Strider Balance Bikes


 Many of our athletes who previously could not ride a bicycle are excelling on the Strider Bike, and it means so much to see them experience the thrill of riding like their typically-abled peers.       —Carolyn Chamberlin, Special Olympics Nebraska CEO

 The training program is a wonderful opportunity for children and adults to overcome anxieties about riding bikes in a fun setting with peers. It was so exciting to see such joy and enthusiasm from the youth who participated in our first week of training. We look forward to seeing the youth develop confidence in their abilities in the weeks to come.        —Kerry Zingg, Easterday Center Director

 “My son struggled to learn how to ride a traditional bicycle, but excelled on his Strider Bike. He finally learned how to balance while riding and has since become more independent in his play.       —Alisa Hoffman, mother of Special Olympics Nebraska athlete


 I currently have 8 bikes for my classroom and a wide variety of students use them. Students with physical impairments, BLIND students, kids with Down Syndrome, kids with autism; basically anyone who can walk on their own (and even several who are a little shaky). We use them for recreation, social skills, community skills, physical therapy, adaptive PE, language development, and behavior interventions (as well as a whole bunch of other ways I'm unable to think of right now).         —Amy Heuston, Special Education Teacher/Special Olympics Coach


My son who is riding the Strider 16 is physically and mentally challenged. He is 8 years old, the size of a 6 year old, and with the mental capacity of a 2 to 3 year old. He can walk, but does not climb stairs independently or run. He does however, enjoy pushing his Strider on short trips in the neighborhood. I use the Strider 16 to challenge his abilities and work on his sense of balance, which is certainly underdeveloped. Thanks!       —Proud Strider Dad


  My 5 year old was born with developmental dyspraxia and struggles with balance and coordination. Even though he can ride a "big wheels" like bike and use the pedals, he could not use the pedals on a bike with training wheels and make it go. Since the Strider 16 is made for a bigger child, he can still have practice with handling a big boy bike without the hassle of the pedals and not lose heart that he can't ride and make his bike go--so now we can put the focus on balance and coordination where he really needs the most important practice. It is motivating for him to have this big boy bike compared to a 3 wheeled bike because it resembles a big bike like his mother (myself) has and because he can maneuver it and make it go, when he could not do that with the bike with training wheels. It may take him a while to "get" the coordination and balance due to developmental reasons, but the beautiful thing is that he is motivated to do so with this bike.      —Proud Strider Mom


  I am a staff physical therapist for two school districts where I work with special needs students from birth to 21 years old.  Many of my students do not have the ability to ride a pedal bike but the lighter frame of the Strider Bikes along with their structure allows these students to balance successfully.   I have found the Strider 16 to be a proper size bike to use with my preschool and elementary students.  The footrests on the back of the bike allow me to ride along with my students to assist with steering and balancing the bike.  This technique allows the students to get the feel of riding a bike and then to work toward riding the Strider 16 on their own after they improve their balancing and steering ability.        —Cindy Ireland, PT

  There is a large parking lot for a church a block from our house. Jasmine started running with the bike once she got to the parking lot, picked her feet up and coasted for 20 feet! This is the first time she has been able to do that. She suffered from a severe brain bleed when she was born and has brain damage in her cerebellum (the part that controls our balance). She has had developmental delays all her life but I am so proud of her persistence to keep trying. The Strider is not easy for her but I know mastering it will allow her to learn how to learn balance many other areas of her life as well.  Thank you for this opportunity.        —Kathleen Austin

  The Strider 16 has allowed our students with special needs a unique opportunity to have the experience of riding a bike. They are able to learn the beginning stages of riding a bike with the possibility of riding a pedal bike. Students appear to feel safe having the option of putting their feet on the ground when they are unable to balance. This has also given students an additional way of strengthening their gross motor skills and increasing their self-confidence. We are very pleased with the opportunity this has given our students. It is also reasonably priced compared to other special needs motor equipment, such as adapted tricycles. Thank you, Strider!       —ACCEL School, Phoenix, AZ

  As a mother of 3 boys I was frustrated with the idea that my 10 years old doesn't know how to ride a bike and lost completely interest in learn how to do it. Now it’s a different history. He can go out with us and ride the Strider 16 instead of staying behind with his scooter. Hopefully one day he will try a regular bike and enjoy that the way he is enjoying his Strider.       —Proud Strider Mom

  As a pediatric physical therapist, I work with many children with disabilities. The Strider 16 allows bigger children the ability to learn to ride a bike and work on their balance without the fear of falling since they are able to put their feet on the ground. I will definitely recommend the Strider 16!        —Heather Lewandowski, PPT

  The Strider 16 is giving my physically different child the opportunity to use a bike that is closer in appearance to a regular bike, and with practice, I expect he will be able to keep up and participate in more activities outdoors with the neighborhood kids.       —Proud Strider Mom

 My son was diagnosed with severe Autism when he was three years old.  He had the 12” Strider Bike and loved it!  However changing over to a regular bicycle has not been easy for [him].  He struggles with poor core strength and low stamina.  Therefore riding a regular bike with the rest of his family is difficult.  The new Strider 16 has opened many riding doors!  The bike is light weight and easy for him to ride!  I would greatly suggest that the makers of Strider continue their excellent work and make another model for even older ages!  The best quote that I can give you is “I did it! I did it!” straight from [his] mouth!         —Proud Strider Mom

 My Strider 16 bike is wonderful. As a physical therapist I see a lot of kids in the 7-10 year old age range who are not yet riding a two wheeled bike independently for a variety of reasons. The strider balance bike offers them a great age appropriate bike for them to work on their balance skills. It is amazing watching the child’s confidence grow after a few short sessions with this bike. Thank you for creating a balance bike for older kids.        —Arianne Gravunder, MPT

 Using the Strider 16 is the perfect tool to integrate balance, coordination, strength, etc. along with giving kids with various challenges the confidence and independence that they would never experience with a standard bike.   It’s priceless to see the smiles on their faces when they finally grasp the concept.  Thanks Strider!!!       —Kim Burke, MPT

This bike has been a miracle for my grandson with autism. He is now able to ride bikes with his brothers. In only a few hours he was balancing and pushing around the block. The look of accomplishment on his face brought me to tears. We love these bikes!     —Proud Strider Grandma

 A.J. has autism and loves his new strider bike. He loves it because it's new and red and has wheels that spin. I love it because it helps him learn new skills. He uses muscles that he normally wouldn't use. He has to balance himself as he tries to keep up with his sister. The best part is that A.J. feels like his strider bike is a "big boy" bike and that helps give him the confidence to want to ride. Thank You Strider!       —The Boss Family, A Strider Gives Back Winner

One of the things that resonated with us most about the bikes is Strider’s dedication to inclusion and biking for children with special needs, and this will provide an amazing opportunity for all of our campers. This will be fantastic for promoting a healthy lifestyle and confidence in every child. We are counting down the days to camp!    —Sarah Sideman Assistant Camp Director, JCC Camps