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We believe in providing Strider families with so much more than what you find inside the box. Strider Bikes are a ticket to many exclusive opportunities for both learning to ride and for connecting with others as part of the Strider community.
Strider is excited to offer various events in which we invite sponsors to participate, reaching young families in an authentic and engaging manner.

Over 225 million media impressions in 2017.

Coined the “Tour de France for Toddlers” by major news outlets, Strider Cup races are a must-experience event for the entire family.  You’ve never seen anything like a Strider Cup race, and children will never forget the fun and excitement these Strider-exclusive events provide.

Strider Cup Races

The Strider Cup® race series offers your brand the chance to connect and engage with young families in a one-of-a-kind setting at a toddler bike race! Often referred to by major media outlets as the “Toddler Tour de France,” the Strider Cup Race Series includes three races each year in the United States, with many more Strider Cup races taking place globally.

Possible brand integration includes:

  • National Sponsor
  • Race City Title Sponsor
  • Race Class Sponsor
  • Strider Adventure Zone Sponsor
  • Packet Pick-Up Sponsor
  • Host Hotel Sponsor
  • Merchandise Sponsors (place your product inside racers’ registration bags)
  • On-site Vendor Sponsor
  • Other Sponsorship Opportunities as Determined by Your Brand’s Needs.

Strider Cup World Championship

The pinnacle Strider racing event, the Strider Cup World Championship attracts racers from across the globe to compete in a one-of-a-kind event that combines competition with comradery. Similar to the Strider Cup Races, sponsors have a unique opportunity to feature their business in front of a truly global audience.

Strider Cup World Championships
Charlotte, NC
October 4-5, 2019

You’re in good company, some of our previous and current Strider Event partners include:

Strider Discovery Ride

The new Strider Discovery Ride events offer Strider riders and their families a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ride their Strider at a unique destination the whole family will want to see.

For more information about how you can sponsor a Strider Discovery Ride, or if you believe your brand or organization would be a great fit to host a Discovery Ride, please email us at:

Strider Adventure Zones

Perhaps one of the most versatile events, Strider Adventure Zones offer an active and safe approach of introducing little riders to the wonderful world of two wheels. Strider Adventure Zones are safe and friendly environments that encourage toddlers of all abilities to test ride a Strider bike and play with other kids, while improving and developing fundamental bike handling skills.

Adventure Zones are a great addition to your company or organization’s next event, offering entertainment and excitement for younger attendees. For more information on hosting or sponsoring an Adventure Zone, email us at:

We’d love to work with your brand or organization to provide you maximum ROI, all while having an unforgettable time as we cheer on some amazing little riders.

To learn more about how a Strider event partnership can benefit your brand, please contact:

Eric Sharpe
Business Development Manager - USA
(605) 342-0266
or email