Strider Events

2017 US Dates


Strider® Bikes are taking the world by storm and everyone wants in on the action! Whether it's a Strider Adventure Zone at a small local event, a Strider Cup® race in a city near you, or the big Strider Cup World Championship event, one - or ALL - of these could be right for you.  Strider bike races will entertain your toddler and give them the opportunity to be part of a growing community of riding enthusiasts! They will be making new friends and clicking their sippy-cups together as a cheers to a great day of friendly competition! Seeing these tiny tots racing around has us all saying one thing:

"So, where do I sign up?!"

Well you're in the right place! First try checking our Strider Events Calendar for a Strider event near you. Please keep in mind; none of our events require previous racing experience. Strider Adventure Zones are a perfect place to start, but if you're ready to jump right into racing, sign up for a local race, or one of our international Strider Cup races, these races take place all over the world and at four locations across the United States.

If you're in for the annual World Championship Race - you definitely won't be disappointed. Although previous racing experience is suggested, it isn't required. What are you waiting for? Choose your event, REGISTER NOW, put on your helmet, practice in the driveway, and we'll see you on race day!

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