2018 Strider Cup

Results Are In!
2018 Strider Cup
Cleveland, oh

We had an AWESOME day of Strider Cup racing at Cleveland’s Public Square! The Rock and Roll Capital of the World was flooded with two-wheeled tykes over the weekend as little Strider riders zipped through, and around various obstacles faster than we could keep up with our air guitars. With approximately 150 registered racers, it might just have been the cutest thing to happen over the weekend. We’d like to sincerely thank you for your support, and we hope that you had an amazing time! Seeing all those happy, smiling faces riding their hearts out is just a small part of why we do this. New Strider champions were crowned in the 2-and-under, 3-, and 4-year-old classes. The Cleveland Strider Cup continued our new, open 14x Sport class, and those kids were rocking out hard! A big THANK YOU goes out to Public Square and the City of Cleveland for giving everyone a day of riding, racing, and making new friends!

Don't forget, everyone who participated is welcome to attend the Strider Cup World Championship in Boulder, CO July 20th and July 21st!

Cleveland Race Results

2 & Under Class
Total Riders: 41

1 #106 Donovan Cutler
2 #138 Luca Cortazzo
3 #112 Zayden McLemore
4 #122 Beau Williams
5 #120 Takeru Mitogawa
6 #139 Pearson Obermiller
7 #121 Van Hoisington
8 #118 Silas Long
9 #131 Waylon Dunn
10 #111 Ralynn Caso
11 #117 Kameron McCoy
12 #136 Mathias Reala
13 #137 Colton DeVries

3 Year Old 12" Class
Total Riders: 50

1 #139 Luke Liberto
2 #145 Gaven Wilkinson
3 #135 Albert Wang
4 #129 D’Niro Willbrich
5 #132 Dillon Dressel
6 #142 Nolan McCombs
7 #112 Cooper King
8 #104 Bennett Smith
9 #128 Greyson Glover
10 #126 James Mathias
11 #143 Jaxson Turner
12 #116 Maddy Laine Mieczkowski
13 #108 Alan Roe
14 #147 Gregory Charukhchyan
15 #120 Zachary Wagner
16 #121 Jack Bragg

4 Year Old 12" Class
Total Riders: 31

1 #102 Pasha Ali
2 #104 Drazen Caso
3 #122 Boston McRenolds
4 #103 Blaze Thompson
5 #126 Lliam Benjamin
6 #113 Liam Metcalf
7 #109 River Nelson
8 #117 Anthony Rodgers
9 #111 Jacob Molloy
10 #118 Izzy Isreal

14x Open Class
Total Riders: 18

1 #110 Mason Turner
2 #108 Rylie Jo McCombs
3 #104 Davin Faye
4 #113 Owen Wilkinson
5 #102 Blaze Thomas Thompson
6 #106 Aiden Todoroff
7 #101 Jared Creaser
8 #103 Jaxen Huffstutler
9 #105 Dillion Dressel

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