Terminology | Balance Bikes

What is a Balance Bike?

The term "Balance Bike" started becoming commonly known in 2009 according to Google Trends. The fact that this term is now common knowledge world-wide among doting parents and grandparents is in large part due to the efforts of Strider Sports International, Inc. The mission of Strider Sports to inspire every child to ride and enjoy two-wheeled adventures has caused the balance bike market to see explosive growth.

So for those who haven't yet discovered them, just what is a balance bike? Balance bikes are a very simple bike designed to teach young children how to steer and balance on two wheels. Balance bikes are designed with only foot propulsion to teach the fundamentals of riding. Because they have no pedals or other complicated forms of propulsion, most children find riding a balance bike as easy as walking. When the fundamentals of balance and steering are mastered, transitioning to a bicycle with pedals or motorcycle is straightforward.

Strider Balance Bikes are the result of 10 years of development, manufacturing improvements, riding, observation, testing, and even racing. The patented design of the Strider is lightweight and allows for a very low minimum seat height. This balance bike was designed for 2 year old children to learn to ride. Many parents even experience their children riding as young as 18 months, or younger! Strider also offers 16" and 20" balance bike models for older kids, adults just learning to ride, as well as those with special needs.

When learning to ride, a child must be allowed to experience the feel of leaning and how steering affects the balance of the bike. When a child learns to ride without leaning, such as on a tricycle or bike with training wheels, they aren't really learning to ride at all! By starting out on a balance bike, your child will develop balance, coordination, and confidence!

Strider® Balance Bikes are also often referred to by any number of other terms, such as toddler bikes, running bikes, push bikes, baby bikes, or no pedal bikes.

Strider® Balance Bikes are the award winning choice for inspiring children to ride.

Awards  Strider® Balance Bikes not only have some of the best customer and editorial reviews of any children's product, they are also award winning! The Strider® Bike has been the recipient of awards from:

  • interbike "Next Generation Award"
  • National Parenting Center
  • Creative Child Magazine
  • Parents Choice
  • Tillywig
  • Toy Insider
  • Parent Tested Parent Approved
  • Able Play
  • National Parenting Publications

Here at Strider we take pride in building an award winning product that teaches children riding skills and balance while they have fun!

Strider® Balance Bikes are clearly the best choice for inspiring your child to ride.