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Our vision is to ensure all children, regardless of their race, gender, physical ability, socioeconomic background or other factors, can ride a bike before entering first grade. To achieve this, we have created the 501(c)(3), Strider Education Foundation, designed to teach kindergartners to ride using the Kindergarten PE Program.


Classic 14x Bike


14x Bike

The Strider 14x is the perfect tool to help your little rider transition from a balance bike to a pedaling pro. No training wheels needed! Once they’ve mastered balancing and handling the larger bike, simply install the optional Easy-Ride Pedal Conversion Kit (sold separately).

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Pedal Kit

Pedal Kit

Add-On Accessory

Pedaling is the name of the game now. After mastering balance and coordination, the next step is easy: just add pedals. Easy installation happens in seconds and transforms your child’s 14x into a pedal bike for instant riding success.

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Awesome Questions

  • Why doesn’t the 14x have hand brakes?

    Due to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), they say that this size of bike in the United States requires a coaster brake.
  • Are there wider pedals we can purchase?

    We intentionally designed the pedals to be narrow. These dual propulsion “Stride-Around Pedals” make it easier for little ones to go back and forth between striding and pedaling.

    Wider or larger pedals would limit the turning radius, possibly causing an accident, so, for safety reasons, we do not recommend a larger pedal.
  • Why can’t my younger child ride this?

    We recommend that you purchase the bike that fits your rider right now.

    The 14x Bike requires an inseam of 16” otherwise they won’t be able to put their feet on the ground and stride. If you purchase this bike when the child has a shorter inseam, they won’t be able to handle the bike.

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