Terminology | Running Bikes

What is a Running Bike?

Strider® Balance Bikes are a relatively new concept in the world of two wheeled transportation devices. When you see a toddler striding and gliding along, with their parents running along behind, your mind quickly tries to associate a name with this phenomenal little device. It must be a... running bike!

Since the early 2000's, Strider® Bikes have completely changed the way kids learn to ride. Strider® Bikes are sized for beginning riders, as young as 18 months, and adjust as children grow, offering up to 4 years of use from one bike. They are lightweight and simple, focusing on the fundamental skill development of balancing on two wheels. If your child can run, they can ride.

If you are searching for a running bike for your toddler, there is no better way to get them started on two wheels than with a Strider®. The ability to ride a bike is a milestone of childhood. Strider® "Running Bikes" are helping millions of children all over the world reach this milestone earlier than ever before.

Once your child has mastered running, striding, and riding the transition to a bike with pedals will come naturally to them.

Strider® Balance Bikes are also often referred to by any number of other terms, such as toddler bikes, push bikes, baby bikes, or no pedal bikes.

Strider® Balance Bikes are the award winning choice for inspiring children to ride.

Awards  Strider® Balance Bikes not only have some of the best customer and editorial reviews of any children's product, they are also award winning! The Strider® Bike has been the recipient of awards from:

  • interbike "Next Generation Award"
  • National Parenting Center
  • Creative Child Magazine
  • Parents Choice
  • Tillywig
  • Toy Insider
  • Parent Tested Parent Approved
  • Able Play
  • National Parenting Publications

Here at Strider we take pride in building an award winning product that teaches children riding skills and balance while they have fun!

Strider® Balance Bikes are clearly the best choice for inspiring your child to ride.