Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Strider Cup?

    Strider Cup races are top-tier national events where young kids can showcase their Strider Bike skills across the USA and worldwide. These exciting races, organized for children aged 2-6, offer the thrill of competition for all skill levels.
  • Does it have to be a Strider, or can we use any balance bike?

    Only Strider-branded bikes are allowed since Strider Cup is a celebration of our Strider community.

    • 2-year-old sprint race is for Strider 12" Bikes only.
    • 3- and 4-year-old sprint race is for either a Strider 12" Bike or a Strider 14x (in balance mode).
    • 4-, 5-, and 6-year-old stage races are for Strider 14x bikes. Footrest and Pedal Kit are both required.
  • My kiddo is awesome at striding in balance mode, but not pedaling just yet. How can they participate in the Strider Cup?

    Team Strider organizes races for children of all skill levels. The 2-, 3-, and 4-year-old sprint races are “striding” only, no pedaling. You can register your racer here.
  • How does the Adventure-Cross Stage Race work?

    This is the ultimate race for 4-, 5-, and 6-year-olds with boundless energy to run, stride and pedal through an epic course.

    Each stage of this race presents new challenges, including running, striding in balance mode, a live pit stop involving parents and guardians, and pedaling the final lap to the finish line. Register your racer now.
  • When should we be there?

    Every racer must check in at packet pick up and go through tech inspection (remember to bring your racer, their Strider Bike, and helmet). Pro Tip: It speeds up the process if you have your electronic or printed Eventbrite tickets with you, too.

    Although this process takes about 15 minutes, the lines can get long. So, please plan ahead! It’s best to check in at least 1 hour before your race starts.

    Unfortunately, if a racer is not at the starting line when their heat and/or main starts we will start without them.
  • Where should we park on race day?

    There is a parking garage located at Main Street Square. Enter off of 5th Street, as the entrance on 6th Street will be closed. Parking is free on weekends.
  • What's inside each registration packet?

    Each packet includes your racer's assigned number plate, an exclusive Strider Cup jersey (only while supplies last), plus tons of goodies, coupons, and more!
  • Can we still get in the race if we haven’t pre-registered?

    No, once registration is closed, we are not able to add more racers. Registration closes at 11:59PM MST on September 12, 2024.
  • What happens when my child races?

    Excellent question! Most families that compete in Strider Cup are new to this type of competition.

    For sprint races, each age class will start with a parade lap. This lap is not part of the competition, but will give the children a chance to get familiar with the course. After the parade lap, every racer will compete in a Heat race, and then a Main event race. The Heat race is a qualifying race. Your child’s finishing position in the Heat race will determine which Main event your child compete in. Fastest finishers will go into the A Main, next fastest into the B Main, and so on, all the way down to G or H Mains. The Main Event races are run in order from slowest to fastest (G to A). If your child is in a lower Main event and they win, they will transfer to the next fastest Main event. If they win again, they transfer again. The A Main is the final race for the Championship.

    For Adventure-Cross stage races, there are no Heats, simply one A Main for each age group that will include all riders. Each age group will start with a parade lap on the 14x in balance mode with footrest installed. After the parade lap, all bikes will go into the Pit Lane with the parent or guardian that is acting as the crew. The racers will line up at the gate on foot. When the gate drops, children will run the first lap on foot, then go to pit lane to jump on their 14x in balance mode to stride the second lap, then back to Pit Lane for the crew to install the pedal kit, then pedaling the third lap to the finish line.
  • What cheerleading supplies should I bring?

    Make sure you're prepared for the fanfare of the day! Racers love to see supporters holding posters, waving pompoms, and jangling cowbells from the sidelines. If you're having trouble fitting supplies in your suitcase, we've got you covered! Stop by the Strider Cheer Station at the event, and you can make signs onsite. It's all part of the fun!

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