Terminology | Toddler Bikes

What is a Toddler Bike?

The concept of a "Toddler Bike" didn't mean much before the Strider®. Prior to the introduction of the Strider® Balance Bike the term would likely conjure images of tricycles, training wheels, and plastic ride-on toys.

Kids love to play, explore, and expand their mobility. It is a natural drive that takes them from sitting, to crawling, to walking, and to running. Riding a bike represents the next natural step in the pursuit of these experiences. It's why "riding a bike" represents such a monumental childhood milestone. With the development of Strider® Balance Bike children are reaching this milestone earlier than ever before...as toddlers!

A Strider® is a true balance bike for toddlers. They are properly sized for beginning riders, as young as 18 months, and adjust as children grow, offering up to 4 years of use from one bike. They are lightweight and simple, allowing the toddler to focus on the fundamental skill development of balancing their bike on two wheels.

Doesn't a "bike" need pedals?

No! Pedaling is not the foundation of riding, it is simply a means of propulsion, a way to make the bike move. Bikes can be propelled by many means: walking, striding, pedaling, gravity, an engine, etc. The comment element to riding is balance on two wheels and leaning through turns. For young children, toddler bikes like the Strider® are the most simple and natural way to learn to ride with walking and running as the means of propulsion.

Strider® Balance Bikes are also often referred to by any number of other terms, such as push bikes, running bikes, baby bikes, or no pedal bikes.

Strider® Balance Bikes are the award winning choice for inspiring children to ride.

Awards  Strider® Balance Bikes not only have some of the best customer and editorial reviews of any children's product, they are also award winning! The Strider® Bike has been the recipient of awards from:

  • interbike "Next Generation Award"
  • National Parenting Center
  • Creative Child Magazine
  • Parents Choice
  • Tillywig
  • Toy Insider
  • Parent Tested Parent Approved
  • Able Play
  • National Parenting Publications

Here at Strider we take pride in building an award winning product that teaches children riding skills and balance while they have fun!

Strider® Balance Bikes are clearly the best choice for inspiring your child to ride.