)

It's important to remember that every child has varying levels of comfort on their Strider.  Some, like Joey, will feel comfortable with an incline and lifting their feet right away.  Most, like my daughter, will spend the first few months walking with their butt off the seat.

No matter what speed they take to the Strider make sure to keep it available and make it fun and low stress.  Before you know it they'll be out-Stridering everyone on the block!


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Tuesday, 28 December 2010 19:19

Violet on Christmas Day!

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing kids take their first steps on their new Strider!  We know that a lot of kids got a Strider for Christmas and we'd love to see and hear your stories.

Click through to our facebook page and share a photo or video on our wall...even if they've been riding for a while.  We also have a new review tab and we would love to hear from you on there as well.

Below is a great video we found of Violet (Almost 2)  on YouTube and her first attempts at what appears will be a very successful future of Strider Riding.


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