Organizations We Support

At Strider®, we love riding bikes, and we love inspiring kids to ride. However, we know that many kids face much greater challenges than learning to ride a bike. To do our part, we created the Strider® Rider Fund to support local, national, and international charities addressing these challenges. Every month, we commit one percent of gross revenue from all sales worldwide to this fund... that's a right-off-the-top-line commitment, not a let's-see-what's-left-on-the-bottom-line consideration. Furthermore, if a charitable organization prefers Strider® Bikes and products instead of cash, we triple the donation! The bikes and products are donated through a grant application process. Through the end of 2015, we have donated over $250,000 in cash and over $350,000 in Strider products. At Strider, we give generously, and we love doing it!

In 2014, Strider created the new Strider® Rider Fund to facilitate getting bikes to organizations that serve children. Our mission statement talks about why we exist, but the new Rider Fund shows how we “walk the talk.” Our Founder and CEO, Ryan McFarland, has committed one percent of Strider Sports’ gross revenue from all sales worldwide each month toward the Rider Fund.

To further the reach of this program, Strider will convert every $100 in the Rider Fund to $300 worth of Strider bikes and products! The bikes and products will be donated through a grant application process. Based on prior year’s sales data, 

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