Rider Fund

Your Purchase has a Purpose

We love riding bikes and inspiring kids to ride. To help everyone experience the freedom and joy that comes with riding, we have committed 1% of gross revenue from every Strider Bike sold to the Strider® Rider Fund.

Why Riding?

The skills and abilities obtained while learning to ride transcends bicycling and builds confidence in individuals. This confidence allows riders to establish a foundation of success that impacts all areas of their life.

Riding Success Begins With Strider

With great joy and happy hearts, our donations to date have now surpassed over $1,000,000 in cash and Genuine Strider Balance Bikes. Our focus is to support organizations and public institutions that provide a structured environment to not only create riders, but create riders that possess a lifelong love and passion for riding.

"I have 2 students that are twins, 8 years old, and in the Autism Program in Minneapolis. In recent years, the 2 have made significant gains in their motor abilities. I had the opportunity to work with the two using a strider and it was extremely beneficial to their balance and coordination. They were so excited there was a bike their size that was not overwhelming because of the pedals."
‐ Troy Kirby, D/APE teacher

Who We Support

In addition to supporting organizations and public institutions, the Strider Rider Fund is a proud supporter of the Strider® Education Foundation. Founded in 2017, the Strider Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to supporting organizations and public institutions in their efforts to teach young children, individuals with special needs, and the elderly how to ride following the Learn-To-Ride curriculum developed by Strider.

To learn more about the Strider Education Foundation or to apply for a donation for your organization, please visit StriderEducationFoundation.org

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Rapid City, SD
Learning to ride a bike is a life-changing experience and, like most life-changing experiences, it isn't just something that happens overnight. Along with the purchase of a Genuine Strider Balance Bike, we provide a proven Learn-To-Ride curriculum that develops a child's ability to go from being unaware of what a bicycle does and how it moves, to a child that parents have to run after just to keep up. Strider supports organizations that bring the Learn-To-Ride curriculum to life in an organized setting, creating a classroom environment for those new to riding. In 2015, Strider supported the Rapid City YMCA as they piloted a Learn-To-Ride program within their organization. In addition to the donation of Genuine Strider Balance Bikes, Strider staff also helped with teaching children to ride. Through a multi-week program, the YMCA and Strider staff inspired confidence in numerous little striders and instilled a lifelong passion for riding. The curriculum was designed in such a way that the children have plenty of games and activities to help them learn how to ride. By the end of the program, each child became a proficient Strider rider. After completing the course, the children received a certificate of completion and the Strider 12" Sport Balance Bike they learned on. But most importantly, each child left with a new life-skill that will remain with them forever, transcending bicycling and benefitting them in numerous aspects of life.

Salt Lake City, UT
Life is unpredictable. When a child’s health is compromised by cancer, their entire world changes. Despite these changes, kids are still kids and need to experience joy, wonder, and adventure throughout their medical treatment. A young Strider rider named Presley reinforced that fact to our staff and how important a bike can be. Presley was an avid Strider rider from an early age. Her parents were fans of not just the Strider Bike, but what it allowed Presley to do and how mobile she was when riding it. In 2013, Presley (and her parents) received the life-changing news that she had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Presley received medical care at Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, UT. While taking steroids for her treatment, Presley was able to stand again while holding on to something…and that something was her Strider Bike. Throughout treatment, her progress toward beating cancer was emboldened by her passion to ride. Her mom remarked, “Some of the cancer kids have had to get physical therapy to help them walk again. I told the doctors we didn’t need it because we had our Strider…I have been so thankful for that Strider in her cancer journey. She is known at [the] clinic by the nurses and doctors for riding her bike to [the] clinic and now other kids do the same!” We recognized the importance for kids to be kids, no matter what challenges they are facing in life. After an opportunity to meet with Presley and tour the clinic, we were happy to provide the Hematology/Oncology clinic at Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital a donation of Genuine Strider Balance Bikes for others to ride while receiving medical care.

Rapid City, SD
Donating Genuine Strider Balance Bikes to organizations is exciting for us, but that excitement takes on a whole new meaning when we get to be a part of the joy that comes with being there when Strider riders of all ages and abilities get to experience the joy of life on two wheels. In 2014, the Strider Rider Fund held a Strider Gives Back contest, where we were happy to give away hundreds of Genuine Strider Balance Bikes across the United States to people with special needs and the organizations to which they belong. One of the recipients was Rapid City Central High School and their adaptive physical education (PE) class. A few months after utilizing the Strider Bikes as part of their teaching curriculum, the class made a field trip to Strider Sports International (SSI) world headquarters to receive a tour of the facility and more importantly, ride the pump track located out back. Despite none of the students having experience riding on a BMX style, dirt-track, they rode like pros! One inspiration that stood out from that day of riding is the story of Logan Keiffer, a student with special needs that includes blindness. Logan is a motorcycle enthusiast and, like all motorcycle fans, loves all things fast. With the help of Central High School teachers and the cheers of his classmates, Logan mastered the pump track, all while giving his teachers a workout as they tried to keep up with him!

Rapid City, SD
At Strider, much of our focus is on developing balance in young riders with the Strider 12” models. However, balance is equally (if not more) important for those on the other end of the age spectrum. Loss of balance in seniors can not only cause injury and a decreased quality of life post-fall, but they have the potential to be fatal. This doesn’t have to be the case. According to the Center for Disease Control, “falls are a public health problem that is largely preventable.” Westhills Village Retirement Community recognizes this and has sought to proactively preserve their residents’ agility and stability. In 2015, Erin Smith, the wellness director at Westhills Village Retirement Community, introduced a Strider exercise class to combat the loss of balance in aging seniors. Many seniors lose confidence in their balance, which prevents them from continuing to pedal a bike. The larger Strider 20 Sport overcomes this barrier and allows seniors to comfortably resume bike riding. Smith was quoted in a Rapid City Journal article as saying: “I’ve had some people who have told me when they’re walking, they have felt like they could fall backward at any time, but within a matter of a week, they felt better about their balance.” According to that same Journal article, the waiting list for the next installment of classes was already a dozen deep.