Inclusive Learning


Learn to Ride Class for Individuals with Disabilities 

Getting started is easy as 1...2...3! 

1. Call Strider Bikes® to purchase the Strider Education Kit for $99. This is a one-time purchase. Included is everything you need to know, and all of the supplies you need to host your Learn to Ride class (including detailed lesson plans, instructions, and the ability to purchase bikes at dealer cost.) 


2. Fill your class roster (we suggest classes of around 10 children) at the time of registration and have your riders choose the color and size bike that would best meet their needs. Typically registration fees will cover the retail cost of the bike in order to recoup your costs for coaches and facility fees and allow the children to have a bike to take home at the end of Strider class as well as for practice in between classes. Many times we have found that sponsors are very eager to donate money toward bikes for this program so be sure to contact your local support network in advance! 


3. As soon as your class roster is full, call Strider to place your order. Orders are processed and shipped within 5 business days so you'll be ready to roll within a week! Classes can be held indoors, outdoors, in parks, parking lots, pavement, grass, gym floors, on the moon… you get the idea— you can hold a Strider class ANYWHERE! 

Call (605) 342-0266 or E-mail for more information.

We’re looking forward to helping every person in your community learn to ride on two wheels! If they can walk, they can ride a Strider Bike!