Pedal Guide The 4 steps to follow to ensure your child’s success when learning to pedal

Learning to Pedal: Balance is key

1. Balance is key

Start by sizing the bike to fit your child. There are tips on seat height as well as handlebar and helmet adjustments in the full guide. Watch closely for balance proficiency. Attaching the 14x pedal kit too soon can be very discouraging. Take your time and look for the “ready to transition” signs listed in the full Pedal Guide. Refer to the Stride Guide for tips and activities to help your child improving their general riding skills!
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2. Ignore the pedals

Adding pedals can be intimidating to some children. The Strider 14x has unique narrow “stride-around” pedals that allow children to continue their balance bike skills even after the pedals are attached. When children have the opportunity to gain momentum while striding on their pedal bike, it develops confidence. We suggest simply having children find the pedals with their feet and use them as footrests when they are riding and practice with the pedal bike the same as they would on a balance bike before even attempting to pedal.
Learning to pedal: ignoring the pedals is a critical step
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Learning to pedal: start pedaling!

3. Encourage pedaling

It’s important throughout this entire process to let the child go at their own pace with as little physical interaction as possible. Practice and positive reinforcement go a long way! There may be some hiccups during the learning process. That’s OK! Most children will get this step fairly quickly. It may help to pull out your bike and show them how you pedal!
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4. Learn to stop safely

So they’ve got this pedaling thing down, but braking is just as important, if not more important than cruising fast. In the last step we will make sure your child can stop safely, explain what safety precautions they should take as a “big kid” on a pedal bike, and give you, the parent, some tips for success.
Learning to pedal: stopping safely
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