Inspiring your child to ride

Trying new things can be scary…especially for a kid. Having them watch other kids do the same thing is a good way to get them interested. Check out these videos with your Strider rider to see how much fun kids are having around the world.


Cuyuna Trails

Watch this 3-year-old ride the trails of Cuyuna with his dad.


Our young Strider-riding friends from Japan will make you remember the joy of being a kid.


When he was ready to ride his parents got him started on the premiere bike, the 12 Pro!

Zane, 19 months

Wild child Zane has mastered coasting and high fives!

Henry, 19 months

Uphill, downhill, over rocks, on the beach, in the neighborhood, Striders are for riding everywhere!

Melody, age 2

"We got her a Strider Bike for her birthday, and now everything is an adventure"

Brayden, age 2

You can’t keep a boy away from his favorite toy

Rad Racer, age 2

Adventure at the 2014 Strider Cup World Championship race.