2018 Strider Cup

Results Are In!
2018 Strider Cup
Fort Worth, tx


Did you have fun? We sure did! Wow, what an AMAZING day of Strider Cup racing in Fort Worth's Sundance Square! Little Texas tornadoes strode over, through, and around various obstacles like tumbleweeds zooming through the Lone Star State. It was truly an incredible sight to see. The Fort Worth Strider Cup ended up with over 230 registered racers! Thank you for your support, and we hope that you had an awesome time! It’s so cool to see all those happy, smiling faces riding their hearts out. New Strider champions were crowned in the 2-and-under, 3-, and 4-year-old classes. The Fort Worth Strider Cup marked our first ever open 14x Sport class, and man-oh-man what an extraordinary time! Thank you so much to Sundance Square and Fort Worth for giving everyone a day of riding, racing, and making new friends!

Don't forget, everyone who participated is welcome to attend the Strider Cup World Championship in Boulder, CO July 20th and July 21st!

Fort Worth Race Results

2 & Under Class
Total Riders: 82

1 #156 Hudson Cox
2 #179 Samuel Bacallado
3 #127 Hayden Smith
4 #109 Cooper Sahrmann
5 #105 Max Larson
6 #172 Lincoln Steiner
7 #182 Eli Garvin
8 #123 Landon Dodson
9 #146 Ryder Miller
10 #154 Tommy Hastings
11 #170 Blaise Minor
12 #155 Nate Burton
13 #126 Carter Yeager

3 Year Old 12" Class
Total Riders: 96

1 #123 Thomas (Jameson) Gilbert
2 #157 Max Carney
3 #124 Roland McBride
4 #116 Jake White
5 #132 Beau Warrick
6 #110 Asher Welch
7 #140 Caden Yeager
8 #148 Everett Higgs
9 #153 Jett Jobe
10 #126 Lucy Trimble
11 #173 Parker Bass
12 #119 Witten Jay Morton

4 Year Old 12" Class
Total Riders: 61

1 #103 Pasha Ali
2 #107 Ariel De Sandozequi
3 #136 Braysen Yingling
4 #116 Brylen McBride
5 #150 Race Deerinwater
6 #143 Holden Kahlfeldt
7 #118 Sawyer Whitmire
8 #153 Cooper Caban
9 #126 Graham Wells
10 #105 Preston Oxley
11 #134 Elijah Davidson
12 #154 Emmary Hoover
13 #127 Noah Bartman

14x Open Class
Total Riders: 30

1 #117 Brecken Yingling
2 #120 Travis Zapata
3 #118 Ariel Sandozequi
4 #107 Graham Wells
5 #101 Pasha Ali
6 #125 Aiden Sakich
7 #115 Laney Carney
8 #119 Silas Flowers
9 #105 Brylen McBride
10 #124 Gianna Malagon

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