Carbon Fiber Strider

Meet the Strider ST-R. The world’s first carbon fiber Strider and custom balance bike for toddlers.

On August 28, 2018, we announced the newest addition to our family of Strider Bikes. The high-end, luxury Strider ST-R – the first model of its kind – burst onto the scene and made jaws drop across the globe.

Since then, we’ve received a range of opinions. To be honest, we knew we were going to. We’ve seen everything from, “Seriously?! That’s the coolest thing ever!” to “A carbon fiber bike for toddlers? You’ve got to be crazy right?”

No. We promise we’re not crazy…at least, we don’t think we’re crazy. The ST-R has been a bike that we’ve wanted to build for a while. So, we went there. Why?

Why not?

For years now, we’ve always had the idea of a “What if?” bike. What if we could add our own custom-designed components to a 12 Sport? What if we added a carbon fiber frame? What if we decked a bike out with some of the same custom parts we use on our own bikes? Now just felt like the right time to introduce a high-end, spare-no-expense, work-hard-play-hard Strider. That was the mindset we’ve been in at Striderville HQ when it comes to our new decked out bike. The result was the Strider ST-R, and we had a blast making it.

The ST-R has been in serious development for a little over a year and, interestingly enough, there were a few things that came full circle. For instance, the ST-R has a Cane Creek AER headset. Cane Creek actually bought the Thudbuster seatpost, one of Ryan McFarland’s (Strider’s CEO and Chief Enthusiast) first patents. It was fun for us to go back and use the headset as it just seemed…fitting.

In addition to the headset, we decided to throw in some Schwalbe Big Apple tires. We know they would increase the weight of the bike. On the Strider 12 models, we typically use EVA foam tires because they keep the weight of the bike down and decrease rotational inertia on the bike. Keeping the bike light and those pesky forces of physics from interfering with learning to ride is a critical component of gaining confidence and learning how to ride. Well, with the ST-R, we weren’t focused on fundamentals. We were focused on our wish list. The Schwalbe Big Apple tires fit the bill and are super grippy with the ground.

Look, we geek out about our custom projects around the office and while the specs on this bike are drool-worthy (let’s face it, your little tater tot probably drools at everything anyway), we don’t want to get bogged down with specs.

Why? Because specs aren’t everything. At the end of the day it’s all about the experience, imagination, and grand adventures your child will have with the ST-R. We hope your child has as much fun riding the Strider ST-R as we had designing and making it.