What Is A Strider Balance Bike?

Our Balance bikes are designed with only foot propulsion to teach the fundamentals of riding. Because they have no pedals or other complications, most children find riding a balance bike as easy as walking. When the fundamentals of balance and steering are mastered, transitioning to a bicycle with pedals or motorcycle is very straightforward.



From the company Founder all the way to the warehouse shipping staff, Strider Sports Intl., Inc. is full of riding enthusiasts, most of whom are also parents of young Strider Balance Bike-riding children. Our team knows kids, knows riding, and knows how to make a learning bike that truly functions for young riders.


At Strider®, we love riding bikes and we love inspiring kids to ride. Our mission is to build lightweight, efficient, all-terrain balance bikes that build two-wheeled balance, coordination, and confidence in children.


Strider Balance Bikes are the result of 8+ years of development, manufacturing improvements, riding, observation, testing, and even racing. When you purchase a Strider Balance Bike, you buy into the 'club' that is Team Strider; you become one of the early adopters that are changing the paradigm of how kids learn to ride and setting the new standard for how young children explore the world on two wheels.


"I can't say enough about the quality and value of Strider!!!! Both of our kids STILL ride their Strider and it's still in amazing shape considering what it's been through!"

"I am so thankful that my son's strider bike has helped him to so easily transition to an activity we will be able to do together for years. Thank you so much, what a great product."

"I strongly feel that the design and engineering behind Strider is superior. It has the lowest minimum seat height yet extends high enough for an older toddler."

"The Strider community is really a true family. The World Championship is a part of our lives that we will dearly miss. People at Strider HQ know our names, stories, and family."




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Side profile of a Strider Balance Bike