Increase Family Attendance and Media At Your Next Event

“The Strider Adventure Zone has been a great attraction to our race weekends. The Strider staff provides a thrilling and interactive experience for young fans, supporting our mission to build race fans for life. We couldn’t ask for a better partnership.”Gill Campbell, CEO/General Manager, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

So.. you want to have a Strider Adventure Zone at your event? Congratulations! This is the best way to attract families to your event and keep them on site even longer, because 2-5 year old kids LOVE to ride Strider Bikes.

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Ready to get started?  There are two options for holding a Strider Adventure Zone at your event.

1.  Find a Strider dealer to run it for you.  Before you contact them be sure to gather the followng information about your event as the dealer you speak with will need this information:

  1. Date and Time of event
  2. Name of Event
  3. Expected number in attendance ( if over 20,000 – please call our offices at 605-342-0266)
  4. Size and Space available for the Adventure Zone
  5. Is there a cost to participate?
  6. Once you have all of this information gathered, search our Dealer Locator to find a Strider dealer in your area.
  7. Contact that dealer and provide them with all of the necessary information.  Next, ask them to call Strider Bikes at 605-342-0266 to request an Adventure Zone Kit. We contract Adventure Zones through our Dealer network only.
2.  Do it yourself.
  1. Run the Strider  Adventure Zone yourself.  OR  Keep in mind you will need a minimum of 3 - 4 staff who are willing to work the day of your event (set-up, registration, fitting kids with helmets, supervising children riding, and teardown).  You will also need to have a minimun of 6 Strider Bikes, 6 helmets, and rider waivers.  If you have the staff and equipment needed you may purchase the Adventure Zone kit by calling 605-342-0266 and you may qualify for discounted Strider Bike pricing. Additional event items may also be purchased.

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